Here's a gift: Register for Tuesday at ICSF for free
Agents, brokers and tech enthusiasts will all want to cash this one in
by Inman | Jul 21
Inman Hacker Connect heads to the West Coast
Take a deep technology dive with peers across the real estate spectrum
by Kristy Dodge | Jul 21
Looking for the secret sauce to agent success?
This afternoon of programming will cover everything agents need to know to reach the next level
by Inman | Jul 21
How indie brokers can compete with industry giants
The grandmother rule: Treat every customer with white glove service as you would your own kin
by Samantha Bullock | Jul 20
How to market yourself with the power of persuasion
Alex Wang will take the stage at Inman Connect to teach us a thing or two about the art of negotiation
by Samantha Bullock | Jul 19
Leveling up ICSF: Meet the Hacker Tracker App
The app will trace a transaction's status from start to finish -- and will be a tangible event take-home
by Inman | Jul 19
Indie Broker Summit arms you with tools to thrive
The full day of programming will cover the most critical issues for independent brokers
by Inman | Jul 19
Tech Connect: Where you'll find your new best tool
Lead generation, productivity management and marketing savvy come together in one morning of education
by Inman | Jul 19
Why Broker Connect will hone your company's edge
Your top competitors will be keeping tabs on this afternoon of hyper-relevant programming
by Inman | Jul 19
Are you ready to make your video debut at ICSF?
If you're comfortable in front of the camera, Inman wants to chat with you at ICSF
by Britt Chester | Jul 18
How to use technology to make the world a better place
Jessica Hansen, global engagement manger at Kiva, takes the Inman Connect stage Thursday, August 10
by Samantha Bullock | Jul 18
Inman announces another 12 sponsors for ICSF17
Sponsors and exhibitors will bring solutions for growth-focused change to Inman Connect San Francisco
by Devon Broderick | Jul 18
Inman announces 12 more Startup Alley participants for ICSF
Startup Alley to supply business solutions to the forefront of real estate
by Devon Broderick | Jul 11
How to shake up your business strategy and improve your CRM
Christine Lee, CEO of Seize the Market, will take the stage at Inman Connect (twice!)
by Samantha Bullock | Jul 6
A new face, name and technology on the real estate market
Riggs will take his very first steps onto an Inman Stage at Inman Connect San Francisco on Friday, August 11
by Samantha Bullock | Jul 5