Want to invest in real estate? Here's how to get started
Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth over time, but how can newbies get started? Rick Guerrero shares his own investing journey, what he learned along the way and what advice he'd give to new investors
by Rick Guerrero May 31
'Should I pay down a collection?' How to answer clients
Consumers who've had a collection hit their credit report might be wondering if they should pay it off or hold off. Micah Curtis shares the right move to make — and the answer is not what you might think
by Rick Guerrero May 13
Why are credit score apps different from a lender's pull?
It's not unusual for consumers to be baffled by the fact that credit scores from consumer finance websites like Credit Karma are different from what their lender pulls. Micah Curtis explains why that happens
by Rick Guerrero Mar 29
What's next? C.A.R.'s VP addresses agent concerns
Agents are hungry to know what's going to happen to their businesses and the industry as a whole. Leslie Appleton-Young, the vice president of the California Association of Realtors, shares a real-world, data-driven snapshot into today's realities
by Bernice Ross May 6
The Real Word: How fear and uncertainty is changing the mortgage industry
And this week, mortgage lender Brian Faye joins in the conversation
by Byron Lazine Apr 3
WATCH: Ron Peltier says agents' margins 'at risk' as real estate industry evolves
HomeServices of America executive chairman Ron Peltier urged real estate professionals to focus on the customer experience if they want to survive a changing industry
by Inman Jan 30
Opendoor CEO Eric Wu
Opendoor CEO Eric Wu shares his vision for the startup, which includes 'title, mortgage, home service and so on.'
by Emma Hinchliffe Jan 30
What agents should know about mortgages in 2018
Help your clients find the loan that benefits them most
by Rick Guerrero Jan 25
App keeps your military clients just a tap away
AgentEdge's toolbox keeps buyers up to speed on every step of the real estate process
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What’s an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loan?
The benefits and risks associated with borrowing at compressed rates
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Should I rent or should I buy?
Some people get sick of paying another person's mortgage
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A man climbing a mountain
What agents and homebuyers should know
by Matthew Gardner May 26
Over 300 real estate blogging and video ideas to last the rest of your career
Engage your audience by sharing your knowledge and expertise and showcase who you really are
by ActiveRain Sep 17