More wildfires and more floods are certain. But not all is lost — and individuals can help
by Carl Franzen | Oct 19

For some real estate entrepreneurs who are rolling out new brokerage models throughout the U.S., this country is plenty big enough to take on. But Polish-born Kuba Jewgieniew, founder and CEO of leading 100-percent commission brokerage Realty One Group, has always had his sights set on a bigger picture.

by Gill South | Oct 4

To begin with, Zillow is the largest real estate portal in the world in terms of revenue. Not only does Zillow generate the most revenue of any real estate portal around the world, it is also growing that revenue incredibly fast. In fact, when compared to mature players in mature markets, Zillow’s growth rate is almost double.

by Mike DelPrete | Oct 4

Realty Profiler is an automated content generator for online real estate agent profiles. It’s ideal for large, national brokerages and many others.

by Craig C. Rowe | Sep 29

Before the parsing, pissing and politicalization of President Trump’s nine-page tax reform proposal gets hot and heavy, here are some salient features that might help or hurt real estate.

by Brad Inman | Sep 27

Good news for agents and brokers looking to edge their way into the industry’s opulent tier: The population of wealthy consumers around the world is rising, and they increasingly want to invest in real estate. But those looking to get on the inside will have to meet the expectations of these well-heeled clientele who value the virtue of privacy more than ever before — and may want to avoid listing on the MLS as a result.

by Gill South | Sep 26

SweepBright is an app for agents to market listings and cultivate leads.

by Craig C. Rowe | Sep 15

I had a meeting with a Russian. I admit it. In fact, I had several meetings with Russians. And the meetings have even occurred in Moscow! I thought that might get your attention. But please understand that there was nothing sneaky here, and you do not need to tell CNN.

by Laurent Demeure | Aug 25

Today Pacific Union International formally announced its merger with Partners Trust, an independent luxury brokerage with more than 240 associates in the Los Angeles area. The merger is expected to close next week. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

by Gill South | Aug 10 says it expects U.S. investment to drop in 2017 because of Chinese restrictions on the transfer of capital overseas, foreign buyer restrictions and taxes in some key markets, and predictions the Chinese economy will slow down in the coming year.

by Marian McPherson | Jul 7

I will never forget the exciting day when I agreed to buy the rights to franchise with Coldwell Banker in France and Monaco. It changed my life and brought great personal and professional benefits.

by Laurent Demeure | Jul 7

As the world continues to shrink, we must increase our global knowledge so we can be the best resource possible.

by Laurent Demeure | Jun 8

The industry is up in arms about Zillow displacing agents and brokerages, but the data and strategy doesn’t support it.

by Mike DelPrete | Jun 6

In what he described as a “reassertion of American sovereignty,” President Donald Trump has pulled America out of the Paris climate accord, a deal that unites more than 190 countries on climate change policy. The decision drew a mixed response from the real estate industry and agents across the U.S.

by Gill South | Jun 2

Claudia Hartley works from home as a knitted textile designer. The size of her micro apartment? Thirteen square meters, or just under 140 square feet.

by Lew Sichelman | May 16