Women are supporting women on Threads. Should you?
The Threads app has exploded with posts of Women Supporting Women, an effort to grow community and connect with other like-minded women. Should real estate agents join in?
by Jessi Healey Nov 30
5 reasons minority, LGBTQ+ buyers should invest in real estate now
Don't let fear keep LGBTQ+ and minority clients from realizing the benefits of homeownership. Zak Shellhammer offers ideas for becoming an advocate and adviser for all of your buyers
by Zak Shellhammer Nov 30
Direct mailer Addressable abruptly closes with no forwarding address
With stunning irony, the direct mail technology company shuttered its services Thanksgiving week without prior notice of trouble or offering customers a way to contact them
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 27
How to win the multifamily lease-up challenge as a property manager
Multifamily expert and brand-new Inman contributor Andy Larson offers insights and strategies for the all-important lease-up period
by Andy Larson Nov 27
Take 5 minutes, make this change to your Google Business Profile
Marketing director Kate Hulbert shares this quick and simple update to make your social media and digital marketing more effective and targeted
by Kate Hulbert Nov 27
How do you define a luxury brokerage brand?
Whether you want to move to a higher level of service or you’re thinking about a brokerage switch, eXp’s Troy Palmquist offers advice for putting that luxury polish on your brand
by Troy Palmquist Nov 27
Why should I talk about personal stuff on Instagram?
This week, Sue 'Pinky' Benson explains why you should be posting about personal stuff on Instagram and how it benefits your audience, and ultimately, your business
by Sue Benson Nov 27
Need a break from hustle culture? Cuddle up to plush prospecting
Burned out and bummed out is no way to start the new year. Try these plush gentle prospecting techniques from Rachael Hite to shift out of the grind and find some peace of mind
by Rachael Hite Nov 25
Strategize for success: Your 2024 social media playbook
Join Katie Lance in this week's Inman Access class and learn how to create a social media calendar that will drive engagement, boost your business and keep you winning through 2024
by Claire Buzzanca Nov 22
Playing the long game with effective lead nurturing
Post-pandemic real estate isn’t easy, according to Florida team leader Marcus Larrea. Here’s how to make sure you’re capturing as much business as possible
by Marcus Larrea Nov 21
Technology is key to helping landlords attract college students
RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone writes that from smart home enhancements to mobile-friendly tech services, technology is the key to helping college-town landlords thrive in today's market
by Ryan Barone Nov 21
7 ways to show appreciation this Thanksgiving
Don't let the negative headlines get in your head, writes coach and trainer Darryl Davis. Find out how you can come from a positive place and put your best face forward right now
by Darryl Davis Nov 20
Feeling a little nervous? Here's how to recession-proof your business
If a recession comes, writes Jimmy Burgess, keep in mind that it is not just a time of challenges but also of opportunities. Here he lays out ways to lead gen and lead nurture now
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 16
Why I quit cold calling cold turkey
After spending years as a faithful cold caller, find out why Realtor Jonathan Pressman decided the return on investment was no longer worthwhile
by Jonathan Pressman Nov 16
The Agency's president on strategic steps for success in 2024
According to The Agency's Rainy Hake Austin, meeting the challenges of 2024 requires you to get in touch with an essential truth about the real estate business: You've never arrived
by Rainy Hake Austin Nov 15
Need leads? Try this easy approach to high-probability door knocking
Bernice Ross talks to long-time Bay Area broker-owner and trainer Jerry Kidd about how to integrate so-called old-fashioned marketing methods into a winning formula for growth
by Bernice Ross Nov 15