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Make your kitchen photography sizzle with PadStyler's virtual renovations

Virtual Kitchen Vision launched to showcase design potential and boost property appeal
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  • Virtual Kitchen Vision turns unattractive, outdated kitchens into stunning remodeled kitchens.
  • Agents looking for an alternative to expensive high-end photography can use PadStyler's virtual enhancements to showcase listing potential.

PadStyler is a web-based property image editor and virtual staging service for real estate, ideal for individual agents, offices and teams alike. Agents looking for an alternative to expensive high-end photography can use PadStyler’s virtual enhancements to showcase listing potential.

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PadStyler is a web-based property image editor and virtual staging service for real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser
Ideal for: Individual agents; all size offices and teams

Top selling points

  • No contracts or subscriptions required
  • Kitchen Vision virtual renovation
  • Furnishing placements
  • Easy ordering process

Top concerns

This is somewhat more expensive than similar services.

What you should know

This is becoming a very popular service for real estate agents and real estate photographers.

(Agents should know that many of the photographers you hire are also using third-party image editing services like PadStyler and BoxBrownie, for example.)

PadStyler offers real estate agents an array of visual editing and creative services, such as virtual staging, virtual curb appeal and furnishing swaps.

They reached out to me to discuss Virtual Kitchen Vision.

Knowing how critical the kitchen is to most home buying decisions, the company smartly created a specific editing product that shows buyers the design potential hiding inside the outdated, bland kitchen that may otherwise cause them to decide on another property.

Kitchen Vision doesn’t revamp the physical layout or depict major reconstruction. Instead it replaces cabinets, appliances, paint schemes, countertops and backsplashes with true 3-D modeling. It can add bar stools, islands and other interior design touches.

Listing agents would be smart to use Kitchen Vision in their marketing collateral for listings that could benefit from such a makeover.

Printing the virtual renovation on large-format foam core, for example, could get visitors chatting about the future at the listing’s next open house. The renderings are very well done: at first glance, they would be hard to identify as computer renderings.

Ordering from PadStyle is pretty easy. Choose a service, select the number of photos needed and use a credit card or PayPal to complete the transaction. Turn-around is typically 48 hours.

PadStyler allows unlimited edits, though I can’t imagine needing more than a couple touch-ups, max.

The company offers partnership programs for offices or agents who may need ongoing edits and renderings. This could benefit agents who work with investors or flippers.

It’s not hard to understand why this line of creative services is growing so quickly. I wrote in this update of BoxBrownie that the company has gone from two to 10 employees in less than a year. PadStyler has been around for seven years.

Portals and mobile marketing has changed the way consumers interact with property information. Listings are lined up head-to-head in a battle for clicks, page after page.

Having the best photo may not mean you’re client’s home will be purchased faster than another, but it sure will be clicked on before those that are showcasing faded Formica counters and a paisley wallpaper backsplash.

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