Watch: The biggest, most-buzzed-about panels from Inman Connect — so far
Flashback to Inman Connect Las Vegas 2019: CEOs and industry visionaries discuss technology, the future and each other
by Inman | Jan 17
simon sinek inman connect new york 2018
Hear why the most innovative people come to Connect. It's about learning new ways of doing business and connecting with the leaders in the industry
by Inman | Jan 15
simon sinek inman connect new york 2018
Inman's founder and publisher shares what to expect at ICNY
by Inman | Dec 20
simon sinek inman connect new york 2018
Connect flashback: The visionary thinker and best-selling author discusses fulfilling work and leadership that inspires
by Inman | Dec 5
WATCH: 2019 Agent Connect video recap
Connect flashback: Replay the agent-focused sessions from Inman Connect Las Vegas
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Connect flashback: Katie Lance explains how to enhance your social media and video efforts without spending a dime
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WATCH: IBuying disrupted — the Battle of the Behemoths
Connect Flashback: Analyst Mike DelPrete explains the seismic shifts shaking up the residential real estate market onstage at ICLV
by Inman | Nov 12
inman connect new york 2018 service
Connect Flashback: How one agent sustains 100% referral business
by Inman | Nov 11
This entrepreneur shows how real estate can be a positive force in urban communities
Here's the story of how entrepreneur Bo Menkiti got into the real estate business to improve his neighborhood
by Chris Haddon | Nov 1
WATCH: What have we learned in the decade since the crash?
At ICLV, Joseph Rand of Better Homes and Gardens describes where the real estate industry went astray, and how it can get back on track
by Inman | Sep 3
WATCH: To keep good agents, fire the bad ones
If you want to stop your brokerage from becoming an empty nest, you have to be willing to cut ties with agents who underperform or don't fit the company culture
by Inman | Aug 29
WATCH: Why talent recruitment is the most important thing you can do
Three brokerages shared their recruiting strategies and best practices that you can apply to your business during a panel at ICLV
by Inman | Aug 29
WATCH: How to develop your brand's point of view
Jessica Swesey took the ICLV crowd through a series of exercises to help them develop their brand. Watch the video to play along at home
by Inman | Aug 27
WATCH: An indie's guide to growth and expansion
What resources are required to open more offices nationwide? Find out from the experts onstage at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Inman | Aug 26
WATCH: How Climb Real Estate grew into a national franchise
At ICLV, the co-founder of Climb Real Estate shares the story of how he grew his company from a team to an indie brokerage to now a nationwide franchise
by Inman | Aug 22
WATCH: Matterport CEO explains 'Mirrorworld' and its impact on real estate
Everything in the future will have a virtual reality, data-rich digital twin, says Matterport's CEO RJ Pittman. That will become a new tech platform that will spawn off a revolutionary commercial world
by Inman | Aug 19