You told us how your buyers are funding their purchases right now: Pulse
This week, you shared the ways that your clients are funding their purchases, especially in the face of higher home prices and interest rates
by Inman Jun 1
We found out what's keeping you up at night: Pulse
This week, we asked (and you answered): What's keeping you up at night? What are you doing to manage your stress and stay on track?
by Inman May 25
You shared your retirement plan or exit strategy: Pulse
This week, we were curious about your retirement plan or exit strategy, and boy did you deliver some great insights
by Inman May 18
Will you negotiate commission? Here's what readers said
For some agents and brokers, the very idea of negotiating commission is taboo. For others, negotiation, even on commission is always on the table, especially in hyper-competitive markets
by Inman May 11
The worst false promises higher-ups made to readers: Pulse
People aren't always what they seem, and when trying to recruit talent, all sorts of 'guarantees' can come out. That's why we asked: What's the worst false promise a higher up made to you? Here's what you had to say
by Inman May 4
You shared the biggest mistake teams are making right now: Pulse
As we wound down Back to Basics Month and geared up for Teams, we asked (and you answered): What's the biggest mistake teams are making right now?
by Inman Apr 27
You shared your biggest business regrets: Pulse
Last week, we asked readers about the things they wish they'd done, those they wish they'd avoided, and roads less traveled. Here are the regrets you identified
by Inman Apr 19
You shared the financial tips you wish you'd known as a newbie: Pulse
Last week, we asked readers about the smart money moves they wish they'd made when first starting out in real estate. From LLCs to market miscalculations, here's what you wish you had known
by Inman Apr 13
Here are the most costly mistakes you’ve ever made: Pulse
Some mistakes are easy to fix with a phone call or email; others not so much. As Back to Basics Month continues, we asked: What's the most costly mistake you've ever made?
by Inman Apr 6
Here are your 'back to basics' must-dos for 2022: Pulse
It's time for spring cleaning the way you do business. As we begin Back to Basics Month at Inman, we wondered: What does going back to basics mean for real estate professionals (and the industry at large) in 2022? Here are your thoughts
by Inman Mar 30
Gender stereotypes prevail (on both sides) in real estate: Pulse
This week, we asked for your insights into gender stereotypes as they play out on both sides. What assumptions do we make, and how can we see each other as individuals?
by Inman Mar 23
Here are the barriers you see to leadership for women in real estate: Pulse
This week we asked about barriers for women in real estate leadership. What stops women from taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, and how can women take on greater roles in the industry?
by Inman Mar 16
Readers share their negative experiences with 'a leader': Pulse
This week, we asked about your negative experiences with someone who was supposed to be a leader to you. Here are your stories and the ways you've overcome
by Inman Mar 9
Readers share their most memorable leadership tips: Pulse
This week, we asked for stories from your leadership journey. What leadership roles have you taken on, and what did they teach you?
by Inman Mar 2
Readers share the most outrageous fair housing violation they've seen in marketing: Pulse
Do people see fair housing language as a matter of 'ask for forgiveness, not permission' or do they take it seriously as the law of the land? This week, readers responded with their own examples of problematic language
by Inman Feb 23
Here's how readers are handling buyer love letters today: Pulse
Are you still sending some form of buyer love letter? If not, what are you doing instead? That's what we asked readers last week. Here's what readers had to say
by Inman Feb 16