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Zipi makes financial management easy for brokerages

Rebranded and refreshed version of Pipeline Wizard uses slick UX and versatile dashboards to manage office finances
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  • Zipi emphasizes flexible dashboards, custom reporting and multi-office and team management.
  • Company is offering its Commission Validator free to agents to use before closings.

Zipi is a browser-based reporting and financial management solution that helps streamline financial oversight for real estate brokerages of all sizes .

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Zipi is a reporting and financial management solution for real estate brokerages.

Platforms: Browser-based
Ideal for: All size agencies

Top selling points

  • Exceptional user experience
  • Clear, upfront reports
  • Office, team and custom dashboards
  • Intuitive deal, commission reporting

Top concerns

Zipi will have to overcome adoption of franchise-provided tools to gain traction.

What you should know

Zipi was once called Pipeline Wizard; the name is different now, as is the majority of its user experience … and that is good thing.

The product’s goal is the same: to help real estate offices streamline financial oversight. It fulfills this promise with a highly flexible assortment of reporting dashboards that allow users to swap views, create teams and manage deal-flow across multiple offices.

There’s a utilitarian user interface at play that cleverly makes intriguing what even the most number-driven broker would consider mundane. However, it’s a tool that can still be handed off without error to team leads and agents.

It does a lot, but feels light.

Zipi’s ability to display metrics is essentially boundless. It makes all the common reports (Leads; Sources; Sources Closed; Pending; Average Price YTD, Production YTD, etc.) readily accessible via the custom dashboard features.

I found the interactivity of each report quite slick because it enables users to manipulate each “report card” with new data to cast projections. If a few listings sell as marketed, what will the quarter look like?

Commission breakdowns are easy to manage with Zipi and, like the reports library, they are easy to alter as needed and clearly parse out expenses and payouts.

On top of refreshed feature stack, Zipi is in various stages of integration with a number of the industry’s most recognized names to enhance how listing and deal data flow through the system, namely: Contactually, dotloop, Commissions, Inc. and SkySlope, among others.

It’s natural for a technology decision maker to be concerned about adopting Zipi, particularly since the company is in the midst of finalizing a few last-minute features.

Still, it’s my view that new users (and the product) will merge into the fast lane in little time.

Remember, this isn’t a new company or fledgling start-up; it’s earlier iteration, Pipeline Wizard, was a sharp bit of programming.

Zipi not only mirrors its predecessor, it casts an even better reflection.

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