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What WellcomeMat, a real estate listing video manager, has over YouTube

Software provides brokerages a robust way to manage, market and measure video content
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  • As video becomes an increasingly popular marketing tool, the next natural step is finding savvy ways to manage your content. WellcomeMat offers many advantages, including branded player pages and broadened outreach.

WellcomeMat doesn’t create video for you. It’s not an presentation or a content production tool. Its highest and best use is as a way to manage, distribute and measure video marketing.

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WellcomeMat is a platform for managing and marketing real estate video.

Platforms: Browser-based; mobile-ready
Ideal for: Marketing-savvy brokers who incorporate or plan to incorporate video marketing; brokerages with in-house marketing staff

Top selling points

  • Highly versatile (multiple player integrations)
  • Granular viewer tracking
  • Easy upload and management interface
  • Ideal for in-house marketing staff

Top concerns

  • This is a tool for agencies who have fully committed to video marketing and need to manage an array of visual content.

What you should know

WellcomeMat doesn’t create video for you. It’s not an presentation or a content production tool.

Its highest and best use is as a way to manage, distribute and measure video marketing.

Brokerages use WellcomeMat to administer where their video is viewed, how it’s received and — down to the second — what parts of it are viewed the most often.

The company has patented video “chaptering,” a viewing feature that divides a single video into separate components. In a listing video, for example, chapters can be made for the kitchen or master bedroom.

Each chapter has a direct link to allow agents to highlight a home’s specifics. Users can harness chapter viewings as data for what’s important to certain buyers.

If a fenced backyard is at the top of the list, an agent can send a link to that chapter, for example.

The software embeds a mobile-optimized video library on users’ websites that includes a tabbed search interface so buyers can quickly find new homes, golf course properties, condos or new construction, for example.

Video is also placed into standalone listing pages.

Here are a few advantages agents can earn by using WellcomeMat over a YouTube channel:

  • You can become the content source; all traffic is led back to your website’s video page
  • Branded player pages; stop competing for the rest of what YouTube wants your customers to see
  • Broadens outreach; videos can be sent to multiple partner channels for promotion
  • Easily integrates videos into email marketing
  • Automated distribution to social media accounts

WellcomeMat’s reporting tools also allow users to measure viewership by the second.

This isn’t overkill, as it allows a content producer to gather valuable data about when a video loses a viewer or if sections are being watched repeatedly.

Is it easy to use?

Overall, I found the interface for uploading and setting up new video to be quite easy to use.

Anything that needs clarification can be found in a series of embedded video tutorials.

The dashboard tracks active and discontinued content, and also allows brokerages to send “shared” videos to multiple offices for general marketing use.

There is also an option for brokers to hire third-party videographers and provide them access to their WellcomeMat account.

WellcomeMat is above all else a powerful and valuable piece of marketing software. Thankfully, it happens to serve the real estate industry.

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