These 15 markets are poised to become the next iBuying hotspots
A change in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation regulations will make it easier for iBuyers to enter markets in the North and South, according to home-value data platform Ownerly
by Marian McPherson Feb 28
The Real Word: What does iBuyer growth mean for agents?
Plus, homebuyer confidence is up, and Keller Williams has released its new consumer app
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Young family loses life savings of $775K in escrow wire fraud scam
Kevin and Nicole Noar wired over the money for their dream house before realizing that someone had hacked their escrow information
How has iBuying changed your market? Real estate pros tell all
It has been met with a combination of fear and frustration, but what is the real impact iBuying is having in markets around the country?
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Americans aren't waiting for marriage to buy a home: Study
According to a study released by co-ownership platform Haus, the share of single homeowners has reached a 118-year high of 39.8%
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The Homebuyer Files: 3 first-time homeowners on why they purchased
Three first-time homeowners shared how an impending marriage, a growing family and the desire to build equity pushed them to make the purchase of a lifetime
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Pulse: What’s your biggest fear as financing evolves?

Disruption has long been a buzzword in the industry. As Residential Finance Month comes to a close on Inman, we’re wondering how you’re feeling about the new models emerging and where an agent’s place is in all of this change.

by Inman Feb 26
How agents can help single parents navigate homebuying
Perhaps the most special consideration single parents need is understanding. Their responsibilities cause time constraints that are workable with the help of a trusted agent
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How to give first-time buyers the low-down on down payments
Helping millennial homebuyers find the right loans for them
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Pulse: What’s your biggest challenge with financing? Readers sound off
From inventory shortages to lackadaisical buyers to lender confusion, here are the biggest issues readers are seeing
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End-to-end times: How the all-in-1 platform became the holy grail
Companies both old and new are racing to build platforms that handle more of the real estate transaction. Agents will have to adapt to survive
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What is iFunding? Here's how it works
This emerging consumer financing category is addressing the financial realities of today's prospective homebuyers
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The rise and stall of the offer aggregators: How iBuyers are bringing startups to heel
Offerpad, Zillow and Opendoor are turning the screws on startups that offer price comparisons and claim to help consumers secure the best offer
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Foreclosures climb 13% in January
New Jersey, Delaware and Illinois reported the worst foreclosure rates, according to a new report by Attom Data Solutions
by Lillian Dickerson Feb 20
Do you know your interest rate? 27% of mortgage holders don't
Knowing your mortgage interest rate could save you a lot of money in the long run
by Lillian Dickerson Feb 19
Washington, DC-based C21 franchise launches iBuyer platform
Redwood Realty's Redwood Offers provides sellers with an all-cash offer within 72 hours, along with guided support on their other selling options
by Marian McPherson Feb 19