California fire destroyed 18 months of listing inventory
As of Oct. 2018, there were only 858 properties on the market in Butte County, and the loss of more ...
by Marian McPherson | Today 11:46 A.M.
Connect the Speakers: Joyce Rey on the ability to get a deal done
Joyce Rey was a luxury real estate agent to the stars in Beverly Hills before television had put ...
by Inman | Today 11:38 A.M.
Agent/broker perspective: Should you tell your sphere you're ill?
A successful Miami real estate agent has been diagnosed with a relatively treatable form of cancer ...
by Anthony Askowitz | Today 2:06 A.M.
Two-thirds of millennial homeowners suffer from buyer's remorse
A recent survey revealed that many millennial homeowners regret their decision to purchase after ...
by Lew Sichelman | Today 1:25 A.M.
The polite way to sell a home around the holidays
While most people will be eating pie and exchanging gifts with family, some real estate agents will ...
by Veronika Bondarenko | Today 1:00 A.M.


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