Mike's Stories

The point is that Zillow and Opendoor are actively losing money to gain market share, and if you're in the real estate industry, concerning yourself with disruptors willing to lose billions is a good use of time
Mar 18
Opendoor’s record-low selling costs dropped from 3% to 2.1%, which is likely the result of Opendoor continuing to push down buyer's agent commissions offered on its houses
Mar 10
Compass is losing less money per transaction as it scales, but it's still losing a lot of money, making a path to profitability uncertain
Mar 4
There is one significant risk — an achilles heel — to portals: They don’t control their inventory
Feb 24
Our industry needs to better understand the economic equation of iBuying. The request is simple: Have an honest, upfront conversation about profitability
Feb 12
The iBuyer market share and transaction volumes isn’t a failure of the model, but rather a result of it
Nov 19
Disruption in real estate is being led by companies — and shareholders — willing to bet and lose billions of dollars
Nov 3
Does the success of the iBuyer model come at the expense of the traditional real estate structure?
Oct 19