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MoveEasy's homeowner tools, engaging UX offer agents a powerful marketing partner: Tech Review

Among other things, the product follows homeowners beyond the relocation with consistent updates and offers on insurance services, mortgage refinance, home security, home management tasks and even internet service providers
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MoveEasy’s Homeowner Dashboard and dynamic savings tools for major home services help elevate it to the next level of long-term, agent-client relationship building.

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MoveEasy is a comprehensive move management platform for agents to provide to clients via white labeling or referral.

This post was updated April 1, 2022. 

Platforms: Browser; companion app
Ideal for: All agents who assist clients with moving decisions and home services vendors

Top selling points

  • Homeowner dashboard
  • Sharp, engaging UI/UX
  • “Concierge for Life”
  • White-labeled or personal URL
  • Extensive moving task list
  • Automated launch via CRM connection

Top concerns

  • Few. Luxury home buyers already entrenched with full-service moving coordinators would have little use for this software.

What you should know

MoveEasy is an omnichannel solution for real estate agents to collaborate with clients on all aspects of their relocation, starting soon after the contract is signed. It helps consumers connect with vendors, utility companies and countless others professionals involved with establishing a new residence.

Among other things, the product follows homeowners beyond the relocation with consistent updates and offers information on insurance services, mortgage refinance, home security, home management tasks and even internet service providers. It also helps keep agents in touch with customers over time and prepares users for their next move. MoveEasy has in place a number of national brokerage relationships.

I’ve mentioned often lately that I’m losing confidence in the home management software category, at least as it relates to promising agents future business. Thankfully, CORE Home, and now MoveEasy’s new features, are giving me hope.

New to the product is the HomeOwner Dashboard, a suite of features designed to help users for the long-term and to help the agent remain aware of what their buyer-turned-future-seller is up to.

A big part of MoveEasy’s overhaul is its user interface design. It’s fresh, visually ergonomic and reflects a now more mature company that understands its audience. This isn’t a minimal viable product; it’s fully out of its shell.

The agent-branded homeowner dash feeds users savings opportunities for major needs, such as insurance and mortgage. Sure, rates are ticking up, but thanks to MoveEasy, they’ll know when and when not to act. It also provides dynamic pricing, linking costs of insurance, for example, to new home improvements. Your home warranty should be updated when new systems are added to the property. Your home value is also impacted, so that’s tracked, as well.

MoveEasy’s updates include an appliance tracker that won’t ask for the number-by-number detail of a blender (thank you!), but instead stay focused on major items that impact energy use and insurance, such as refrigerators and hot water heaters.

Agents can still connect their clients during the transaction to MoveEasy, or invite existing homeowner clients. And when ready to move in a few years, clicking “Your Next Move” will alert an agent to get in touch. Like the Batphone. The company’s lifetime concierge program doesn’t hurt, either, as they can act as a proxy for the agent who initiated the relationship.

Real estate agents can benefit by white labeling the product to make it available via their own website as an added service or by a basic account, which provides a personalized “” domain.

The company has partnered with transaction and CRM suites such as SkySlope, LionDesk, and dotloop to trigger move activity upon a listing being marked as under contract.

If connected to an agent’s CRM, MoveEasy invites the customer to register and walks them through setup. Otherwise, agents manually initiate customer accounts.

Users need to enter their new address one time — or not at all if connected to a partner CRM — for it to be sent to the United States Postal Service’s mail forwarding system.

Buyers and sellers are given an extensive task and alert feature that reminds them of deadlines, such as dates by which a mover should be hired.

Once the new address is in the system, MoveEasy provides contact information for moving companies (with Yelp rankings), the DMV for license updates, local utility companies (with UtilityScore rankings), ISPs, cable and satellite providers, rental trucks, portable containers, self-storage facilities and generally any form of service that’s part of a move.

All subsequent hookups can be done through MoveEasy because the company has established relationships with related service providers around the country. Users will only need to enter new address information sparingly, if at all.

Agents can choose to list only their preferred vendors or allow customers to select their own.

MoveEasy task lists are divided into a number of categories, including, kids, pets, family and vehicles, and due dates can adjust dynamically based on fluctuations in closing.


Move quotes and all related costs are carefully tracked within MoveEasy. Users can provide moving companies with data for a rough estimate using a native list-building tool for furniture, appliances and common household goods.

Agents have access to an account dashboard to follow and support their customers as they navigate the process. In it, you can send email reminders to help with details and offer advice, account usage can be tracked, and moving discounts and incentives can be offered.

The company is also providing its software to moving companies and is looking to forge relationships with military moving organizations and large companies.


There appears to be no detail missed within MoveEasy.

Everything is colorfully displayed and intuitive, and I envision people having little difficulty understanding its workflow.

MoveEasy is a terrific extension of your transaction management system and a very practical tool for strengthening customer relationships. They now represent more than 100,000 agents and in total more than 1,000,000 homeowners.

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