Ixact Contact
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Ixact Contact ensures agents know the status of every lead and client

The software comes packed with smart lead capture tools and team management features with an emphasis on contacts
  • This CRM focuses heavily on managing contacts, driving most feature interaction through its contact lists.
  • Ixact Contact recently announced a partnership with video emailer BombBomb.
  • It offers email marketing, lead capture, IDX websites and extensive setup support.
Ixact Contact
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Have suggestions b for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Ixact Contact is a contact management and marketing system for real estate agents and teams. Platforms: Browser-based; mobile-optimized Ideal for: Mid-size and large real estate offices and teams Top selling points Functionality over features Access to features through contact records Easy integration of existing contacts Top concerns I always worry about agents allowing software companies to create their marketing materials and messages, which Ixact Contact can offer. The email marketing and website tools are good, but using your own original content is recommended. What you should know Ixact Contact is a pure contact management tool. Its user experience is driven by a single purpose: to help agents keep track of everything happening with their contacts. The initial dashboard displays your list and a breakdown of active business; log on, an...