5 practical ways to give your teams the hands-on support they need
Welcome to Inman's newest video series. @properties Christie's International Real Estate executives Amy Corr and Kevin Van Eck give their top 5 tips on how brokerages can support their teams
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck May 26
What the early census numbers say about moving patterns
There's a widespread belief that Americans have all packed up and moved because of the pandemic. However, the data that's coming in so far tells a different story
by Matthew Gardner May 26
Stop Googling 'bubble': Here's why the news may be more positive than you think
Are we on the verge of another major real estate downturn? Two of America’s most notable real estate economists, Leslie Appleton-Young and John Tuccillo, weigh in with their predictions and the news may be better than most people expect
by Bernice Ross May 24
WATCH: From firefighter to 1,500 units owned
Find out how this firefighter-turned-self-taught-investor and his business partner built and scaled their business for greater financial freedom
by Chris Haddon May 24
Don't stunt your growth! 7 truths to embrace now
There are some rules that are self-evident for building a successful real estate business. Master these seven principles to supercharge your growth
by Jimmy Burgess May 22
Tom Ferry talks housing, marketing: The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White welcome Tom Ferry to discuss housing bubble talk, home affordability and marketing
by Byron Lazine May 20
How to take your team from zero to $130M in only 4 years
At age 28, Juan Carlos Barreneche is one of the most successful agents in the US and founder of the Gold Bar Team. His two primary goals in life are to help people and to be financially free
by Bernice Ross May 18
How is NAR spending your money? The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss NAR spending and executive compensation plus ShowingTime's Offer Manager
by Byron Lazine May 13
22 Instagram must-follows for real estate agents
To get results, says Jimmy Burgess, follow these pros for ideas on how to grow your following. Implement some of their strategies on your own Instagram page, and watch what happens
by Jimmy Burgess May 12
Don't wait, create! Help find hidden inventory for your buyers
Inventory continues to be a challenge for all real estate agents, but you don’t have to wait passively for the market to provide inventory
by Tom Toole May 11
'The Magic of Thinking Big': 7 essentials for agents
What do you think is possible in your real estate business? Whatever you just thought, you're thinking too small
by Jimmy Burgess May 8
Fed decides the fate of the housing market: The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discussed how the Fed's decision will impact the housing market, CoStar's plans for Homes.com and the TikTok-famous Marketeer of the Week
by Byron Lazine May 6
How inflation actually supports buyer demand: Matthew Gardner
Other than when home prices crashed with the bursting of the housing bubble, for more than 50 years, home price growth has outpaced inflation. This means we are offsetting high consumer prices because home values are increasing at an even faster rate
by Matthew Gardner May 5
Repeat customers on lock! How this agent achieves a 99.7% repeat client rate
If you’re looking for consistent growth in your business, make sure you are devoting time and effort to the people who already know, like and trust you. These relationships are the seeds for future growth
by Jimmy Burgess May 1
9 pieces of content from 1 listing: Ryan Serhant is ready to show how
How do you make 9 pieces of content from one listing? Find out how Ryan Serhant and his team create video magic that drives engagement, sells homes and sets him up for success
Own the role of producer: video marketing with Latham Jenkins
Learn how to make your video marketing pop and create a more effective, efficient and meaningful visual story. Wyoming agent Latham Jenkins offers insights and best practices for exceptional listing videos
by Christy Murdock Apr 29