Agents can pick up leads that were submitted by other real estate professionals, then pay a percentage of their commission when the resulting deals close
by Jim Dalrymple II | Jul 10
Formerly known as Agentdesks, the social network facilitates real estate referrals between agents
by Emma Hinchliffe | Jul 26
The neighborhood-focused social network continues its ascent, despite accusations of racism from users
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Use the algorithm update to your advantage
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Pat Hiban lays out how real estate agents can use the social media platform
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Don't go into the buying and selling process blind
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Social networks impact individual real estate decisions, which leave a footprint on national markets
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These 5 tools will help you stay top-of-mind with your clients
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New social network allows you to share real-time moments as testimonials
by Lee Davenport | Jun 22
'Work' app is latest entry in crowded enterprise social network space
by Inman | Jan 14
Point2 Homes and Sprint Mobile first brands to advertise on network's new ad channel
by Paul Hagey | Jul 2
14,000-member trade group will start rolling out RESAAS platform in January
by Inman | Dec 23
Updates include Facebook-like header image, customizable call-to-action button and links to social media accounts
by Inman | Aug 23
Extend your reach by knowing and growing network value
by Gahlord Dewald | Feb 27
CEO Nirav Tolia to be keynote speaker at Real Estate Connect San Francisco
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jul 24