Home prices shoot up 8.8%, biggest growth spurt in 4 years
February's median home values reached $285,700 in significant appreciation, according to Redfin
by Jotham ​Sederstrom | Mar 15
Loan originations down, down payments up in fourth quarter
ATTOM report does show increased construction loans following hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico and devastating wildfires in California
by Jotham ​Sederstrom | Mar 15
Daily market update: March 15, 2018
All the latest real estate market news.
by Inman | Mar 15
Listing Bits: Backing ambitious real estate initiatives
Victor Lund's willingness to advocate for industry change
by Greg Robertson | Mar 15
3 ways to strengthen your listing presentation skills this s
If you’re not going to these meetings over-prepared, you’re not prepared enough
by Pat Hiban | Mar 15
How to make working with investors profitable
The who, why and how of working the investor niche
by Chris Haddon | Mar 15
Should agents intentionally underprice listings?
'Auctioning' a home carries a great deal of responsibility for everyone involved
by Cara Ameer | Mar 15
ICNY 18 Marketing: Live problem solving
How do you inspire agents to get excited about social media? And other burning real estate marketing questions answered.
by Inman | Mar 14
Why one real estate agent accepted her commission in cryptocurrency
After successfully executing an investment property transaction, real estate agent Manuela Londono-Osorio of Culture Est...
by Veronika Bondarenko | Mar 14
2017 saw uptick in agent-to-agent referrals
Listings shortage could be pushing real estate professionals to expand their sphere of business
by Marian McPherson | Mar 14
Wildfires, hurricanes triggered Q4 mortgage delinquencies
Effects of these natural disasters 'all too clear' in latest loan performance report
by Gill South | Mar 14
Leadership Lens: Change doesn’t occur because we want it to
Bright MLS chief strategy officer David Charron shares his thoughts on real estate leadership
by Matthew Shadbolt | Mar 14
NAR says Dodd-Frank Reform bill would be good for housing
Trade org cheers proposed revisions to Fannie and Freddie credit score models and lending rule clarifications in legislation expected to pass the Senate soon
by Jotham ​Sederstrom | Mar 14
ICNY 18 Marketing: Making the most of a small budget
Creative ways to build a client base without breaking the bank
by Inman | Mar 14
ICNY 18 Marketing: Targeting a niche to build business
'If you know what your client wants, you can become more of an expert at helping them'
by Inman | Mar 14