How to make your constructive criticism easier to swallow
Fostering a feedback culture sets the stage for greater collaboration and performance improvement across your organization, Chris Pollinger writes
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People are your greatest asset. Here's how to unlock their potential
Understanding the strengths of your team and empowering them through your management are essential elements for longevity, writes new Inman contributor Kelly Rae White
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10 coaching secrets that'll revolutionize a real estate business
From mediocre manager to legendary leader, these strategies from luxury real estate consultant Chris Pollinger will help you take your real estate business to the next level
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Here's the worst advice you ever received: Pulse
After asking about the best advice you ever received from a mentor, we asked about the worst advice, and you did not hold back
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Here's the best advice you ever received: Pulse
We asked you to tell us about the best piece of advice you've ever gotten to handle the challenges of real estate life. Here are your tips
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5 steps to growing a business with video content
Content creation requires a plan for refining and distributing it. Broker Troy Palmquist talks with San Francisco Realtor Brooks Landry about his content strategy
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Get rid of the negativity and cultivate mindful success
Discover powerful strategies to boost your real estate career and achieve lasting success through a step-by-step self-improvement process
How to keep your sense of humor in the midst of a frustrating market
Maintaining your sense of humor makes personal and professional sense while it helps you connect with clients and colleagues
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What the greatest player-coaches of all time can teach us
Jay Papasan, author of The ONE Thing, shares lessons learned from coaches who know it's how you coach yourself that matters most
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Is cold calling dead?
While the old-school version of this lead-gen method may indeed be over, there's a contemporary version that's alive and well, and getting results
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How to find the perfect coach for your team
With a little research and some key considerations, you can find the perfect coach to help your team reach its full potential
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The coach’s love-hate guide to profitability in 2023
To maximize your profitability in 2023, you must also address how your beliefs, attitudes and feelings either support or undermine your ability to take the actions that result in success
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How to find the right real estate coach (and know it's a fit)
Understanding your business needs will enable you to choose the right type of coaching. Then, you can dive in deeper to find a coach who's the right fit
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TikToker Giselle Ugarte launches the 'rise of the real estate influencer'
The Talent Brokerage is a marketplace for agents, brokers and industry experts to collaborate with top companies and brands through speaking engagements, brand partnerships and influencer campaigns
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6 coaching essentials for teams and staff members
As we wind down one year and embark on another, it's time to consider how to move forward with these winning strategies for working with agents and staff members
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Don’t let victory become a liability! 3 steps for winning year after year
Winning can be intoxicating, but it can also make you comfortable, complacent even. To avoid that win hangover and ensure your business grows year after year, follow these steps
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