WATCH: How agent compensation works in a post-lawsuit world
James Dwiggins and Keith Robinson discuss the shifting landscape of agent compensation following the proposed NAR settlement with Ed Zorn, VP and general counsel for CRMLS
by James Dwiggins Apr 9
'Trust has been broken': New NAR President vows to rebuild in video
National Association of Realtors President Tracy Kasper released the 5-minute video on Thursday outlining the organization's plan to address sexual misconduct charges and rebuild broken trust
by Marian McPherson Sep 7
WATCH: Boomers, Gen X and millennials championing inclusion in real estate leadership
In this video, the historic 2022 president of the Atlanta Realtors Association, Karen Hatcher, shares just some of the organizations and individuals that have shaped her
by Lee Davenport Dec 5
Stop Googling 'bubble': Here's why the news may be more positive than you think
Are we on the verge of another major real estate downturn? Two of America’s most notable real estate economists, Leslie Appleton-Young and John Tuccillo, weigh in with their predictions and the news may be better than most people expect
by Bernice Ross May 24
WATCH: Bright MLS chairman calls for more data sharing, consolidation
Jon Coile, who is also a vice president at HomeServices of America, said at ICNY that today's boundaries around MLS data make little sense
by Inman Feb 17
WATCH: Data cap is more important than market cap
By using data in a smart way, agents and brokerages can increase profitability
by Inman Feb 15
WATCH: Pocket listing ban will have 'huge impact on consumers'
A pair of industry leaders argued Thursday that NAR's recently approved Clear Cooperation Policy will ultimately be good for everyone
by Inman Feb 14
WATCH: Big money and MLS disruption are 'here to stay'
Experts said Friday that the multiple listing service landscape is likely to see continued technology innovation, as well as consolidation, in the future
by Inman Feb 5
WATCH: The future of cooperation and compensation
Industry insiders discuss what the future of agent compensation will look like onstage at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Inman Aug 23
WATCH: The RESO data initiatives you should know about
Curious what's coming down the pike? Here are all the Real Estate Standards Organization projects in the works
by Inman Mar 8
WATCH: Why is the relationship between brokers and the MLS so fragile?
Where's the disconnect, and what does it take to bridge that gap? Listen in as moderator Denee Evans and Sam DeBord explain
by Inman Mar 7
WATCH: Data trend opportunities and challenges in 2019
Take a look at the trends and how they’re impacting your business this year
by Inman Feb 24
‘We’re done with this sh*t’: ABoR CEO’s call for change
Why Austin Board of Realtors’ Emily Chenevert believes every association needs to evolve to survive
by Emily Chenevert Feb 7
WATCH: ‘I’ve never recruited an agent.’ Umansky, Reffkin and more at Luxury Connect
Agents have never had more choices. How do you sort out where to go, and what is most important about where you land?
by Inman Oct 18
WATCH: Why the MLS is the ultimate marketing network
Marilyn Wilson tackles agent networking onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco
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WATCH: Dealing with the MLS — a developer's perspective
Hoverboard Labs founder Seth Siegler offers his thoughts onstage at Inman Connect San Francisco
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