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Can automated lead follow-up make you an Agent Legend?

Software helps busy agents automate contact with online marketing sources
Agent Legend
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  • Business automation tools like bots, and Agent Legend, are quickly changing the way agents interact with prospects.
  • Agent Legend creates customizable lead follow-up timelines and conversations.
  • The software is web-based and mobile-optimized, while an app is in development.

Business automation is getting easier, and agents who are fans of finding ways to streamline lead cultivation will want to have a look at Agent Legend.

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Agent Legend is software that automates lead follow-up.

Platforms: Browser-based; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Top-producing agents; agents who spend/market on portals or who want to streamline lead cultivation

Top selling points

  • Custom, personalized voicemails
  • Easy to create follow-up calendars
  • Clear success tracking
  • Sharp, simple interface

Top concerns

  • Could create redundancy with some existing CRM, lead generation tools in your sales process

What you should know

Business automation is getting easier, and real estate agents who are fans of finding ways to streamline lead cultivation will want to have a look at Agent Legend.

The software intercepts new entries into your CRM or marketing suite and automatically launches a three-pronged follow-up process.

A few minutes after a lead is captured, the contact receives a personalized voicemail that you record upon setup.

Their phone won’t ring; customers see a “missed call.”


Subsequent to the voicemail at pre-determined intervals, Agent Legend sends a text and then an email.

What each message contains and the times between sends are up to the user. Agent Legend has found that its customers have the most success with the following campaign, although when you send the messages is completely flexible:

Day 1: Voicemail/text/email
Day 2: Text
Day 3: Voicemail/text/email

A campaign will stop immediately when someone responds.

Agent Legend has partnered with a number of the industry’s most recognized names in lead generation, such as Zillow,, BoomTown, FiveStreet, LeadPages, Pipeline ROI, Follow-up Boss, Top Producer and a number of others.

The Agent Legend dashboard is a lesson in well-done visual scarcity.

The company has a direct integration with Follow Up Boss, which allows all lead communication exchanges and details to become part of the customer’s record.

Seamless integration

Agent Legend Co-Founder Costas Peppas told me that direct integration is the ideal model for its partnerships, as it will further his company’s pursuit to make lead cultivation as “hands-off” as possible, up until the point where person-to-person communication is the best course of action.

The Agent Legend dashboard is a lesson in well-done visual scarcity.

Its design cultivates ease of use, separating campaign creation and management from a prospect list.

The former neatly details a person’s name and contact information, what property they contacted you about, and what device they used when they responded.

You can drill into a prospect’s responses and track each step throughout the interaction.

Paying respect to authenticity

Consumers today can smell a poorly executed “bot” message or drip campaign a server away. Agent Legend set out to directly remedy any trepidation agents may have about using automation with their clients.

The voicemails are your voice, and the text messages and emails are your words.

I walked through the process, and the automation is at no point discernible.

Some Agent Legend users are seeing response rates from Zillow-based campaigns around 80 percent or more.

(Remember that response rates are not the same as conversion rates. A healthier response rate does suggest higher conversion, however.)

Agent Legend also allows you to create “Nurture” campaigns to send personalized messages every few months, on birthdays, and on closing anniversaries.

This software is technically not a bot, but it serves very much the same purpose: to streamline business processes.

Smart real estate agents would be wise to consider automation tactics, especially as markets narrow and clients become less loyal to single sources of online listing information.

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