Do these tasks before putting a house on the market
by Bryan Robertson | Jul 7

A new industry is thriving by providing insights to salespeople of all kinds (but especially real estate): how and what to sell to millennials. Sometimes I finish one of these advice pieces surprised that millennials have two eyes and two legs.

by Lou Barnes | Sep 6

Most real estate agents already know what to do. They say it all the time. The usual comment is: “I know what to do — I’ve just got to do it.” But they aren’t doing it. So let’s do a success checkup and look at 10 things you shouldn’t do if you want a healthy real estate business.

by Bruce Keith | Aug 1

The process of getting a property ready to put on the market can seem daunting enough. There’s clearing the clutter, endless amounts of cleaning, organizing and scrutinizing your property with a fine-tooth comb. What needs attention and what can you leave alone?

by Cara Ameer | Jul 18

You want a sale, and so does the seller. So, why are you often accused of only wanting to price the home to pad your pocket faster? It’s all about how you present your case. Pricing a home to sell can feel like a tug-of-war with the seller, but it doesn’t have to be. Change your mindset and change the outcome.

by Tim & Julie Harris | Jul 12

Your agents might be getting advice from all of the wrong places, like from people with companies and products to sell to real estate agents. It seems like part of being a vendor these days is teaching agents. Having a product to sell to the real estate industry seems to make people experts automatically on how to be a great real estate agent and how to run a successful real estate company.

by Teresa Boardman | Jun 23

Jumping into his full-time real estate career in March of 2014 and believing in the power of the now business, Christian Stone sold 26 homes during his first eight months and has been on a roll since. What made him stand out from all the others is the fact that he works hard for his clients and makes everything as easy as possible for them and his firm belief in the power of now business.

by Pat Hiban | Jun 2

In the real estate business, you can’t sell a house; a buyer has to choose to buy it. Darryl Davis believes that unless a buyer makes that choice, trying to sell a house is pointless. That’s business.

by Pat Hiban | May 20

In the agent world, there is an endless stream of content about how agents should build their business and engage with customers. What hasn’t been addressed is the best way a real estate-related service provider trying to gain an agent’s business should proceed.

by Cara Ameer | Dec 29

If you own a home in Denver, now is a great time to sell. If you live in Manhattan, sit tight for a while. That seems to be the message of consumer-directed real estate brokerage, which has released a list of the top 25 metropolitan statistical areas, ranked by home price changes.

by Amy Tankersley | Dec 3

The baby boomer generation (born between 1946 and 1964) will have a significant impact on the housing market over the next several years. Baby boomers currently account for 40 percent of U.S. households but hold 54 percent of household wealth. Experts predict that this group will spend $1 out of every $4 on new home purchases or rent in the next five years.

by Eddy Lang | Nov 10

What if you just landed a deal to sell a multi-million dollar home, and your client said, “I don’t want everyone to know we’re selling”? Could you still sell that home? Do you think this could never happen to you? Think again. Many famous people want to sell their homes and don’t want all the fanfare that goes along with it.

by Kevin Leonard | Oct 26

Working within a senior-focused real estate landscape can be both rewarding and profitable. It can also be stressful for seniors and their families. Clients can become emotional as they transition into the next stage of their life, even when the change is a money-saver and a move in a more positive direction.

by Sam Benson | Oct 21

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, tweeting, emailing, negotiating or communicating with potential customers, the new rule for effective communication is “Less is more.”

by Bernice Ross | Aug 12

It’s been said that homeownership is one of the best ways to build wealth — but do homebuyers really understand the asset they have acquired and how it can be used to increase wealth or relieve financial pressure?

by Amy Tankersley | Jun 17