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4 tips for wowing your clients and coming to a price agreement 
Jul 15
In the age-old debate of franchise vs. indie, the answer lies in vision, priorities and values
Jul 11
You're helping Americans achieve their dreams and build community when you help them to buy a house
Jul 4
For me, culture is one of the most important parts of the brokerage conversation
May 22
Real estate tech has come a long way, making white-label apps much more affordable and advantageous for agents. Some options offer agents the ability to connect more closely with clients and their interests.
May 9
Are agents who don't attend appraisals doing a disservice to the property?
May 2
4 strategies for showing your value, explaining your relevance and outlining a strategic plan to get the home sold
Apr 17
Why aren’t we looking closer at views, favorites and the metrics that make a listing stand out?
Apr 11