Brokers should review their business plans to focus on the skills agents need to be successful in this new market
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck Jan 26
Crystal White, director of agent development at @properties, told Inman ahead of ICNY Jan. 24-26 that real estate pros need to know their business as well as A-list actors know their lines
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 19
Becoming a broker is no easy task, but with the right guidance and help you can make that transition from a solo agent to a broker
by James Becker Dec 12
You told us what matters most in today's market and gave us your recommendations on the training agents need to focus on right now
by Inman Nov 23
Real things to be thankful for when the market feels more than a little bittersweet. There are many things to celebrate so grab a seat, pass the yams and prepare to cheers the year that seemingly teaches us a new lesson every day
by Rachael Hite Nov 22
On the last day of the Compass REtreat, Compass President of Customer Success Danielle Wilkie sat down with Inman to talk about how a strong culture is key to the company's 2023 strategy
by Marian McPherson Oct 31
Mastery starts with role-playing with peers, then graduates to practicing the skills in real-world environments. We can’t teach world-class boxers from behind a desk
by Chris Pollinger Sep 29
Sometimes, we only need a little edge when dealing with an incompetent agent or miserable curmudgeon. Just a flick of your MAGIC wand is all it takes
by Brian McKenna Aug 25
Real estate is not for the faint of heart. Too many new agents never get a fair shot at showing what they can do given competent leadership and mentoring
by Bret Weinstein Aug 22
Have you planned enough time to onboard your new team members so they stay past day one? Here are a few of the common mistakes brokers make with their new hires
by Joel Lock Aug 4
You don't have to be the last word on everything. When training your team, it's important to do your homework and know what you don't know
by Joel Lock Jun 30
Onboarding is the most important thing you can do for a new hire. It sets them up for success both personally and in their new role
by Joel Lock Jun 23
Ready to begin your real estate career by going part-time? Part-time agent Joel Lock offers his tried-and-true advice for agents taking the dual-career plunge
by Joel Lock Jun 6
Taking the time to take a course on leadership can provide the background needed to lead your team in the best way possible
by Santiago Arana May 24
Offering education opportunities can grow your brokerage and spark a new generation of professionals
by Nicholas Acosta Feb 22