Gender stereotypes prevail (on both sides) in real estate: Pulse
This week, we asked for your insights into gender stereotypes as they play out on both sides. What assumptions do we make, and how can we see each other as individuals?
by Inman Mar 23
In case you were still in doubt, here's proof women make great leaders
It may go without saying that women are as capable and worthy as their male counterparts, but let’s say it anyway. Women bring a host of exceptional qualities to the table, though they sometimes go unacknowledged
by Christy Murdock Mar 23
9 things agents should expect from their leadership
Although we talk a lot about what individual agents should do, let's explore the less-often broached topic of what agents can (and should!) expect from their leaders. Here's what agents should look for (and see) in their team leaders and brokers
by Cara Ameer Mar 21
So you want to be a leader? Check out these 5 avenues
Ready to lead? We've got a variety of ways for you to channel your ambition and take on a leadership role, whether it's in the office or the industry at large
by Christy Murdock Mar 16
How to get involved in the real estate industry
Volunteering for committee membership takes time. Attending meetings takes time. Simply applying takes time. It’s all time well spent
by Jay Thompson Mar 16
Take the lead! 5 key qualities you'll need in real estate
Like any other professional skill, leadership is a competency that can be refined and developed throughout your career. Grab your guiding compass of core values, communicate with your teammates clearly and move forward with the mindset you need for a triumphant voyage
by Rainy Hake Austin Mar 15
‘Reach back as you push forward’: An Inman leadership reader
Inman is a great place to read about leadership and hear from some of the industry’s heavyweights. Here are some words of wisdom from an array of Inman contributors on all aspects of leadership today
by Christy Murdock Mar 14
How to give feedback to your boss or leadership team
Success in work and life happens one conversation at a time. The more feedback team members give and get, the better everyone will become
by Adam Hergenrother Mar 14
The stuff of leaders: Readers on what it takes to inspire
A good leader will improve the chance of success for their brokerage, their agents, their team and themselves
by Jay Thompson Mar 11
Disruptive leadership: 5 must-have qualities for leaders in 2022
Whether you’re a founder building from the ground up or a leader who’s stepping into some big shoes, your vision — and your ability to communicate it — are still essential to your own reputation and to those you’re leading. Find out what it takes to be a leader now and in the days ahead
by Christy Murdock Mar 11
10 tips for introverts competing in today’s real estate market
We reached out to the experts to find out how they use their strengths to stay ahead for this introvert's guide to real estate
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 11
Bring back balance! 6 tips for managing the never-ending workday
There are a variety of ways we create imbalance: too much work, too much control, or too much ego are frequent contributors. Here's a rundown of ways to bring balance back to your workload
by Kevin Woody Mar 9
Readers share their negative experiences with 'a leader': Pulse
This week, we asked about your negative experiences with someone who was supposed to be a leader to you. Here are your stories and the ways you've overcome
by Inman Mar 9
Get out of your own way: How to develop self-awareness
It’s the foundation of great leadership and better connections with clients, colleagues and members of your sphere. Here’s what self-awareness is and how to improve your own
by Christy Murdock Mar 9
7 faux pas that can cause a pause
Sometimes, it’s the things you do before the deal that cause it to fall apart. Savvy agents avoid these potential pitfalls
by Christy Murdock Mar 2
32 success strategies top female leaders want you to have (Part 2)
Top women in real estate outline important trends you need to know — plus how to use several different tech tools to maximize your success this year
by Bernice Ross Jan 19