Opendoor CEO Eric Wu shares his vision for the startup, which includes 'title, mortgage, home service and so on.'
by Emma Hinchliffe | Jan 30
mortgage options 2018
Help your clients find the loan that benefits them most
by Rick Guerrero | Jan 25

What if you could generate pre-approval letters, calculate monthly payments and avoid email scams at the tap of a phone? There’s an app for that thanks to Veterans United Home Loans.

by Lee Davenport | Sep 13
adjustable rate mortgage loan

Also known as an ARM loan, an adjustable-rate mortgage loan is a loan that allows borrowers to take advantage of compressed rates. Peter Lorimer explains the benefits and risks. 

by Peter Lorimer | Aug 3
rent or buy

In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates breaks down the value of buying versus renting a property, factoring in market conditions like interest rates, sale prices, personal investment and more.

by Peter Lorimer | Sep 2
interest rate

When the Federal Reserve announces a change in interest rates, it makes headlines. But does the federal interest rate directly impact your mortgage rate? See what Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner has to say.

by Matthew Gardner | May 26
Over 300 real estate blogging and video ideas to last the rest of your career
Engage your audience by sharing your knowledge and expertise and showcase who you really are
by ActiveRain | Sep 17