Homeowners in Raleigh and Atlanta can ask for a cash offer from Opendoor and get an estimate from Zillow about what their home might sell for on the open market
by Taylor Anderson Feb 15
The campaign dubbed 'This is a Door' pays tribute to the unexpected possibilities that go along with turning a new chapter in life, such as weddings, having babies and adopting new pets
by Ben Verde Jan 19
Weeks after it reported losing nearly $1B in Q3, leading iBuying company shook things up as founder Eric Wu was replaced as CEO by CFO Carrie Wheeler, and the president has resigned
by Taylor Anderson Dec 1
Admittedly, Fello is somewhat hard to summarize, but know above all else, it is agent-centric and technology-driven. No one is getting left out of the deal here, especially the consumer
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 23
RedfinNow is operational in the Orlando and Tampa areas as of this week and will launch in the Palm Beach and Miami areas later this month, with Florida marking its 16th state in 34 markets
by Ben Verde Aug 11
Kentwood Advantage aims to provide more options to homesellers and homebuyers in Colorado, maximize their profits and find the best way to win offers, according to Kentwood
by Ben Verde Aug 10
As rising interest rates curb mortgage refinancings, Lower will also target homebuyers through a strategic partnership with iBuyer powerhouse Opendoor
by Matt Carter May 20
Help clients sell on the open market, avoid giving away huge amounts of their equity to iBuyers and, if eligible, work with a Power Buyer to buy their next home before selling their current one
by Bernice Ross Feb 25
Not every seller is focused on squeezing every dime of equity from their home. There are several reasons why
by Jay Thompson Feb 3
Recognizing the uphill of battle of competing in the iBuyer space, Homebldr took its smarts in home value analysis, search and agent support and applied that to an argument for helping agents better serve the investor market
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 2
In the wake of 2021, where does the iBuyer movement go from here? All February, we’ll talk to the pioneers and newcomers to the game about the opportunities, now and in the future
by Inman Feb 1
Following the demise of Zillow Offers in November, Offerpad sought more than $600M in credit from an unnamed lender in December, according to an SEC filing reviewed by Inman
by Ben Verde Jan 5
Ribbon helps buyers buy before they sell, rescues bad deals and gives first-time buyers a way to win deals in what might be the industry's first hybrid fintech-proptech application
by Craig C. Rowe Aug 23
Not quite an iBuyer, Zoodealio does in some instances buy a seller's home, but the software's experience is clearly developed around getting agents more listing leads
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 23
The president of a 200-agent boutique brokerage in Atlanta developed a solution for helping agents educate clients on the rise of iBuyers
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 10