Pulse: The qualities real estate leaders should have
The descriptors that came up over and over again deal with emotional intelligence
by Inman | Mar 10
Pulse: What qualities should a real estate leader have?
Regardless of where you fall in the real estate hierarchy, we want to hear your thoughts
by Inman | Mar 4
Pulse: Agents seem unconcerned with alternative financing
If our latest Pulse survey revealed anything, it's that readers seem to be more concerned with coronavirus and politics impacting interests rates than iBuyers when it comes to financing
by Inman | Mar 3
Pulse: What’s your biggest fear as financing evolves?

Disruption has long been a buzzword in the industry. As Residential Finance Month comes to a close on Inman, we’re wondering how you’re feeling about the new models emerging and where an agent’s place is in all of this change.

by Inman | Feb 26
Pulse: What’s your biggest challenge with financing? Readers sound off
From inventory shortages to lackadaisical buyers to lender confusion, here are the biggest issues readers are seeing
by Inman | Feb 25
Pulse: What’s your biggest challenge with financing?
Whether it's qualifying buyers, lending requirements, emerging financing models, client confusion or something entirely different, please share your experiences in this one-question survey
by Inman | Feb 19
Pulse: How readers are handling iBuyers in listing presentations
Some come armed with iBuyer bids they present, and others paint such offers as invariably inferior
by Inman | Feb 18
Pulse: In an iBuyer world, how has your listing presentation changed?
In real estate today, sellers have options. Please share how you navigate those choices with your clients in this one-question survey
by Inman | Feb 12
Pulse: How alternative financing is really affecting markets
A few readers in markets where iBuyers have matured described noticeable impacts that could offer a glimpse of what may be in store for many other agents
by Inman | Feb 11
Pulse: How has alternative financing changed your market?
All-cash-offer guarantees, iBuyers, new financing models — consumers have a lot more options these days. Share what you're seeing in your market
by Inman | Feb 5
Pulse: 5 tales of real estate career climaxes
A little inspiration for all you go-getters out there
by Inman | Feb 4
Pulse: Tell us about a high point in your career
Starting your own team, landing a big listing, helping a family in need find a home — success takes many forms, and we want to hear about your proudest moments
by Inman | Jan 29
Pulse: How do you treat yourself? 34 ways agents indulge
Start by turning off your phone, and then pick your favorite form of relaxation
by Inman | Jan 28
Pulse: How do you treat yourself?
Spa days, brunch and mimosas, reading on the beach, drinks with the ladies, broing out on the weekend — whatever you do to take time for you, we want to hear about it
by Inman | Jan 22
Pulse: How could your brokerage be improved? 15 suggestions from agents
Readers sounded off on changes they wish their brokerages would make
by Inman | Jan 21
Pulse: How could your brokerage be improved?
Agents are out in the trenches every day, pounding pavement, making deals happen. This week, we want to hear about how your brokerage could take better care of its hardest-working assets
by Inman | Jan 15