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An informed buyer is likely to make better decisions and be more satisfied with his or her purchase
by Jackson Cooper | Apr 30
Regardless of what you post, have fun, and keep your content fresh
by Bernice Ross | Apr 30
Exceptional communication, knowledge of your market and a proven marketing plan will get you far
by Patrick Kearns | Apr 27
Use a combination of old-school outreach and technology while keeping an eye on the long game: your brand and reputation
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Learning your area by touring non-stop is the best way to begin growing your skills
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A little charisma goes a long way in this business
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From drumming up interest to lead capture to final touches and follow-up
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Weed out the activities that don't help your bottom line, and focus on those that do
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Try implementing one or two per week, and see how much more you can get done  
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Strip away the glamour of a name listed at the top of the sales charts and you'll find a path forged with patience, consistency and the sweat of hard work
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