Florida real estate agents need look no further than their colleagues in the legal profession for inspiration in effective marketing despite severe restrictions
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It’s not the money or the name of your company, it’s about the amount of sacrifice you are willing to give to succeed.
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There's a lot of debate about the value of open houses. Whether you're in your neighborhood or on vacation, I find they're great for networking and expanding your sphere
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Imprev provides fully automated marketing platforms that includes digital, social media and print property marketing
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Start small, look at the numbers, get to know people, and create a budget
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Most salary surveys will tell you that the average salary for a real estate agent in the US is just $40K a year
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The nation's 6th-largest real estate holding company launched a Spotify channel this week
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There are a plethora of exciting streaming video marketing options emerging. Now's the time to start experimenting with the medium. Read on for some cool ideas
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