The company behind 3-click mailing has made it even easier with included regional lifestyle and demographic lead lists and improved creative tools
by Craig C. Rowe May 15
Make sure you are creating an event that is exciting, staging the home for maximum impact and putting out the word ahead of time
Company incorporates CRM integrations and hyper-personalization to liven up old school marketing
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Imraan Ali grew his business in two markets from scratch in 18 months
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Make sure your campaign is on target
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They've been here for years
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Expand the cornerstone of your business
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Using printed fliers with targeted landing pages is effective and easy
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WebsiteBox: Brochures, fliers can drive traffic to agent and broker websites
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Benutech, Corefact integration lets agents target postcards and fliers to likely buyers
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Serving the ultrawealthy client
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Surveys: Referrals top list, pay-per-click ads rank low
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Part 2: Basics for success in 2010
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Four ways to turn your business around
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