9 lead generation strategies that work every time
Act consistently on these tried-and-true strategies and your lead generation efforts will start out strong in 2023
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Zillow's new take on listing photos: The Real Word
This week, hosts Byron Lazine and Nicole White are talking about Zillow's acquisition of VRX Media, the hottest housing markets for 2023, and topics from Left, Middle, Right
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5 truths every agent should know about shifting markets
A shifting market differentiates those who've developed professionally and those who are just pretending. Here's the reality check that you need right now
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Honey, pull over! How this agent gets 33,000 listing video views for $200
Of course, you'll feature that listing on the MLS, but how do you take your marketing to the next level with YouTube? Learn how to create targeted ads to get your latest listing more exposure
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5 things to know before choosing a geographic farm
If you have the capacity and commitment to be consistent with geographic farming, the rewards can be great
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Smart home technology with an emphasis on affordability
A truly affordable smart home setup may be within the financial reach of most homeowners, with lighting and security features included
by Brandon Doyle Jun 17
Smart Home Tech: Your smart switch buying guide
If you're looking to add updated smart home elements to your home or your latest listing, smart switches may be a great place to start
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Stretch 1 listing into 9 pieces of content with Ryan Serhant
Make your listings do the heavy lifting when it comes to creating content. Ryan Serhant explains how to create nine pieces of content from one listing that helps you sell homes
7 steps for harvesting clients from a real estate farm
Find out how to choose the location, crunch the numbers and create a marketing plan that provides value from the beginning
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Stop being a secret agent! 8 real estate conversation-starters
If you’re not out there interacting with the public on a face-to-face basis, chances are you’ve become a secret agent — and that has to change. Here is a variety of fun and engaging ways to get strangers to ask you about your job and real estate
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Get it sold! 7 strategies for nailing your new listing's price
Ultimately, pricing your new listing correctly comes down to whether the seller wants to sell as quickly as possible or achieve the highest price. If you price it just right, however, you may often achieve both. Here are a few strategies
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What we know about the luxe agent on HBO’s Christmas reality dating show
Douglas Elliman's Garrett Marcantel stars in HBO Max's '12 Dates Of Christmas'
Insta360's ONE R camera line to power Matterport tours
In an ongoing effort to open up its technology, Matterport's Capture app will now work with 3D camera maker Insta360's new ONE R line of devices
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 9
7 emerging real estate trends in the new normal
As an agent, you currently have a unique opportunity to reinvent yourself and create the business you want in the 'new normal.' Use these seven trends and action steps to guide your decision-making
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Turn that 'no' into a 'yes': 9 problem-solvers for agents
Use these skills to improve your ability to solve problems and get the answer you need
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The Real Word: Investing in real estate during a pandemic
Also this week: SoftBank's record loss and a few basic ways to do listing videos right
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