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Help millennials find their home's value with myAVM

A sleek design and engaging interface amp up the 'what's my home worth' lead-gen tactic
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  • Developer of HiGabriel created a new AVM tool for agents targeting millennial homesellers.
  • Software combines CoreLogic and proprietary algorithms to derive home value.

MyAVM by Onboard Informatics is an automated valuation model product aimed at millennials and tech-savvy sellers. It’s made for agents and brokers looking to market and attract leads via home valuations.

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myAVM by Onboard Informatics is an automated valuation model product aimed at millennials and tech-savvy sellers.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Agents and brokers looking to market and attract leads via home valuations

Top selling points

  • Engaging data collection
  • Bold, contemporary interface
  • Easy website plug-in

Top concerns

Getting over the stigma of marketing to millennials, as well as the burden of being held to the number the software provides.

What you should know

I like myAVM because it offers a new spin on a common lead generation tactic.

The software’s development was led by Dean Soukeras, senior product manager at Onboad Informatics.

Before joining his current firm, Soukeras built HiGabriel, a text-based, post-closing gift-sending service. That product is no longer supported.

MyAVM uses a couple lines of code on your website to insert a “What is my home worth?” toolbar. People visiting your website need only plug in an address and email.

The software opens a new window, engaging the reader with a slick design and bold, branded visual themes. A slider is used to estimate condition, changing the estimated home value accordingly.

Page counter icons show the user where they are in the process. Subsequent pages reveal dynamic reports for recent sales within that ZIP code, the home’s purchase history, sales per quarter within a mile radius of the home, and general sale trends.

This isn’t necessarily information agents can’t provide prospects. However, the secret sauce in myAVM is its interface and overall user experience. It’s fun, and not at all clinical. It won’t scare away users who may think it commits them to an agent or office.

I asked Soukeras about the source of the valuation. He told me via email that its part CoreLogic, part secret.

He confirmed it uses standard metrics such as, “… sales history of the property, property condition, property characteristics, recent home sales in the area, the community demographics/stats, nearby schools’ ratings, nearby POIs and transit.”

MyAVM can also be rolled out on a stand-alone branded landing page. It’s a nice touch that can be sent via email or linked to social media accounts and online ad campaigns.

There’s a call to action on each page to connect directly with an agent when the prospect inevitably disagrees with what the algorithm has suggested.

Leads are sent via email. It can be arranged to copy your CRM as well.

In that respect, Soukeras eschewed a separate dashboard or admin suite to keep the product focused on its purpose as a marketing value-add, not another quasi-CRM.

Again, this is about taking a proven and often-overlooked marketing tactic and making it something more. Some of the best inventions are those that make an existing product somehow better.

That’s myAVM.

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