OfferPad cuts ties with Zillow over Instant Offers expansion

OfferPad says it was not given any advance warning from Zillow ahead of Zillow’s move to ex ...

by Emma Hinchliffe | Today 10:35 A.M.
Top producing realtors

The sheer work ethic of Michael Jordan, the mindset of a Jedi, the adaptability of a chameleon an ...

by Patrick Kearns | Today 8:56 A.M.
real estate market news April 23 2018

All the latest real estate market news.

by Inman | Today 6:40 A.M.
Capital Connect

Inman is dedicating an entire morning to exploring real estate capital at a bird’s-eye level: I ...

by Inman | Today 4:09 A.M.
How to respond when clients ask: 'Is this a safe neighborhood?'

Safety is always at the top of the list for people buying a new home. A recent study from the onl ...

by Scott Bay | Today 2:45 A.M.
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