When it comes to buyer leads from mortgage lenders, you'll take 'em
In last week's Pulse, we wanted to know whether cultivating referral partnerships with lenders results in reliable, meaningful leads. Your opinion was clear
by Inman May 10
Here's what you like (or don't like) about your in-house lender: Pulse
You let us know whether your in-house lender functions more as a trusted resource or as a barrier to getting your deals done in a timely manner
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These are your top real estate negotiation tips
Whether it's what you say, how you shake hands or what you wear, these are the things that can impact your negotiations
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Here are your best real estate conversation starters: Pulse
Need a great way to break the ice and start a conversation? Readers shared some of their tried-and-true openers in this week's Pulse
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Here's the one 'script' you find yourself using most today
We know you've got a collection of tried-and-true responses that you've used over the years, so this week we asked about the one 'script' you find yourself using most today
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You’re helping a new agent grow. Here's the B2B wisdom you share
Here's what you told us about helping new real estate agents get up-to-speed on the fundamentals and creating a foundation for growth
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Here are the details on your best performing piece of content: Pulse
As you look back at your online and social media platforms, we asked you to brag about your best-performing piece of content
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Here's how to brainstorm new marketing ideas: Pulse
Find out how agents and leaders nail a marketing plan when it's time to rethink everything
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The biggest marketing mistake agents make: Pulse
As Marketing and Branding Month keeps on truckin', we asked you to weigh in on the biggest marketing mistake agents make. Here's what you had to say
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Here's what you're doing to lock down repeat and referral business
As marketing budgets shrink, we asked how you're maximizing the power of your past clients and sphere of influence
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Here's where you're cutting back your marketing spend: Pulse
Last week, we asked you to tell us where you're trimming the fat in your budget. Here's what you had to say
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Here are the worst interactions you’ve had with a leader: Pulse
As we wrap up Leadership Month, we asked about the worst leader you've ever had. Here's what you told us about your bad bosses
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Readers reveal red flags that signal a bad leader
Last week, we asked: What sure signs of bad leadership should not be ignored? How can you recover from a toxic leader? Here's what readers had to say
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Here's the hardest part about being a leader: Pulse
Does leadership come naturally to you, or do you have to learn leadership throughout the course of your career? Here's what you told us in this week's Pulse
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Here's what good leadership looks like in 2023: Pulse
As we launch into Leadership Month here at Inman, we asked you: What does leadership look like today? Here are your answers
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You shared your best day ever (in real estate): Pulse
From buyer surprises to heartwarming closings, you told us about your best day ever in real estate
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