Readers share their biggest 2021 fails
What did you mess up last year? What lessons did you learn? This week, readers divulge their biggest failures and mishaps of 2021 and introspect about where things went wrong
by Inman Dec 15
Readers share their biggest 2021 wins
We asked readers: What did you accomplish this year that you're proud of? Here are the wins that readers are celebrating
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What's your top prediction for 2022? Readers' hot takes
We asked readers last week to share their top predictions for 2022. Here's what they see in their crystal balls
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What are you gifting clients this holiday season? Tell us more!
Last week, we asked you all to share your top client gift ideas. Here, readers share their top picks. If you haven't weighed in, please do
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What readers' Thanksgiving marketing looks like this year
Last week, we asked readers: When it comes to your business, how are you making the most of Thanksgiving? Here's what our readers reported
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The biggest change to the indie landscape in 2021: Pulse
How has the business changed for you, and how are you adapting to those shifts? That's what we asked readers last week, and here's what you had to say
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The biggest threats to indies in 2022: Pulse
What are the biggest threats to indies in 2022? That's what we asked our readers last week, and here's what they had to say
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Indie vs. big box: Which is better for agents today? Results are in
Last week, we asked: 'A small indie brokerage or a large national player? Which is best for real estate agents in this market?' After sifting through the many responses, here are some of the best ones from readers
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Readers share how they're showing luxury clients appreciation this fall: Pulse
In luxury, going that extra mile matters. So, how are you nurturing your relationships and expressing gratitude to your past and existing clients? Here's what readers had to say
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Readers tell us about their longest luxury deals ever: Pulse
What's the longest time one of your luxury listings lingered on the market? What caused the listing to get stale, and how did you fix the situation? Here's what readers had to say
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Pulse: What is luxury in 2021? 'Beautiful spaces that makes sense'
What’s the most critical evolution luxury real estate has experienced? What’s most vital to luxury clients today? Here's what readers (OK, reader) said
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Readers share their top marketing tips for luxury listings: Pulse
What's the most tried-and-true tip when it comes to marketing luxury real estate listings? Readers share their top helpful hints
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Pulse: The new marketing strategies you're trying in 2022
From leveraging Instagram's nifty Reels feature to introducing interactive floor plans, here's how our readers are spicing up their marketing plans for 2022
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Pulse: What new marketing strategy are you trying in 2022?
Making changes and fine-tuning your marketing plan for next year? Tell us what you're introducing to your repertoire and how those strategies will help you stand out in 2022
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Pulse: Readers share the worst marketing advice they've ever received
Offer steak knives to entice buyers, don't door-knock, and forget about the internet when promoting your business — this week, our readers share some of the worst marketing tips and advice they've ever received throughout their careers
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Pulse: What's the worst marketing advice you've ever received?
Ever been steered in the wrong direction? This week, we're encouraging you to share the most useless, misguided and downright terrible marketing tips you've ever received
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