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Purchase loans were up 5% last week and applications by homeowners to refinance existing mortgages were up 0.4% week over week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association
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Appraisal Institute's president Rodman Schley is addressing unconscious bias, amping up diverse recruiting and partnering with others who are also working to do what is right
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Fewer than 1% of homes in the U.S. are ever “on'' the market. Find out how to tap into the other 99%. Agents looking for more inventory for their clients can’t miss this first look at the new, groundbreaking technology from DropOffer.
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Strategic investment by Canadian private equity firm Novacap provides fuel for growth
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Real estate portals around the world are making huge bets on next-generation lead generation tools that target buyers and sellers and include lead qualification standards and commission sharing, otherwise known as success fees
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The San Francisco-based company's platform helps pair would-be real estate investors with friends or strangers who want to co-own property
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