Search Alliance
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Does HomeASAP’s Search Alliance take power from the portals?

Lead generation tool uses an affordable territory bidding system for agents to compete and cooperate
  • HomeASAP's Search Alliance tool encourages agents to compete and cooperate in lead generation efforts.
  • It's a sound alternative to major portal marketing.
Search Alliance
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Search Alliance is a bid-based advertising and lead-generation tool developed by HomeASAP. Platform(s): Browser-based; iOS app to launch soon Ideal for: All agents and teams Top selling points Gives agents full control of lead budget Rewards good marketing Good alternative to major portal marketing Ties directly to existing IDX home search Top concerns Growing the agent network Increasing costs as network grows What you should know I believe the folks behind HomeASAP are building something special, and real estate agents should pay attention to it. I previously reviewed the company's IDX home search, which is a tighter and more user-friendly property browsing experience than what the major portals offer. Now, the company is using that tool to offer agents a transparent, affordable way to advertise for leads called Search Allian...