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Get a blueprint for how to increase your credibility and influence through social media
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How do you turn a casual connection into a lifetime client?
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Social media can help launch an agent into luxury, but how do you keep the momentum?
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Learn how experts in the industry have handled some of the thorniest negotiations throughout their careers
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It’s a different ball game when it comes to working with celebrities and athletes as clients
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What were the biggest ideas discussed in the networking sessions at Luxury Connect?
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Experts discuss what it takes to level-up your business with wealth advisor best practices
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WATCH: Becoming a Real Estate Wealth Advisor: How Wealth Managers Do it
A discussion on how to build wealth management best practices into your real estate business
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WATCH: Becoming a Real Estate Wealth Advisor: Best Practices for Engaging the Wealthy
David Friedman offers step-by-step advice on how to become a trusted wealth advisor for your clients
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WATCH: Tom Ferry on the 4 Biggest Mistakes Luxury Agents Make
“If you’re not punching consumers in the face, nobody knows who you are”
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First American Title VP recalls the night with Harvey Weinstein that ended her entertainment career and led her to real estate
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The Real Word: What we know about Zillow's Premier Agent program

At a recent closed-door event in Boston, president of media and marketplace at Zillow Group, Greg Schwartz, spoke to approximately 100 top agents about Premier Agent 4, which has begun its implementation phase in select markets. Here’s what we learned. 

by Byron Lazine | Oct 19
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Agents have never had more choices. How do you sort out where to go, and what is most important about where you land?
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Highlights from Inman Connect New York 2018
Take a peak at what you can expect at this year's ICNY
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The Real Word: What's up with Redfin's estimate tool?
One low-fee brokerage founder believes Redfin Estimate has contributed to rising home prices
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3 key factors at play in every successful brokerage acquisition
Chris Haddon sat down with Gaurav Gambhir and Ben Oller, partners at The Condo Shop, to discuss their merger and share tips
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