You got that big think energy? Here's how to grow it
We talk a lot about mindset and the importance of thinking big, but is that always the right move? Determine how to think big where and how it really counts
by Adam Hergenrother May 31
Celebrate your agents! Enhance recognition by looking beyond the transaction
Rather than focusing on output, as measured by transactions completed, focus on what your agents have put into their businesses and the communities they serve. Celebrate your agents for their contributions to local charities and organizations
by Christian Barnes May 27
5 practical ways to give your teams the hands-on support they need
Welcome to Inman's newest video series. @properties Christie's International Real Estate executives Amy Corr and Kevin Van Eck give their top 5 tips on how brokerages can support their teams
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck May 26
Your unique service proposition differentiates you. Here's how to communicate it effectively
Agents must effectively and efficiently communicate the value they bring. The best way to do that is by differentiating yourself from 1.5  million other agents with truly stellar service and communication
by Tom Toole May 26
3 digital training courses leaders should take 
Taking the time to take a course on leadership can provide the background needed to lead your team in the best way possible
by Santiago Arana May 24
7 steps to give new real estate agents a leg up
Don't shut down a new agent's enthusiasm. Instead, nurture their spark of greatness so that they can maximize the potential of their new real estate business
by Darryl Davis May 24
Step out of the spotlight: How to be a standout team leader
Being a standout leader can take many forms and often requires you to stand back and give support instead of grabbing the spotlight
by Santiago Arana May 18
Julian Johnston on leading a team to help others succeed
Julian Johnston wasn't always a natural team leader, but his strong work ethic has helped make him the No. 1 Realtor in Miami Beach and his team the No. 7 small team by sales volume, according to RealTrends
by Lillian Dickerson May 18
Buyers got cold feet? 6 objection handlers to warm 'em up
There is no question that rising interest rates have pushed us into a market shift. Here's how to have those all-important discussions with your buyer clients about timing, markets and budget
by Carl Medford May 17
Married vs. single agents: Balancing familial status in the office
In this month's scenario: A newly divorced agent is having trouble adjusting to her new 'single' status in her real estate office. How can her broker help with this difficult transition and adjust any legitimate inequities?
by Anthony Askowitz May 17
Are you a leader? How to bring out the best in your people
Knowing how to be the best leader you can be is the first step before you can really be effective in helping your team blossom and grow.
by Adam Hergenrother May 17
Find hidden listings in your market with a CMA-a-day campaign
Stop trying to sell homeowners on selling their homes. Instead, offer value with this simple, proven technique for listing lead gen
by Tom Toole May 12
Will you negotiate commission? Here's what readers said
For some agents and brokers, the very idea of negotiating commission is taboo. For others, negotiation, even on commission is always on the table, especially in hyper-competitive markets
by Inman May 11
Working with sellers in a market shift: 7 dos and don'ts
Whether you've noticed or not, the market has already started to shift. Those who embrace the new reality and effectively coach their clients will come out ahead
by Carl Medford May 10
3 ways to keep your team engaged, happy and productive during the 'Great Resignation' 
The Great Resignation means that you need to pay extra attention to your team. Shift your focus so that your staff stays loyal and doesn't start looking elsewhere
by Marion Weiler May 9