Pulse: How are you keeping morale up?
When faced with uncertainty, how do you bring positivity to the workplace? Share your thoughts with us
by Inman Mar 18
Here's how Compass is guiding employees through crisis
Robert Reffkin, the CEO of Compass, calls it a 'historic time none of us will ever forget'
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Read Gary Keller's advice to agents on navigating market uncertainty
Keller Williams CEO and co-founder Gary Keller, a veteran of 4 decades in the real estate industry, declares we're officially in a 'market shift.' Read his 4-point plan for staying afloat
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Realogy is keeping CEO Ryan Schneider around
The company agreed to a new 3-year contract with its CEO last week — even as its stock price hit an all-time low on Monday
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Your thoughts on good leadership during tough times
Brad Inman took to our Inman Coast to Coast Facebook group to learn how your leaders are displaying good leadership during this difficult time. Here's what they had to say
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5 real estate execs share the secrets of running a remote workforce
In the face of coronavirus, brick-and-mortar real estate companies are quickly figuring out remote working options. Here's what five execs with remote staffs say about making the transition
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Bright young things: New real estate leaders share what they've learned
Exercise patience, good communication skills and accountability to ensure success
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What should quarterly performance reviews cover? 4 tips for team leaders
Are you lost on what to cover on quarterly performance reviews for your team? Here are a few ideas that can help a mundane task be empowering and productive for you and your agents
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10 recruiting questions team leaders should ask
The goal of every recruiting interview is the same — hiring the right person for the job. But how do you make sure that the talent is a match made in heaven for your team? By asking these 10 questions
Pulse: Tell us about a time when you’ve led through uncertainty
Brilliant leadership takes many forms, so please share your stories
by Inman Mar 11
In era of disruption, outsider leaders are a key to survival
Numerous leaders at real estate companies today stepped into their roles without prior real estate experience. They say that was actually an advantage
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Howard Hanna's president on building a one-stop shop
What's the secret to Howard Hanna's nationwide growth? Years of experience — plus a commitment to providing end-to-end transaction services. President Howard W. Hanna explains how the brokerage does it
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The Real Word: What makes a real estate leader exceptional?
And check out The Wolfe Team's video spoof 'Lowball disorder'
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Keeping It Real: Why you have to take risks in business
Your destiny is in your hands. Don’t let anyone tell you any different, especially your inner voice
by Peter Lorimer Mar 5
How to raise team morale during tough times
Make sure you’re always doing these 3 things, so that when times get tough, you can ride the wave together and come out a stronger team
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Trying to boost meeting attendance? The answer is in the offering
Despite the benefits of being virtual, there are major perks to in-person office meetings. Drive attendance by sharing best practices, resources and information that can truly move the needle on your agents' businesses
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