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In Realvolve, I see a team, and a product, that puts a great deal of value in relationships. And what’s more critical to a real estate agent?

Mar 16

The developers of an app called AM Open House have taken notice of the delays and hassles caused by paper-based visitor sign-in sheets used at open house events. By using an iPad or Android tablet as an information kiosk for prospective buyers, agents can make open house events into something much more rewarding than another weekend at work.

Mar 13

Internet marketing practices suggest we limit content to around 500 words or else it will be branded “long form.” Add to the mix the everyday use of social media shorthand and the seemingly ubiquitous, always grating misuse of “literally,” and it’s safe to say the value of our beloved language is at a crossroads.

Mar 12

Any real estate CRM (customer relationship manager) worth the acronym will have intact some sort of email communication tool. So the idea of engaging a separate email marketing engine may not be top of mind for those already invested in a robust, prospect-to-close CRM.

Mar 11

Since we all travel so much, run mobile CRMs, capture video, control drones and text until our emoticons unionize and announce a strike, I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss how we keep our smartphones charged.

Mar 10

Customer relationship management, or CRM, has become a somewhat ubiquitous term slapped on any enterprise software system that more or less enhances the way we manage contacts. Thus, a well-designed Excel sheet could be a CRM. That said, it isn’t right to call Propertybase a CRM. It’s so much more.

Mar 9

Yesterday, I discussed in some verbosity Doorsteps, a Web-based homebuyer education platform that allows agents to virtually assist new buyers. Well, the company has an app, too, called Swipe.

Mar 6

Online tools like is why real estate agents need to start thinking differently about how they reach clients with technology. No longer is knowing average sale prices and assembling a nice listing presentation enough to become a market leader.

Mar 5