Abuzz, then a bust: What happened with all that big 'platform' chatter?
Real estate platforms were a hot topic a few years ago, but for even some of the biggest companies, sprawling enterprise has been the quickest way to failure, Inman founder Brad Inman writes
by Brad Inman Nov 7
Want more options? Make getting a brokers license your winter project
Flexibility and agility are always useful for independent contractors. Obtaining your brokers license during your downtime gives you more professional options
by Teresa Boardman Nov 3
buying beverly hills, mauricio umansky, alexia umansky, farrah brittany, the agency, reality tv
Here's an inside look at your next real estate reality TV binge
by Dani Vanderboegh Nov 3
The biggest challenges indie brokers are facing right now: Pulse
Last week, as we launched into Indie Broker Month, we asked: What are the biggest challenges you're facing right now as an independent broker? Here's what readers had to say
by Inman Nov 2
11+ weird things readers have seen their clients do
From Frankenstein labs to electromagnetic scanning devices, here are some really weird client behaviors readers witnessed first-hand
by Inman Jan 12
Readers share what drives them nuts as agents
Inflated egos, bad communication, lack of proper knowledge (and respect) — this week, readers blow off some steam and share some things in real estate that really get on their nerves
by Inman Jan 5
Readers share their real estate New Year's resolutions
The new year is here, which means it's time to get cracking on those 2022 goals. What are you hoping to achieve? Today, readers share their real estate New Year's resolutions for this year
by Inman Dec 29
What's your greatest hope for 2022? Readers share
Last week, we asked readers about their greatest hopes for 2022, and here's what they had to say
by Inman Dec 22
Readers share their biggest 2021 fails
What did you mess up last year? What lessons did you learn? This week, readers divulge their biggest failures and mishaps of 2021 and introspect about where things went wrong
by Inman Dec 15
Readers share their biggest 2021 wins
We asked readers: What did you accomplish this year that you're proud of? Here are the wins that readers are celebrating
by Inman Dec 7
What's your top prediction for 2022? Readers' hot takes
We asked readers last week to share their top predictions for 2022. Here's what they see in their crystal balls
by Inman Dec 1
What are you gifting clients this holiday season? Tell us more!
Last week, we asked you all to share your top client gift ideas. Here, readers share their top picks. If you haven't weighed in, please do
by Inman Nov 23
5 harsh realities indies will face in 2022 (and how to combat them)
The best thing you can do is believe in your strengths as an indie broker and get rid of the perception that you cannot compete with franchise brokers
by Erica Ramus Nov 22
How one indie broker lured more than 20 agents from Compass
Last year, Dudum Real Estate Group made headlines when it hired nearly two dozen agents from Compass. Its broker-owner Julie Del Santo discusses how it came together
by Daniel Houston Nov 18
What readers' Thanksgiving marketing looks like this year
Last week, we asked readers: When it comes to your business, how are you making the most of Thanksgiving? Here's what our readers reported
by Inman Nov 16
@properties CEO on the ups and downs of being an indie brokerage
'Cards get stacked against indies,' said Thad Wong, @properties co-founder and co-CEO, during Connect Now when discussing the challenges of being an independent brokerage
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 16