The week's top real estate industry stories, plus previews of Inman Connect New York
by Matthew Shadbolt | Jan 4
It's not a project to be completed, but rather an evolving cornerstone to your business that requires continual effort and reflects your own growth and development
by Aaron Allison | Jan 4
With 42% of buyers finding their agents by referral, focus on the easiest way to get referrals — content marketing
by Byron Lazine | Jan 3
Set goals, streamline systems, rethink marketing and grow professionally — and you’ll set yourself up for a strong busy season
by Pat Hiban | Dec 29
The week's top real estate industry stories, plus Inman's top stories from 2018
by Matthew Shadbolt | Dec 28
Park Place Real Estate co-founders Evelyn and Steve Rosling said Cascade Sotheby "took it to a whole new level"
by Gill South | Dec 26
Make it easy for buyers to do what you want them to do — envision themselves buying and living in the home — and your sellers will sing your praises
by Nicole Solari | Dec 23
Whether it's investing, helping investors expand their portfolios or finding your niche — you change up your business model when the market softens
Lori Dake, a Kale Realty broker, draws, addresses and stamps each card by hand — a tradition she's observed for 30 years that consistently draws business and friendship
by Patrick Kearns | Dec 21
The week's top real estate industry stories, plus a preview of some of Inman Connect New York's speakers
by Matthew Shadbolt | Dec 21
Try spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear ideas to break into real estate markets
by Jim Weix | Dec 20
A flexible, open platform for brokerages to manage agents and their business, MoxiWorks is ready to help you win 2019
by Craig C. Rowe | Dec 19
About 60 families attended Joe Nelson's Santa-themed event Sunday in the Kansas City, Missouri, area
by Jim Dalrymple II | Dec 19
The deal will enhance CoreLogic's data capture abilities
by Patrick Kearns | Dec 17
Be yourself on camera, show your personality, be consistent, and you will start to get business from it
by Karin Carr | Dec 17
The week's top real estate industry stories, plus practical advice to use this weekend
by Matthew Shadbolt | Dec 14