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Emily Moerdermo Fu has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for mail fraud
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FHFA director nominee Mark Calabria has been vocal in calling for opening up the government's charter to other entities
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'This was almost stillborn from the earliest stages,' one MLS president told Inman of the failed partnership between the data management firm and the trade organization
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Cohen admitted he lied about a plan to build a Trump Tower in Russia
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The listing portal now allows consumers to text questions and get an immediate connection
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Fannie Mae's latest quarterly survey on lender sentiment reports a bleak outlook for mortgage lending in Q4 and likely for the future
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Only 32% of homes had one or more competing offers in November, according to Redfin
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"No one wants to be asked, 'When are your going to retire?'" plastic surgeon Melissa Doft told Inman
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In 2018, 62% of all listings undersold, according to Knock
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3D walkthroughs from the likes of Matterport and GeoCV offer eye-popping visuals, but years after their introduction, they're still far from mainstream
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As long as agents build on a foundation of research, they'll meet and exceed their goals
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Seasoned agents have learned not to take prospects at their word — ultimately, their actions, or lack thereof, will show their true intentions
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