Engel & Völkers Americas had its best year ever in 2020
The global brokerage posted $32B in transaction volume last year, with the Americas market increasing production by 38.4%
Embattled discount brokerage Purplebricks wins customer service award
The award comes one week after a report alleged that Purplebricks Canada has sent out emails asking staff to write good reviews on Facebook and Google in exchange for days off
by Patrick Kearns Jan 28
Purplebricks with shattered windows
The embattled brokerage notified authorities it will eliminate 55 employees and 68 independent sales agents
by Patrick Kearns Jul 29
Coming to America: 6 things Purplebricks needs to know about U.S. real estate

U.K. hybrid brokerage Purplebricks charges consumers a set fee to “instruct to sell” — for us Yanks, that means list a home with an agent. The company has expanded to Australia, and now it’s raising funds to bring its tech-based model to the U.S. in the second half of 2017.

by Chris Rediger May 10
The mortgage rate counter-move: Here's what it means

It is reassuring when the world behaves as it should. The last couple of weeks have been disconcerting — how such a huge decline in rates without a bounce-back? It’s okay now. Rates are rising. The jump last week had several propellants. The first is simply the nature of markets: any big move begets a counter-move.

by Lou Barnes Jul 18
Where Iranians will buy post-sanction property
Iran’s high and ultra-high-net worth individuals will finally be free to invest abroad
by Yulia Kozhevnikova Apr 15
Shatter your crystal ball -- here's a better market predictor
Inman Market Intel's comprehensive data opens the door for stronger pricing models
by Bernice Ross Mar 14
Is affordable housing just around the corner?
Markets are facing a shortage of inventory -- a problem especially for first-time buyers
by David Hicks Feb 1
Who really owns the moon -- and outer space, for that matter?
Well, it kind of depends on who you're talking to, but the UN has thoughts
by Jay Lieberman Jan 7
Markets where sellers are reaping big profits from price gains
And 20 markets where they are still losing money on average
by Daren Blomquist Nov 17
Infographic: The most walkable cities in America
Ranking the country, step by step
by Inman Sep 25
If not for the rest of the world, Fed would have begun liftoff months ago
We are not growing fast, but jobs are plentiful
by Lou Barnes Sep 11
Chinese buyers, developers increase US footprint
More condos are being proposed or built by Chinese developers
by Erik Pisor Jul 10
Financial meltdowns abroad push down US mortgage rates
Freddie Mac survey shows rates holding steady around 4 percent as investors eye financial crises in Greece and China
by Amy Tankersley Jul 9
Commentary: It's too soon to call it a comeback
by Lou Barnes Feb 24