Mansion dubbed ‘The Invisible House’ hits market for $18M
Chris and Roberta Hanley designed a 5,500-square-foot home with mirrored glass to reflect the surrounding 70 acres of desert landscape near Joshua Tree National Park
by Taylor Anderson Jan 13
Inman unveils inaugural 2023 Power Players awards
With its inaugural Power Players list, Inman recognized more than 120 industry leaders for their influence and ingenuity as it kicks off a year of expanded awards
by Inman Jan 12
Show your agents love — and build their businesses
It's the middle of winter, and your team is wrestling with new habits and resolutions. Show them appreciation with tools that will help them capture business, not just words of encouragement
by Rachael Hite Jan 10
Broker Spotlight: Our 2022 roundup
Whatever makes these brokers special, unique, fun or fabulous, we've loved bringing their stories and their always stellar advice to you each week in 2022 — and we look forward to continuing to tell you more stories throughout 2023
by Christy Murdock Dec 29
Moving on up? The realities for market-changing agents
In this month's situation: Veteran agents may find that leaving their current market for greener pastures doesn't always work, since their current success may have more to do with their network than their business acumen
by Anthony Askowitz Dec 29
Talent Solutions blends brokerage culture with agent performance
Courted launches Talent Solutions: 'How can we better identify better rising star agents? And, how likely are they to leave their company?' — Courted CEO Sean Soderstrom
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 28
23 real estate marketing statistics you need for 2023
From the places that will be most in demand to the platforms you need to focus on, these statistics will help you hit the ground running as you plan your 2023 marketing strategy
by Christy Murdock Dec 27
Team structures are a trainwreck. Here's why it's ruining rankings
Are some of the biggest teams in the industry really brokerages or teamerages (or vice versa) and how does that affect the way they’re ranked? Before the 2023 rankings come out, let's get this figured out
by Troy Palmquist Dec 20
Broker Spotlight: Juan Alvarez, BlokHaus Real Estate + Investments Inc.
This week, our spotlight shines on Juan Alvarez of BlokHaus Real Estate + Investment Inc. in Miami Beach, Florida
by Christy Murdock Dec 8
Broker Spotlight: Leslie Guiley, Side Inc.
This week the spotlight shines on Leslie Guiley, managing broker of Side Inc. Arizona. Find out how she got her start and grew her business not just once but twice
by Christy Murdock Dec 1
The Real Brokerage taps 115-agent Dean Aguilar Group in San Diego
Real CEO Tamir Poleg said Tuesday that the latest influx of agents will help further its tech adoption goals as it invests further in software, innovation and a strong online presence
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 16
Thinking of switching brokerages? 13 to-dos as you head out the door
If you’re brokerage shopping for 2023, this may be the perfect time to plan your change and execute on it. Here’s the way to do it right and ensure the change is a positive one
by Troy Palmquist Nov 15
‘We still have an appetite’: Howard Hanna eyes growth amid downturn
Hoby Hanna, the Pittsburgh-based brokerage's president, told Inman the opportunities for independent brokerages like his are vast as his company positions itself for acquisitions in 2023
by Daniel Houston Nov 11
Indianapolis-based indie F.C. Tucker Company launches luxury division
Having built a strong foundation of luxury agents and clients, the brokerage was emboldened to launch a luxury arm on the heels of its partnership with Howard Hanna, executives told Inman
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 11
Broker Spotlight: Barb Betts, The RECollective
This week, the Broker Spotlight shines on Barb Betts of The RECollective headquartered in Long Beach, California
by Christy Murdock Nov 10
Expanding your brokerage: 3 tips for sustainable growth
Regardless of the market, a strategic approach to growth is necessary to sustain a real estate business long-term
by Stuart Siegel Nov 10
Want more options? Make getting a brokers license your winter project
Flexibility and agility are always useful for independent contractors. Obtaining your brokers license during your downtime gives you more professional options
by Teresa Boardman Nov 3
The biggest challenges indie brokers are facing right now: Pulse
Last week, as we launched into Indie Broker Month, we asked: What are the biggest challenges you're facing right now as an independent broker? Here's what readers had to say
by Inman Nov 2
winding road, shift
Take the time to invest in outside training resources for your agents to expand their exposure to the skills and tools they need to be confident no matter what the market brings
by Darryl Davis Oct 25
Top Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices team goes indie
The 15-agent Ivan Sher Group will now be known as IS LUXURY and has become an independent brokerage and a member of the Forbes Global Properties network
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 20
Real acquires lending arm of LemonBrew Technologies
Agents working under the banner of Real can now extend mortgage services to their clients as a result of the company's acquisition of LemonBrew Lending
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 26
Broker Spotlight, Chris and Kara Resop, Managing Partners of The Agency Naples
This week our spotlight shines on Chris and Kara Resop, managing partners at The Agency Naples. They share their story of building a life, career, and thriving brokerage in sunny Naples Florida
by Dani Vanderboegh Sep 8
WATCH: How to recruit and retain to drive profits regardless of market condition
John Cheplak wants brokers to stop herding cats and to start building huge opportunities for their team. Brokers need to make real and meaningful change to retain and attract agents
by Rachael Hite Aug 25
Breaking into the luxury marketspace takes patience and brand development
In this week’s video column, @properties Christie’s International Real Estate executives Amy Corr and Kevin Van Eck provide suggestions on what brokers, owners, and team leaders can do to break into the luxury marketspace
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck Aug 25
Is it too late? 7 red flags your agent is about to jump ship
As independent contractors, agents can hang their licenses wherever they want. As brokers, it’s incumbent on us to create a beneficial environment for agents to flourish
by Ben Fox Aug 22
Broker Spotlight: Jen Cameron, The Agency Seattle
This week the spotlight shines on Jen Cameron, managing partner of The Agency in Seattle
by Rachael Hite Aug 18
How to handle an agent’s social media post gone sideways
This month’s situation: A seasoned agent takes the leap into social media, only to have it backfire on her and require guidance from her broker
by Anthony Askowitz Aug 17
Broker Spotlight: Pam Blair, YogaBug Real Estate
This week the spotlight shines on Portland, Oregon broker Pam Blair of YogaBug Real Estate who brings balance to her real estate practice
by Dani Vanderboegh Aug 4
Can flat-fee brokerages solve the principal-agent problem?
Federa thinks so. The company argues that because its agents know they are getting their pay from the flat fee, they're more apt to be more honorable to the seller's needs
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 28
Your bread and butter: 3 ways to build and retain a dream team
Building teams, recruiting the right people and retaining quality agents are the bread and butter of the real estate industry. It's up to brokerage leadership to keep talent engaged, happy and producing at their top potential
by Anthony Hitt Jul 26
With East Coast merger, United Real Estate adds 1,000 agents
Five years ago, Pearson Smith Realty had only 17 agents. It has since grown to conduct $4.1B annually in real estate transactions
by Daniel Houston Jul 22
Overhead expenses out of control? Tame your brokerage budget with these 5 tips
Controlling costs is essential when running a brokerage. Here's how to keep your eye on the bottom line for greater profitability
by Ian Hoover Jul 14
Is your brokerage getting attention for all the wrong reasons?
You need to get positive attention both for agent recruitment and for client lead gen. Here are tips to ensure your brokerage is getting the right kind of attention
by Laura Stace Jul 13
Making hires? 4 crucial steps for onboarding fresh talent
It's a great time to dial in your vetting process, get new hires started off on the right foot and start building your best team yet.
by Rainy Hake Austin Jul 13
How to make the most of your time during a market slowdown
A market shift is a perfect time to revisit your communication and best practices so that you can provide the best possible client service
by Julie Busby Jul 11
Broker Spotlight: Ian S. Hoover, Deacon Hoover Real Estate
This week, the spotlight shines on Pittsburgh broker Ian S. Hoover of Deacon Hoover Real Estate
by Christy Murdock Jul 7
Frustrated with inventory? 5 tips for getting creative
Many agents are frustrated with low inventory on both sides of the transaction. Try these strategies to create inventory for your clients and find a pathway to under contract
by Julie Busby Jul 6
7 proven strategies to create referrals when your pipeline is frozen
Does your pipeline feel frozen despite the summer heat? These 7 proven referral source strategies are certain to put some heat back into prospecting efforts
by Oliver Graf Jul 5
It’s up to us to keep the American dream alive and well
To keep the American experiment vital and vibrant, we need buy-in from folks who are getting overlooked in the current market
by Troy Palmquist Jul 2
Broker Spotlight, Tony Rodriguez Tellaheche, Prestige Realty Group
This week, the spotlight shines on award-winning Miami native Tony Rodriguez Tellaheche of Prestige Realty Group
by Christy Murdock Jun 30
In a shifting market, leadership and communication are key
In this week’s video column, learn what brokers, owners and team leaders can do to market-proof their brokerage, business and agents
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck Jun 30
4 simple ways to train team members when you're not the expert
You don't have to be the last word on everything. When training your team, it's important to do your homework and know what you don't know
by Joel Lock Jun 30
Agents can't let crypto creep into their real estate spheres
This month: A veteran agent is developing a side interest in cryptocurrency that is bleeding into her real estate business. Should her broker keep her focused on their primary business?
by Anthony Askowitz Jun 28
8 ways you can help advocate for LGBTQ+ people in your office
As agents head into one of the most challenging political environments in our history, they need management who has their best interests at heart.  Many in the real estate industry are poorly prepared to hire, employ and handle the customer service needs of the LGBTQ+ community
by Rachael Hite Jun 27
Broker Spotlight: Sarah Ellis, Corcoran Classic Living
This week the Spotlight shines on Sarah Ellis, an Athens, Georgia real estate broker focused on service and sincerity
by Dani Vanderboegh Jun 23
5 steps for onboarding team members who'll stick
Onboarding is the most important thing you can do for a new hire. It sets them up for success both personally and in their new role
by Joel Lock Jun 23
Real estate companies are actually not laying off staff right and left
Recent headlines have been filled with news of layoffs, but look closer. The companies where layoffs are occurring are wholly unrepresentative of the real estate industry and don't represent a major trend
by Joseph Rand Jun 22
The rise of new technology helps indies compete
Think indie shops can't compete with big-box brokerages? Think again! New technology gives small brokerages big recruiting energy when pitching to new agents
by Ian Hoover Jun 21
7 things that must decrease for your business to increase
The process of decreasing makes room for the new growth that is to come. Take action today and the business of your dreams will follow
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 17
How one broker is giving agents the launch pad they need
Although the debate about what is 'right' for the future of office space lives on, allowing employees to be flexible can be a game-changer, resulting in higher productivity and fewer HR issues
Broker Spotlight: Nick Van Assche, Sea Glass Properties
This week, our spotlight shines on Nick Van Assche of Sea Glass Properties, serving the U.S. Virgin Islands
by Christy Murdock Jun 16
5 tips for starting a coaching program at your brokerage
Coaching encompasses a constant evolution of learning and implementation to help agents build their businesses. As many teams shift from professional development into coaching, these strategies can help
by Christian Barnes Jun 16
6 ways to create a must-stay culture and improve agent retention
When agents love where they work and the people they work with, and they notice the effort you put into ensuring they have fun, it makes their decision to leave much harder
by Ian Hoover Jun 14
Customers are telling us what they want. We need to listen
Today's consumers are not shy about voicing what they want, and savvy agents know how important it is to listen
by Kris Lindahl Jun 14
How to execute on giving your team what they need to grow
Can your team thrive with their current support system? Strong leaders know that agents need tech and tools that work to achieve measurable growth
by Mauricio Umansky Jun 13
6 steps to increase diversity in both your office and business plan
Studies show that businesses that embrace diversity are more successful than their competitors. Team leaders should reevaluate their workplace and business plan for growth for today's modern consumer
Compensation frustration: Here are 9 alternatives to your non-compete
The truth hurts. Your non-compete may be holding your team back from retaining talent
by Donald "Dek" Bake Jun 13
9 characteristics of resilient real estate agents
If you're looking for a new rockstar to join your team, you will do yourself a huge favor by looking for candidates who already exhibit these characteristics
by Chris Heller Jun 10
Be prepared to 'go deep' when recruiting a new team to your brokerage
In this week’s video column, @properties Christie’s International Real Estate executives Amy Corr and Kevin Van Eck discuss how to recruit a new team to your brokerage and set them up for success
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck Jun 9
Broker Spotlight: Gerard Liguori, Joseph Liguori and Carmen N. D’Angelo Jr., Premier Estate Properties 
This week the spotlight shines on three South Florida luxury real estate trailblazers
by Christy Murdock Jun 9
Get on board: Training your team for fair housing
Any time you spend preparing your teams to handle fair housing questions will save you time, money and reputation in the long run
by Joel Lock Jun 8
Virtual real estate brokerage Radius launches in Texas
Radius has launched in the Lone Star state, marking the virtual real estate brokerage's fifth market. The company has enlisted 2 veteran brokers to oversee operations in Houston
by Marian McPherson Jun 7
Before you take the plunge: What to know before becoming a part-time agent
Ready to begin your real estate career by going part-time? Part-time agent Joel Lock offers his tried-and-true advice for agents taking the dual-career plunge
by Joel Lock Jun 6
Is flat fee the future of real estate? Here’s what to know
As home prices have risen, driven by supply shortages and increased demand, many real estate industry experts have started considering whether the existing commission compensation model is still working
by Nicholas Acosta Jun 3
Broker Spotlight: James McGrath and Leon Goldfeld, Yoreevo
This week, the Broker Spotlight shines on James McGrath and Leon Goldfeld of New York City real estate brokerage Yoreevo
by Christy Murdock Jun 2
Say goodbye! How brokers could instantly improve the industry
Raising the standards in the real estate industry starts with brokers. Here's how to ensure you're prioritizing the best agents when you're recruiting
by Teresa Boardman Jun 1
The 4 P’s of great sales management
Great sales management starts with having the right people and creating processes that allow them to succeed. That's what separates them from those who continue to struggle year after year
by Chris Pollinger May 31
Celebrate your agents! Enhance recognition by looking beyond the transaction
Rather than focusing on output, as measured by transactions completed, focus on what your agents have put into their businesses and the communities they serve. Celebrate your agents for their contributions to local charities and organizations
by Christian Barnes May 27
How to use masterminding to close 13K+ transaction sides like this office did
Masterminds are the key to success for agents, according to Vince Leisey, founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate
by Jimmy Burgess May 26
5 practical ways to give your teams the hands-on support they need
Welcome to Inman's newest video series. @properties Christie's International Real Estate executives Amy Corr and Kevin Van Eck give their top 5 tips on how brokerages can support their teams
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck May 26
3 leadership shifts that can propel your brokerage forward
The game has changed in many ways and brokerage leadership must change with it. Find out what to emphasize to meet the new needs of your agents and staff
by Marion Weiler May 26
What the early census numbers say about moving patterns
There's a widespread belief that Americans have all packed up and moved because of the pandemic. However, the data that's coming in so far tells a different story
by Matthew Gardner May 26
The broker's dilemma: 'What if I train them and they leave?'
A solid training and development program is quite likely to improve retention, as well as attract new talent. Although you may lose someone occasionally, you’re also going to have happier, more satisfied agents working for and with you
by Jay Thompson May 25
3 digital training courses leaders should take 
Taking the time to take a course on leadership can provide the background needed to lead your team in the best way possible
by Santiago Arana May 24
7 steps to give new real estate agents a leg up
Don't shut down a new agent's enthusiasm. Instead, nurture their spark of greatness so that they can maximize the potential of their new real estate business
by Darryl Davis May 24
Stop, look, listen: Focus on what sellers are NOT saying at listing presentations
Clients tell you so much, not only with what they say but how they decorate, how they interact with each other and what they don’t say. If you’re not actively listening and asking questions from the beginning, it will come back to bite you later in the process.
by Christine Carr May 24
9 resources that’ll make you look smarter about the economy
Want to get a better grip on the big picture elements that affect your business and personal finances? Here are 9 ways to easily stay informed every day
by Christy Murdock May 21
Married vs. single agents: Balancing familial status in the office
In this month's scenario: A newly divorced agent is having trouble adjusting to her new 'single' status in her real estate office. How can her broker help with this difficult transition and adjust any legitimate inequities?
by Anthony Askowitz May 17
Broker Spotlight: Anthony Marguleas, Amalfi Estates
This week, the spotlight shines on Anthony Marguleas. Find out how this survivor and philanthropist makes every moment, and every transaction, count in his real estate career
by Dani Vanderboegh May 12
Broker Spotlight: Alyssa Brody, Development Marketing Team
Alyssa Brody and her brokerage, DMT, employ innovative processes centered on real-time data to create advanced algorithms that elevate the consumer journey, optimize engagement and increase sales conversion
by Christy Murdock Apr 28
5 can't-miss takeaways for brokers from ICNY
This summer’s hot item is helping your brokerage make it through this scorching market with energy to burn. To help, here are five of last week's most compelling insights for brokers from ICNY
by Rachael Hite Apr 28
United Real Estate Group merger pushes agent count to nearly 20K
The Texas-based company is joining forces with Platinum Realty, which operates in five states across the Midwest
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 27
Venture fund for nation's biggest MLS will eye agent-friendly startups
With its venture capital firm — the first-ever created by a multiple listing service — CRMLS will focus only on early-stage companies improving the broker and agent experience
by Taylor Anderson Apr 27
Who's winning — your family or your clients?
Maybe you’ve been working too much, or you’ve just been incommunicado. Here’s how to renew your relationships with those who matter most to you
by Christy Murdock Apr 25
7 secrets to sustainable team growth
Solid, sustainable growth is part of any successful business plan. These seven tips provide essential fundamentals for smart and lasting growth
by Chris Pollinger Apr 21
Brokerages that fail to evolve may get cut out of loop, top leaders warn
Realogy Expansion Brands CEO Sherry Chris and Compass US Region President Neda Navab said the brokerage of the future is one that prioritizes innovation and embracing change
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 19
Agent retention woes? 4 tips to help reduce attrition
The real estate industry has an abysmal agent retention rate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Marcus Larrea, co-founder of Palm Paradise Real Estate, gives his winning formula for keeping agents happy and engaged, with your culture intact
by Marcus Larrea Apr 18
Homie to expand Power Buyer program amid surge in demand
The expanded program and a new buy-before-you-sell offer will be unveiled in Colorado and Utah in the next 2 weeks, followed by Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, executives told Inman exclusively
by Taylor Anderson Apr 14
Broker Spotlight: Lindsay Reishman, The Reishman Group and Pareto
What does it take to build not one but two game-changing brokerages? Find out from D.C.-area independent broker Lindsay Reishman, founding partner of The Reishman Group and Pareto
by Christy Murdock Apr 14
What 'The Office' can teach us about unnecessary workplace drama
There’s enough division and polarization in society; we don’t need it at the office as well. Here’s how to keep the peace and keep everyone on the same page with some insights from the folks at Dunder Mifflin
by Christy Murdock Apr 13
Professional etiquette today? Real estate pros sound off
Manners have changed in recent years, accelerated by COVID and pandemic shutdowns. We asked you: What are the rules of behavior that have gone by the wayside, and what are the new rules that may not have been formalized yet?
by Christy Murdock Apr 13
Don't fall victim to Russian hackers: 14 tips
More and more Russian hackers are looking to unleash cyberattacks across the world. Keep yourself and your clients safe
by Robert Siciliano Apr 11
Broker Spotlight: Anthony Domathoti, EXIT Realty Premium
With a commitment to the power of legislative advocacy, diversity and inclusion, Anthony Domathoti is making his mark as an industry leader. Find out how this award-winning broker and president of Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors is creating change
by Christy Murdock Apr 6
Investors can now buy a stake in this publicly traded NYC office building
A nondescript office building in Harlem is the latest asset investors can purchase — one share at a time through public markets
by Taylor Anderson Apr 5
Are you a manager or a leader? Here’s how to tell
Great leaders must be like the honey badger. They are widely known for their persistent nature, tenacity and ability to evolve with their environment, all qualities of a great leader
by B. J. Sonderman Apr 4
How real estate will look in 2030: The view from Disconnect
Top real estate leaders met for 3 days this week in Palm Springs, California, at Inman Disconnect to arrive at predictions for the future of real estate. Here's what came out of those conversations
by Taylor Anderson Mar 31
Broker Spotlight: Ryan Serhant, SERHANT.
Starting a brokerage in the middle of a pandemic might seem counterintuitive, but for Ryan Serhant it was a natural progression. Find out how he differentiates his brokerage, SERHANT., and what he sees happening next
by Christy Murdock Mar 31
Leaders, let 'em know: 5 tips for giving better feedback
Communication is key to performance improvement. Here are steps you can take to propel your team members forward in their work in a positive and powerful way
by Rainy Hake Austin Mar 29
‘The Old Boys Network’: Relic or reality?
Just saying the phrase makes some roll their eyes, some foam at the mouth, and others shift into denial mode. What is the “Old Boys Network” and how can women beat the old boys at their own game?
by Christy Murdock Mar 28
Men, we need to learn when to shut up
You may have the best intentions in the world and consider yourself an advocate for women (I do). But now's the time to shut up and listen — don't learn this lesson the hard way
by Jay Thompson Mar 28
Hiring an assistant? Read this first
You've probably been told that if you don't hire an assistant, you'll end up being the assistant. The truth is more complex, so making an effective first hire involves more thought and strategy than you may expect
by Teresa Boardman Mar 25
Broker Spotlight: Bo Palazola, Day Palazola Group
In the spotlight this week: Meet record-setting Breckenridge, Colorado, broker Bo Palazola who hit the ground running as a broker and has never looked back. As owner of Day Palazola Group, he's bringing a global perspective to his luxury client services
by Christy Murdock Mar 24
Challenges, pitfalls and sage advice: Starting your own brokerage
Despite their prominent role in the industry, many women struggle to step into leadership positions as brokers and brokerage owners. Based on extensive research and anecdotal evidence, here are some of the challenges women face and how to overcome them
by Bernice Ross Mar 23
A 'she-cession' update 1 year later: Where are these women now?
Inman recently reconnected with women in real estate we spoke with one year ago to see where things stand for them today in terms of work-life balance, in the wake of one of the most upending periods in their lifetimes
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 23
In case you were still in doubt, here's proof women make great leaders
It may go without saying that women are as capable and worthy as their male counterparts, but let’s say it anyway. Women bring a host of exceptional qualities to the table, though they sometimes go unacknowledged
by Christy Murdock Mar 23
Inman Connect New York
Are you ready to grow your real estate business? Connect with the smartest real estate pros and learn their secrets at ICNY
by Jodie Cordell Mar 22
Bad bosses? 5 rotten apple red flags and what to do next
Agents are supposed to be able to look up to their brokers and leadership team for professional guidance. However, what do you do when the ones in charge are the problems?
by Christy Murdock Mar 21
9 things agents should expect from their leadership
Although we talk a lot about what individual agents should do, let's explore the less-often broached topic of what agents can (and should!) expect from their leaders. Here's what agents should look for (and see) in their team leaders and brokers
by Cara Ameer Mar 21
COVID caused a 'Great Reshuffling.' Soaring costs are behind a new wave
With priced-out buyers seeking to relocate this spring, real estate agents stressed the importance of referral networks as the latest migration wave comes on the heels of an overheated market
by Taylor Anderson Mar 17
Broker Spotlight: Raj Qsar, The Boutique Real Estate Group
In the spotlight this week: Meet Raj Qsar, the cabernet-drinking, country music-loving CEO and owner of Orange County, California’s The Boutique Real Estate Group. Find out how he creates once-in-a-lifetime marketing experiences that surprise, delight and win referrals
by Troy Palmquist Mar 17
Take the lead! 5 key qualities you'll need in real estate
Like any other professional skill, leadership is a competency that can be refined and developed throughout your career. Grab your guiding compass of core values, communicate with your teammates clearly and move forward with the mindset you need for a triumphant voyage
by Rainy Hake Austin Mar 15
Disruptive leadership: 5 must-have qualities for leaders in 2022
Whether you’re a founder building from the ground up or a leader who’s stepping into some big shoes, your vision — and your ability to communicate it — are still essential to your own reputation and to those you’re leading. Find out what it takes to be a leader now and in the days ahead
by Christy Murdock Mar 11
Broker Spotlight: Barbara Betts, The RECollective
In the spotlight this week: Meet Long Beach, California-based indie broker-owner Barbara Betts. This week, we salute her! Find out how she got to where she is today, what she predicts for the future and the thing she wishes all new agents knew
by Dani Vanderboegh Mar 10
Indie brokerages, here's what you're up against this year
Although there are always external factors that threaten the success of an indie brokerage, some of the worst problems are self-inflicted
by Troy Palmquist Mar 10
Bring back balance! 6 tips for managing the never-ending workday
There are a variety of ways we create imbalance: too much work, too much control, or too much ego are frequent contributors. Here's a rundown of ways to bring balance back to your workload
by Kevin Woody Mar 9
You can't afford to wait! 6 tips for instant lead gratification
Here's how to make sure you respond to inquiries before your competition does
by Carl Medford Mar 9
The retirement plan agents ignore (and how brokers can help)
Because of their superior understanding and experience with market trends, this is one retirement investment which offers agents the opportunity to benefit from their own expertise, with minimal risk
by Anthony Askowitz Mar 8
Running a real estate business requires you to excercise many of the same mental muscles that runners do when they train
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 6
Nikki Field on Manhattan's luxury market and disruption abroad
Nikki Field, founder of The Field Team in Manhattan, spoke to Inman about women in leadership, working alongside her daughter and how a team member went missing in Moscow
by Taylor Anderson Mar 4
Thinking of starting a brokerage? 3 things to do before you make a hire  
Before you hire your first admin or lay the groundwork for your first buyer's agent, there are nuts and bolts items you need to handle. Here's where to start
by Erica Ramus Mar 3
Looking for real estate staffers? Good luck
A shortage of workers, the number of people who prefer to work remotely and the anticipated rate of pay are making it difficult to find talent. Here are some tips for how to hire the right person
by Bernice Ross Mar 2
7 things real estate agents want in their work life
The conversation around positive work environments is long overdue. Find out what agents want most in a brokerage
by Rachael Hite Feb 24
Broker Spotlight: John Gafford, Simply Vegas
In the spotlight this week: After a stint on 'The Apprentice,' John Gafford of Simply Vegas took the challenge of getting his license and applying his entrepreneurial bent to real estate
by Troy Palmquist Feb 24
Should you open a real estate school?
Offering education opportunities can grow your brokerage and spark a new generation of professionals
by Nicholas Acosta Feb 22
'The finest in our business': Agents and friends remember Jeff Hyland
Peers, colleagues and friends in southern California shared their memories of Hilton & Hyland co-founder Jeff Hyland and described the lasting impact he had on the real estate industry
by Lillian Dickerson Feb 18
Give 'em what they want: 5 tech tools to make your agents’ lives easier 
When it comes down to providing best-in-class, time-saving tools, it’s vital to keep the real estate agent at the heart of the conversation, says The Agency's President Rainy Hake Austin
by Rainy Hake Austin Feb 18
Jeff Hyland, iconic co-founder of Hilton and Hyland, dead at 75
Hyland represented some of the most recognizable properties in the US and along the way helped redefine what it means to be a real estate agent
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 17
Need more support? 4 tips for making your first key hire
Starting with one key hire in the form of a real estate assistant will give you incredible leverage and should lead to significant growth, if you hire the right person
by Adam Hergenrother Feb 17
6 tips for recruiting teams to your real estate brokerage
Embrace these 6 tips for recruiting teams to your brokerage and impact more people than you ever dreamed
by Sarah Layton Feb 16
Zinnia launches to help teams bloom into brokerages
Zinnia offers a wide range of operational structures for aspiring real estate brokerages, from brand development and technology implementation, to sales coaching and proprietary education and motivational events
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 14
3 secrets to one-on-one communication with staff and agents
One-on-ones give you the opportunity to create positive change and move your organization forward. Here's how to make them more effective
by Chris Pollinger Feb 9
Battling the commission squeeze: 5 tips to make your indie brokerage more profitable
It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day of doing business. Brokerages need to keep an eye on the bottom line to stay competitive and profitable
by Ian Hoover Feb 8
Broker Spotlight: Anne and Dave Jones, Windermere Abode
Meet Tacoma, Washington, brokers (and husband-and-wife duo) Anne and Dave Jones. Find out why we’re celebrating these incredible leaders who are always fighting for equity in real estate
by Dani Vanderboegh Feb 3
5 ways to make your brokerage stand out in a crowded marketplace
Attracting buyers, sellers and new agents is about more than service. It's about capturing mindshare to stay front and center in the local market
by Mark Choey Feb 3