Don't let your epitaph read 'forgettable' this Allhallow's eve
by Sharron St. John | Oct 17
Comfort, convenience and expertise drive client decisions
by John Sims | May 23
What can a broker do when the agent has had enough?
by Anthony Askowitz | Oct 16

In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates talks about the process of turning contacts into clients.

by Peter Lorimer | Aug 22
It always helps to play a different position now and again
by John Leggett | Jul 22
Although building trust takes time and patience, its impact is lasting
by Brian Buffini | May 16
Know when a client is really a client
by Nico Hohman | May 4
Get out there, and hug some strangers
by Candy Miles Crocker | Feb 9
Up the standards for your reputation, your business and your income
Your potential is dependent on your level of preparation
by Jordan Scheltgen | Jan 6
I hate to hear agents say that because it means they aren't leading their clients
by Tim Burrell | Nov 20
It's all about who you know
by Kevin Leonard | Oct 26
Maps, permits and research professionals can give you the complete picture of a property
by Hattie James | Oct 19
Best agents are the ones who are most responsive to their clients' needs
by Tim & Julie Harris | Sep 14