Blend Campaign
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Blend Campaign combines automated notecards, voicemails to generate leads

  • Regular direct mailing and follow-up is a proven way to remain in good standing with customers.
  • Automating follow-up tasks makes marketing more efficient but risks lack of personalization.
  • Software sends postcards each quarter, at one major holiday, and at birthdays.
Blend Campaign
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Blend Campaign is an automated communications service for increasing lead generation. Platforms: Browser-based; direct mail, voicemails Ideal for: Agents and teams looking to augment outreach to prospects Top selling points Combines direct mail and automation Easy to set up and deploy Top concerns Seems to replace work that is rather simple for any CRM to handle, or even a moderately capable assistant. What you should know It's not every day you read the commentary that "Everything else is bulls@#!." in a formal product proposal. Especially one given to a customer. But that's the motivational sales tone the maker of Blend Campaign is trying to set when pushing the lead generation power of the automated postcard mailer and voicemail sender. In an ironic twist, that brochure, sent to me by its founder, a 15-year vet of sales coaching, was 2...