This 2-day virtual real estate event is perfect for 2024 business planning, team building and watch parties. Watch from home or hold a training event in your conference room
by Laura Monroe Sep 25
The stories you tell yourself and the language that use can impact your attitude and performance. Here's how to keep self-talk positive
by Christine George Jul 21
The most valuable asset you have is you, and the smartest investment you can make is to nurture and develop that asset at Inman Connect Las Vegas alongside like-minded professionals
by Claire Buzzanca Jun 6
Inman Connect is the perfect place and time to brainstorm new ideas, and a creative sprint can help you execute
by Laura Monroe May 16
Does your current brokerage still give you the value you need to succeed at a higher level? If not, you need to evaluate and determine whether it's time to make a move
by Missy Yost Nov 7
When creating an offer, keeping a multiple-offer mindset is essential. You should always assume the sellers are reviewing multiple offers so you can make sure your client comes out on top
by Tom Toole Sep 9
Quiet quitting has been in the news of late, but quiet winning is the better move for entrepreneurs and business owners
by Cheryl Spangler Aug 30
Everyone understands a buyer can get cold feet or buyer’s remorse in a changing market, so demonstrating commitment is paramount
by Mark Choey Jul 1
Leaders have to intentionally create space and structure for minorities on their team to have an equitable experience. This responsibility has the opportunity to create a lasting impact for your brokerage
by Rainy Hake Austin Jun 21
Leading your team to success can be filled with many hurdles. Practicing strategic thinking in your leadership will show your team a clear path to their goals
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Today's consumers are not shy about voicing what they want, and savvy agents know how important it is to listen
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Can your team thrive with their current support system? Strong leaders know that agents need tech and tools that work to achieve measurable growth
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Studies show that businesses that embrace diversity are more successful than their competitors. Team leaders should reevaluate their workplace and business plan for growth for today's modern consumer
Soft skills can help maintain "good vibes" and stave away dated sales scripts that deter clients. These gentle prospecting tips can help you and your team sell homes with heart over hustle
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Do you have what it takes to impress buyers while showing homes? These are the five qualities your clients are looking for
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Ready to begin your real estate career by going part-time? Part-time agent Joel Lock offers his tried-and-true advice for agents taking the dual-career plunge
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