Teresa's Stories

The global pandemic has hit some harder than others. Here, Teresa Boardman weighs in on how her life — and the lives of those around her — changed during this uncertain time
Apr 9
If we've learned anything from past downturns, it's that there is no normal — new or old. In today's stressful time, we just have to learn to play the hand we're dealt. Here's how one indie broker broaches life and work during a global pandemic
Mar 25
Being available to answer questions is not enough. New agents require more to grow in their roles. Here's how newly minted real estate agents can benefit from the experience of seasoned brokers
Mar 12
My old, non-active files are filled with the hopes and dreams of homebuyers, sellers and their real estate agents. There are tears in those files, sweat, disappointment and some anger, too
Mar 2
The National Association of Realtors' latest ad campaign for Realtors misses the mark
Feb 13
The buyer's market is maturing. Be ready to change your mindset, and prepare to look for opportunities in the tumult of change
Jan 30
Real estate agents never quit the hustle, and it's time to show them some appreciation
Jan 16
Being unaware of energy costs associated with housing could be a bigger mistake than not being an expert on smart home technology
Dec 31