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Why HomeTrackr offers more than the average property history tool

Value beyond passive marketing information is key
  • A lot information about a house's history is readily available in public records.
  • HomeTrackr offers CRM integrations with BoomTown, Salesforce and others.
  • This solution propels the house history report into a proactive marketing asset.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. HomeTrackr is a home history reporting and marketing tool. Platform(s): Browser-based; mobile-optimized Ideal for: Larger agencies and teams Top selling points Attractive, contemporary interface CRM integrations Agent alerted when report accessed by customer Top concerns Market access limitation What you should know Home history reports are pretty common in today's real estate marketplace. From HomeZada to HouseFax, an agent's options for sharing a listing's physical background aren't exactly limited anymore. However, I think HomeTrackr stands out from the crowd in a couple of ways. First, it integrates with a number of CRMs, including BoomTown and Salesforce, to track prospects who have downloaded a report; this clearly demonstrates a person's interest in a home. A campaign-building feature is also underway, which will assi...