WATCH: How agent compensation works in a post-lawsuit world
James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson discuss the shifting landscape of agent compensation following the proposed NAR settlement with Ed Zorn, VP and general counsel for CRMLS
by James Dwiggins Apr 9
WATCH: The real estate portal wars heat up CEO Damian Eales addresses the rivalry with and shares why competition is good for agents and consumers
by Jessi Healey Feb 20
WATCH: OpenAI's Adam Goldberg on developing AI clarity
A founding member of the company's go-to-market team, Goldberg outlines what it takes to make ChatGPT and other AI-based platforms work for you and your real estate business
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WATCH: Robert Reffkin talks portals, agents, the NYC subway
In a recent appearance at Inman Connect New York, the Compass CEO discussed his company's ongoing industry dominance and came out in favor of in the portal wars
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WATCH: Ryan Serhant on real estate's innovation problem
At Inman Connect New York, the SERHANT. founder and CEO issued a challenge to the real estate industry to innovate rather than react
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WATCH: Anywhere's sitting pretty after Sitzer | Burnett settlement
Find out why CEO Ryan Schneider sees the decision to settle as offering a 'competitive advantage' for his company's agents and brokers
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WATCH: What commercial deals teach us about buyer commissions
US commercial real estate could show the way forward for residential buyer commissions. Redfin's Joe Rath, Collabra's Russ Cofano, CRMLS' Ed Zorn join James Dwiggins to discuss
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11 lessons I learned selling over $500M in real estate
Over nearly three decades, these are the lessons that Jimmy Burgess has put into practice to grow. Put them to work for your business
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Your best year ever! 3 areas of focus and 21 strategies that pay
Great agents do daily what good agents do occasionally. Let Jimmy Burgess walk you through these 21 best marketing practices to grow your business
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What the latest Fed survey data tells us about consumer psyches
Take a look at the latest SCE Housing Survey which offers a detailed look at consumers’ psyche in regard to the housing market
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7 hot, hidden real estate trends savvy agents need to know
New Western’s recent survey of their users uncovered 7 hidden trends that virtually no one is discussing. Capitalizing on these trends can give you a huge competitive edge in your market
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You can't tell an agent what to wear, I said. Then you responded
Inman Contributor Rachael Hite wrote 'I'm a real estate agent. You can't tell me what to wear on the job' back in February as a response to an agent-broker perspective article. She couldn't have predicted the outsized response that followed
by Rachael Hite Apr 6
Real estate industry reacts to the SVB meltdown: The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss Brad Inman's view on the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Plunk's impact on the real estate industry and Elon Musk's future Texas fiefdom
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Cardone says REI will 'save housing': The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss the latest from Gary Keller, Grant Cardone's market predictions and little things that undermine real estate businesses
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Are couples moving in together just to save money? The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and guest host Lisa Chinatti discuss the tax on single renters, agent dress codes and the state of inflation in Left, Middle, Right
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