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On the heels of the National Association of Realtors’ midyear meeting, broker-owner Teresa Boardman wonders why NAR doesn’t livestream (and engage) more members
by Teresa Boardman May 15
Sitzer judge indicates his support for proposed NAR settlement
Judge Stephen R. Bough said payouts and practice changes in NAR's deal, added to those in the Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settlements, represent 'substantial benefits' for sellers
by Andrea V. Brambila May 14
What agents and brokers really want to tell each other: Intel survey
Agents and brokers talk. A lot. But what's left unsaid may be nearly as important. Intel analyzed survey responses of hundreds of real estate professionals for insights into an unbreakable bond
by Daniel Houston May 13
Judge approves Keller Williams, Anywhere, RE/MAX settlements
The ruling by Judge Stephen R. Bough on Thursday resolves antitrust claims in the Sitzer | Burnett, Moehrl and Nosalek commission cases. However, it won't quash other existing suits from buyers
NAR board of directors votes to keep membership dues at $156
The trade group had signaled plans to raise dues in 2025, but during a board of directors meeting Thursday at the Realtors Legislative Meetings voted 894-20 to leave them as-is for another year
Buyers seek surprise injunction to halt commission suit settlements
The plaintiffs in a suit known as Batton 1 have filed for a temporary restraining order preventing the final approval of the Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settlements
'Godspeed': Enforcement of NAR settlement changes shifts to MLSs
At the Realtors Legislative Meetings earlier this week, MLS executives were told they would be responsible for making sure real estate agents and brokers follow the new commission rules CEO delivers full-throated speech in support of NAR CEO Damian Eales took to the podium on Monday at the MLS Forum of the Realtors Legislative Meetings to refute rival CoStar's earlier claims about's growing traffic
NAR President fields questions at midyear: 'Everything's on the table'
At the Realtors Legislative Meetings on Sunday, National Association of Realtors President Kevin Sears spontaneously fielded questions about the trade group's proposed antitrust settlement
NAR clarifies when a buyer contract will be required under settlement
In an email, the 1.5M member trade group specified when agents would have to have signed written agreements with buyers, but stressed NAR would not dictate the agreements' terms
Douglas Elliman settles commission suits for up to $17.75M
The proposed deal would resolve antitrust claims brought by homesellers but not homebuyers
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 29
Decades of NAR membership data has vanished amid enrollment dip
Each month, the trade group publicly reports the size of its ranks and other data on its official website. But as recently as this month, state-by-state and national data is nowhere to be found
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 24
Sign a buyer brokerage agreement to see a property? No way!
Buyers and sellers are confused about the new rules of the road. Trainer Bernice Ross and Jeff Lobb discuss how agents can change up the conversation and add clarity and confidence
by Bernice Ross Apr 24
Here are your thoughts on the changing role of listing agents
You shared your back-in-the-saddle, boots-on-the-ground perspectives now that NAR's settlement has received preliminary approval
by Inman Apr 24
60-day clock begins for brokerages seeking to opt into $418M NAR deal
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs on Friday asked the court to preliminarily approve the proposed deal. Brokerages and MLSs that were left out initially will have to take action by June 18 to be covered
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 22
Pulte objects to Sitzer | Burnett settlements: What's in it for me?
US homebuilder PulteGroup said it should have been provided with a plan to distribute claims so that it can estimate its recovery amount. But that document doesn't appear to exist
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 17
Federal courts hand HomeServices a win (and a loss) in Sitzer | Burnett
The US Supreme Court denied the real estate franchisor's request for consideration on Monday, but the plaintiffs won't be able to lay $4.7B in damages at HomeServices' feet — at least not yet
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 15
Judges decline to 'centralize' commission lawsuits for now
A panel of judges considering whether to consolidate real estate commission lawsuits into one cited the recent NAR settlement as a reason to deny the request
by Taylor Anderson Apr 12
Brokers brace for NAR settlement to drive commissions south: Intel
A $418M settlement in March by NAR caught agents and leaders by surprise. In a mixed bag of responses to the latest Intel Index poll, they shared their early reactions and existential fears
by Daniel Houston Apr 10
Real Brokerage agrees to pay $9.25M to settle commission suits
The Real Brokerage agreed to change business operations as part of its proposed settlement agreement in Umpa v. NAR
by Taylor Anderson Apr 8
HomeServices tells court it's too early for $4.7B Sitzer ruling
The Berkshire Hathaway affiliate says final judgment in the case shouldn't come before settlements are finalized, a process the franchisor does not expect to be 'uncontroversial'
New commission lawsuit in New York may draw FTC attention
The antitrust case from homebuyer and homeseller Hao Zhe Wang alleges MLS and broker services are illegally tied
Will uncertainty drive agents out? Maybe — but don’t let it be you
After the National Association of Realtors' proposed settlement, Coldwell Banker Realty president and CEO Kamini Lane offers 3 tips for agents amid commission compression chaos
by Kamini Lane Mar 29
Moehrl trial shifts to early 2025 as HomeServices keeps skin in game
The plaintiffs and defendants in the antitrust commission case indicated they would be available for a 3- to 4-week trial beginning Jan. 21, 2025, according to court filings earlier this week
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 28
Value over discount: 8 tips for navigating post-NAR settlement
Explore how to transcend discounting and enhance value in response to the NAR settlement with strategic consultant Chris Pollinger
by Chris Pollinger Mar 27
NAR's settlement could impact women more than men. Here's why
Women in real estate are already earning about 60% less than men. Rachael Hite looks at the latest wage gap data and explores how commission compression could widen that gap
by Rachael Hite Mar 27
Moehrl attorney: Market shift after NAR settlement 'will take time'
Robby Braun, partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, addresses 'misconceptions' about the NAR deal's impact and says Realtors who try to ignore the changes 'will get left behind'
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 25
Amid commission chaos, talk turns to ongoing gripe: clueless agents
Leaders at many brokerages say a lack of serious agents with a full-time commitment is a drag on the industry. Intel asks whether this might change in the wake of the latest settlements
by Daniel Houston Mar 25
MLS PIN, Nosalek plaintiffs seek to delay DOJ response after NAR deal
They asked the court for more time to analyze the impact on their proposed settlement of NAR's proposed rule change banning the MLS display of commissions offered to buyer brokers
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 21
Who's out: The brokerages not covered in the NAR settlement
More than 90 brokerages would not be covered under the $418M deal, though most have the option of buying in
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 20
How commission chaos divided the real estate industry into 4 factions
The verdict in the monumental Sitzer | Burnett commission case in Missouri — plus oversight by federal regulators — has splintered the industry as it scrambles to figure out how to move forward
by Taylor Anderson Mar 20
Take the Inman Intel Index survey for March
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to the industry's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Chris LeBarton Mar 20
Court weighs $4.7B Sitzer ruling against last holdout HomeServices
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs asked the court to order the Berkshire Hathaway affiliate to pay most of the nearly $5.4B damages award after NAR, Keller Williams, Anywhere and RE/MAX settle
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 19
Over 60% of agents have been recruited so far this year: Intel
Most agents say they've heard from competitor brokerages in recent weeks. Intel examines what's on their mind as they decide whether to stay — or bolt
by Chris LeBarton Mar 18
Jail ahead for ‘worst landlord on this planet’ over squalid rentals
The sheriff has been ordered to arrest a landlord twice named worst in New York City and bring him to Rikers Island for up to 60 days over hundreds of building violations
by Taylor Anderson Mar 13
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs' attorneys ask for a third of settlement payout
After 5 years and nearly 100K hours of work, the law firms are asking a federal court for $82M of the proposed settlements to be paid by Anywhere, Keller Williams and RE/MAX
Berkshire Hathaway Energy added to growing Gibson commission suit
Amended complaint alleges Warren Buffett's company abused the trust inspired by his name to encourage homesellers to use HomeServices and further alleged price-fixing conspiracy
Defendant, plaintiffs in Nosalek commission case unite against DOJ
Defendant MLS PIN and plaintiffs Jennifer Nosalek, Randy Hirschorn and Tracey Hirschorn asked a district court judge for permission to respond to a statement of interest the DOJ filed in the case
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 28
Redfin in crosshairs as new lawsuit targets buyer-broker commissions
California resident Andrea Freedlund is suing on behalf of homesellers who paid a buyer agent in the 4 years before Redfin announced it was leaving NAR, according to a suit filed in federal court
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 27
Brokerages, lenders anticipate big recruitment push in 2024: Triple-I
Approximately 28% of brokerage leaders believe 'recruiting and retaining talent' will be their most challenging responsibility 1 year from now, according to results from the Inman Intel Index survey
by Chris LeBarton Feb 26
NAR breaks silence on DOJ call to decouple commissions
Consumer watchdog CFA hails federal agency's proposal to ban sellers from making compensation offers as a 'major watershed' in promoting more competition in real estate
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 23
NAR: Commission suit insurance coverage ran out 'some time ago'
There are no funds under NAR's policy available to pay for the cost of defending the Realtor associations nor their multiple listing services which have been sued, according to the trade group
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 21
HomeServices dropped from long-running buyer commission lawsuit
The court dismissed a federal antitrust claim in the case known as Batton 1, but allowed state-law claims to proceed, partially due to the argument that commissions are baked into home prices
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 21
WATCH: Andy Florance takes aim at 'Ziltorfin' business tactics
CoStar Group founder and CEO Andy Florance called Zillow, and Redfin pushback against traffic numbers 'bait and switch' business tactics
by Christy Murdock Feb 20
Many hoped a March rate cut would boost housing. Now, it's not so clear
Most real estate professionals believe rate cuts by the Fed will be crucial for a sales recovery, according to results from the Inman Intel Index survey. But the timing on those cuts is hazy
by Chris LeBarton Feb 19
DOJ to Nosalek judge: Broker commissions should be decoupled
The Department of Justice said a proposed settlement in the major antitrust lawsuit might itself violate federal law and said buyers should negotiate their broker's commission directly
NAR halts 'presidential initiatives' for next 2 years amid turmoil
The trade group will not take on pet projects for the duration of NAR President Kevin Sears' tenure, which is slated to last until November 2025, he told NAR's Board of Directors Wednesday morning
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 15
Utah homeseller files commission lawsuit against NAR, 13 others
The complaint — one of nearly two dozen targeting real estate's commission-sharing structure — alleges 'most' buyer agents will steer clients away from listings that offer lower commission
by Taylor Anderson Feb 12
NAR president: The DOJ is a 'bigger problem' than $1.8B Sitzer verdict
In remarks made in Boston that were later posted online, new NAR President Kevin Sears declared business will change for Realtors — whether they embrace it or have it 'forced down our throats'
Agents have real concerns — but commission rates aren't at the top
Despite ongoing commission lawsuits, agents are more concerned about the health of the real estate pie than the size of their own slice, results of the latest Inman Intel Index survey show
by Chris LeBarton Feb 7
HomeServices wants US Supreme Court to weigh Sitzer | Burnett case
The franchisor filed a petition to the Supreme Court requesting the review of an earlier appeals court ruling barring it from enforcing arbitration agreements signed by seller clients
Keller Williams settles Sitzer, Moehrl commission suits for $70M
Under the proposed deal, Keller Williams must inform franchisees that offers of compensation are not required. It also agreed to revise training materials and end rules requiring agents to join NAR
NAR CEO Nykia Wright appears — and disappears — in 'odd' new video
In a video that abruptly vanished from NAR's website Wednesday before resurfacing, Wright said the group does not set commissions — a practice it isn't currently being accused of — and welcomed competition from AREA
Pocket listing suit against NAR 'paused' for settlement talks
NAR was dismissed without paying any money or making any rule changes, but The PLS says it can reopen the case if they don't come to a deal
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 30
Attorney lays out how real estate can survive the commission suits
At Inman Connect, Ed Zorn proposed mandating buyer representation agreements, killing the MLS compensation field, adding a concession field, and creating a fund to pay out settlements
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 26
Mega MLSs, but not NAR, settle pocket listing suit
CRMLS, Bright MLS and MRED told the US District Court of the Central District of California's Western Division they had reached a deal 'in principle' with
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 25
Tracking the housing recovery? These 12 dates offer crucial clues
Intel is highlighting the most important data releases and events slated for each month of 2024 in an effort to help industry observers follow the arc of residential real estate's rebound this year
by Chris LeBarton Jan 24
Ready to share your wisdom with the industry? The Triple-I survey is open
The Inman Intel Index goes beyond sentiment and trends by tapping into the real estate industry's most engaged community. Add your voice to the industry's most ambitious monthly survey today
by Chris LeBarton Jan 22
California commission lawsuit filed against NAR and 35 other entities
Homesellers allege 36 Realtor association, brokerage, and multiple listing service defendants conspired to inflate buyer broker commissions in violation of state and federal antitrust laws
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 19
Court says $200B commission suit against NAR must go forward
A federal court judge denied a request from the defendants to suspend the case pending the outcome of post-trial motions after the Sitzer | Burnett verdict
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 18
Homeseller sues Nevada Realtors, NAR after $40K commission bill
Las Vegas resident Nathaniel Whaley alleges the National Association of Realtors, the Northern Nevada Regional MLS and state and local Realtor groups conspired to inflate broker commissions
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 17
9 must-do moves to dodge the agent exodus
If you want to be a top-performing agent in 2024 — one who stays for the long haul — prioritize skill development to best adapt to the changing market, coach Darryl Davis writes
by Darryl Davis Jan 16
Why NAR may be primed for record membership fall in 2024: Triple-I
The National Association of Realtors may be on the verge of a bigger membership decline than it's ever seen before — including during the 2008 housing crisis. Intel explores why that is
by Chris LeBarton Jan 15
Latest homeseller suits in Arizona, New York target commission rules
Class-action complaints filed by Joseph Masiello and Robert Friedman join chorus of litigation nationwide objecting to trade group rules requiring sellers to offer compensation to buyer brokers
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 11
Realtors fear damage to NAR brand beyond repair following Kasper exit
Members already reeling from a series of accusations and leadership changes told Inman Tracy Kasper's resignation as president after less than 5 months doesn't bode well for NAR's reputation
by Taylor Anderson Jan 10
NAR President Tracy Kasper resigns, alleges blackmail
The National Association of Realtors' leader said she recently received a 'threat to disclose a past personal, non-financial matter unless she compromised her position at NAR'
49% of agents sold either 1 home or none at all in the past year: CFA
Agent 'glut' means part-timers are now the majority, leading to 'widespread incompetence and pressure to maintain high commission rates,' according to the Consumer Federation of America
More agents than ever earn business from networking and SOI
From cold calling and radio shows to painting classes, agent efforts to grow sphere of influence aren't one-size-fits-all
by Chris LeBarton Dec 29
From Sitzer to Moehrl, 2023 was the year of commission confusion
Sitzer | Burnett and its verdict cast a long shadow that will extend into 2024 and potentially shake up the real estate industry. But it wasn't the only lawsuit with commissions in the crosshairs
by Andrea V. Brambila Dec 28
Bess Freedman says agents must 'be present' to succeed in 2024
Ahead of Inman Connect New York in January, the Brown Harris Stevens CEO shared with Inman her tips for navigating challenging economic terrain and what she's looking forward to at ICNY
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 19
New York's largest MLS grows to nearly 50K agents with acquisition
OneKey MLS's purchase of broker-owned Mid-Hudson MLS is expected to close in January. OneKey says it will provide more data and reach to agents while saving time and money
by Andrea V. Brambila Dec 13
California homeseller who paid $50K in commissions files lawsuit
Christina Grace, a California resident who sold her home in Marin County, filed suit Friday against NAR, Compass and Keller Williams, among others, claiming she paid $50K in commissions
by Andrea V. Brambila Dec 12
NAR opens application window for REACH tech accelerator
The National Association of Realtors' for-profit venture capital arm, Second Century Ventures, runs the program. Applications are due by Jan. 31
Commission suits hit Realtors, brokerages in Florida, Pennsylvania
In separate lawsuits, homesellers allege the defendants — including Florida Realtors and West Penn MLS — conspired to enforce rules that inflated commissions on the sale of their homes
Facade Flags Justice Department Building Washington DC
A 3-judge panel for the Washington DC circuit seemed inclined to let the agency resume its probe into the National Association of Realtors' cooperative compensation and pocket listing rules
NAR argues against setting trial date in Moehrl commission suit
The trade group's attorney says NAR is 'still analyzing' the consequences of the Sitzer | Burnett verdict. Judge Andrea R. Wood says Moehrl is a 'different case' that will likely go to trial in Q4 2024
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 29
Mortgage rates overtake inventory as biggest worry for agents: Triple-I
After exceeding 8% in October, rising mortgage rates overtook 'lack of housing inventory' as the top concern for real estate agents, according to the latest monthly Inman Intel Index results.
by Chris LeBarton Nov 21
NAR directors confront power shift as executive committee steps up
At a Friday board meeting, a member of NAR's board of directors predicted 'less authority' in 2024 as the embattled trade group's growing Executive Committee shoulders more responsibility
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 20
Sitzer | Burnett defendants bulk up lawyer bench to prep for appeal
The National Association of Realtors and Keller Williams have hired former US solicitors general to help them beat back the multibillion-dollar verdict
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 17
NAR won't use lobbying chops for 'legislative fix' to commission suits
At a forum for reps of 50 large brokerage firms, The Realty Alliance CEO Craig Cheatham asked why the nearly 1.6M-member trade group can't use its political influence for an 'existential threat'
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 16
NAR: 'We have many grounds' to appeal the Sitzer | Burnett verdict
The National Association of Realtors laid out its arguments to overturn the ruling Tuesday. The plaintiffs' attorney said if the trade group doesn't change, it risks an injunction and DOJ wrath
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 15
NAR will argue for 'complete reversal' of Sitzer | Burnett verdict
The National Association of Realtors' legal team on Monday blamed the ruling on the judge. The plaintiffs' attorney, meanwhile, said NAR hadn't 'learned anything' from its 'resounding defeat'
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 14
South Carolina homesellers latest in line to sue NAR, Keller Williams
A new commission lawsuit filed Monday seeking class-action status alleges sellers encountered 'illogical, harmful, irrational and anticompetitive effects' of NAR's cooperative compensation rule
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 10
New commission lawsuit targets REBNY and 26 companies in NYC
Homeseller Monty March filed suit in the Southern District of New York Wednesday, alleging REBNY rules in Manhattan kept commissions high and violated state and federal antitrust laws
by Taylor Anderson Nov 10
Donna Gland, longtime NAR HR Chief, set to retire after 38 years
Some NAR staffers and members had called for Gland's resignation, alleging she allowed a toxic work environment to flourish unchecked while protecting wrongdoing at the top
Mother of all commission suits filed in Illinois, this time by homebuyers
'Batton 2,' exponentially larger in scope than Sitzer | Burnett and the Moehrl commission suits, was filed last week in Illinois and takes aim at many of the defendants in another suit called Gibson
Sitzer | Burnett plaintiffs' attorneys in talks with Department of Justice
Disrupting the National Association of Realtors' use of multiple listing services as a 'vehicle for higher commissions' is at the center of talks, lawyer Michael Ketchmark told Inman exclusively
Sitzer | Burnett closing arguments wrap as judgment day approaches
In a final push on Monday, attorneys for real estate franchisors and the National Association of Realtors argued that homesellers in the case failed to prove a conspiracy to inflate commissions
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 31
Sitzer | Burnett judge refuses defendants' request for mistrial
HomeServices of America attorneys filed a motion Wednesday requesting a mistrial in the Sitzer | Burnett trial, saying a video submitted a day earlier jeopardizes its chances for a fair trial
Full court press: What to know as the Sitzer | Burnett trial unfolds
The allegations, the high-profile witnesses slated to testify and all the evidence the jury will and won't see — it's all here as the long-awaited Sitzer | Burnett commission trial unfolds this week
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 16
A reverse arrow on a street
An attorney for the Sitzer/Burnett homeseller plaintiffs calls the change a 'stunning admission of guilt' on the eve of a class-action trial set to start Oct. 16
MLS commission settlement in jeopardy amid new DOJ 'concerns'
The Department of Justice's antitrust division on Thursday requested a 2-month deadline extension to review a proposed deal between homesellers and MLS PIN, a broker-owned multiple listing service
Canada flag Canadian flag
A federal judge struck down charges that defendants conspired to 'fix,' 'maintain' and 'increase' prices for buyer brokerage services, but allowed claims they sought to 'control' prices to proceed
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 29
Volunteer leaders, Parcell included, focus of leaked 2022 NAR memo
Coupled with findings of an internal investigation made public this month, the memo addressed to Donna Gland reveals NAR was aware of a 'hostile, toxic work environment' as early as March 2022
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 27
Mutiny inside NAR as staffers call for resignations of top executives
Employees of the trade group demanded the departures of NAR CEO Bob Goldberg, President Tracy Kasper, Chief Legal Officer Katie Johnson and head of HR Donna Gland on Monday
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 19
RE/MAX settles bombshell commission lawsuits for $55M
The deal resolves claims in both the Sitzer and Moehrl antitrust cases. The franchisor agreed to change its business practices, including 'no longer forcing homesellers to pay buyer’s agents'
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 18
MLS PIN settlement approved after overcoming judge's qualms
Judge Patti Saris preliminarily approved the deal after settlement fund restructuring. The case could provide a sneak peek at broader changes pending bombshell commission suit outcomes
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 14
Anywhere settles bombshell Sitzer and Moehrl commission lawsuits
The company agreed to resolve the claims against it for $83.5M. Exact terms will be revealed when the plaintiffs ask the court to approve the deal, but an attorney for the plaintiffs says the franchisor is the first of the defendants to agree to 'change its practices'
'Insulting at minimum': Realtors strike back as NAR holds the line
Realtors are cancelling memberships, hounding local boards and organizing petition drives days after NAR resisted calls Thursday to censure Bob Goldberg for his handling of misconduct claims wins NAR Pitch Battle
Joseph Wihbey,'s COO and head of product, took a different approach than everyone else in his pitch: he simulated a phone call with a potential client to show what the tool can do
Agents: Kenny Parcell's resignation is the 'beginning' of fixing NAR
Agents and industry leaders said National Association of Realtors President Kenny Parcell's resignation is the first step in making the organization safer for female employees and members
NAR harassment, retaliation and evasion revealed in Times exposé
In interviews with 29 current and former NAR employees and leaders, including 19 who said they endured sexual harassment on the job, The New York Times described wrongdoing running not only through the trade organization but the subsidiaries and boards its executives currently sit on
NAR seeks to suppress DOJ probe from jury as commission trial nears
The National Association of Realtors filed 4 requests in the US District Court in Western Missouri on Thursday involving commission rule changes, government investigations and discrimination
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 25
Majority of Realtor associations tap late fees to boost bottom line: NAR
Most local associations maintain fewer than 2 years of reserves and draw on late fees as the most common source of non-dues revenue, according to NAR's inaugural Association Profile
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 25
Court rules Zillow falsely labeled REX listings as case heads to trial
Despite the ruling, Zillow said it looks forward to presenting its case to a jury and is 'confident that the evidence will show that REX’s business failed for reasons unrelated to Zillow'
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 22
REX antitrust claims against NAR and Zillow dismissed with prejudice
Judge Thomas Zilly on Wednesday tossed antitrust claims against NAR and Zillow, saying REX had failed to prove the parties had agreed to work together to disadvantage non-MLS listings on Zillow
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 16
'It's well past time': DOJ urges court to overturn NAR commission ruling
The antitrust enforcer argued NAR's pocket listing and commission rules need 'to be assessed on their merits' on whether they cost American homebuyers billions of dollars a year
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 15
Judge balks at 'unusual' MLS settlement in commission case
Judge Patti Saris, of the US District Court in Massachusetts, said she 'loved' the commission rule changes the deal includes, but didn't think the litigation fund was fair for plaintiffs
The commission suits are headed to trial. What happens after that?
At Inman CEO Connect, Russ Cofano, James Dwiggins and Greg Robertson debated the changes that agents and brokers may see as a result of homeseller lawsuits and government interference
4 ways to improve real estate as bombshell commission suits sizzle
At Inman Connect Las Vegas, real estate broker and attorney Kendall Bonner urged the industry to be proactive instead of waiting to be legally 'bullied' into change
HomeServices appeal dismissed as court eyes October for Sitzer trial
The ruling against HomeServices of America in federal court on Wednesday sets the stage for a likely Oct. 16 start for the first of 2 highly anticipated bombshell commission trials later this year
New SDAR CEO taking embezzlement suit 'seriously'
Cory Shepard took the reins at the San Diego Association of Realtors last week after now-former CEO Michael Mercurio was accused of stealing over $1M in association funds, the complaint reads
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 1
Chamber of Commerce goes to bat for NAR in face of 'unfair' DOJ probe
In a 'friend of the court' brief, the Chamber said the government should have to keep its promise to not investigate the National Association of Realtors' commission and pocket listing policies
Fed sending US into a 'category 5 hurricane,' Barry Sternlicht says
Starwood Capital Group Chairman and billionaire real estate investor Barry Sternlicht claims Fed inaction has all but ensured a recession is on the way. 'Nobody wants to sell anything today'
by Taylor Anderson Jul 28
'Alarming': NAR slams DOJ effort to resume commission investigation
In a new brief, NAR claims the DOJ's argument for resuming its probe would 'destabilize the law.' The agency has sought to overturn an earlier ruling that quashed a request for more information
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 26
Bright MLS breaks with NAR policy on commissions
Starting Aug. 9, the nation's 2nd-largest MLS will allow listing brokers to offer buyer brokers nothing in compensation, according to an announcement from Bright
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 20
'TenDashFive' Instagram account declares war on agent hate speech
The real estate broker behind the provocative new account spoke to Inman on the condition of anonymity about his campaign to pressure NAR to enforce its own anti-hate speech policies
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 14
Real estate agents tallied double-digit sales volume gains in 2022
Despite inventory hitting a 23-year low, the average Realtor ended last year on a solid note, according to the National Association of Realtors’ latest Member Profile survey, released Tuesday
by Marian McPherson Jul 12
Gary Keller at Keller Williams KW Family Reunion 2019
The Sitzer/Burnett antitrust case is set to begin Oct. 16 but could be moved to February. The court denied the franchisor's request to change the date because it conflicts with KW's Family Reunion
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 11
'Marginal agents' with fewer sales now claim quarter of commissions
Agents with 5 or fewer sales a year took in an estimated 25-30% of all commission income in 3 disparate markets, according to an analysis of MLS data by the Consumer Federation of America
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 10
US home prices projected to grow 'convincingly' in 2024: Economist
Existing-home sales are expected to tumble to a 12-year low by the end of 2023, but they won't stay that way for long, Chief Economist Danielle Hale predicted on Wednesday
by Taylor Anderson Jul 6
MLS turns back on franchisors after settling commission case for $3M
Homesellers plan to use funds from MLS PIN, the largest multiple listing service in New England, to continue antitrust litigation against Anywhere, Keller Williams, RE/MAX and HomeServices
2 Tampa Realtors directors resign amid ethics probe of president
Greater Tampa Realtors informed 15,000-plus members Tuesday that its president, Jay Quigley, had represented its CEO in a home purchase but wouldn't reveal the outcome of its investigation
by Andrea V. Brambila Jun 29
Scenic View Of Mountain Range Against Blue Sky
New Mexico MLS — a statewide MLS with 1,150 agent, broker and appraiser subscribers — will likely launch Aligned Showings in either Q4 2023 or Q1 2024, according to MLS Aligned
by Andrea V. Brambila Jun 27
NAR kicks off nationwide search for 'diverse' CEO candidates
Applications to become the 1.5M-member trade group's 13th chief executive will be accepted through July 31, the National Association of Realtors announced
by Andrea V. Brambila Jun 27
Miami Realtors sweetens tech recipe with
Agents who use the new system can rapidly generate social media content, marketing visuals, property descriptions and other assets to boost market attention
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 20
Missing middle: Home shortage for middle-income buyers hits 320K
The US needs to not just build more new homes, but build more new homes that are affordable to most people, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors and
DOJ: NAR commission and pocket listing investigation should resume
The US Department of Justice wants 'to resume its consequential investigation of conduct that affects over $100 billion in broker fees paid by Americans annually,' according to an appeal
David Doctorow steps down as CEO of parent Move, Inc.
Doctorow oversaw the company as its revenues and site traffic rose to record highs, the company said. But as with the rest of the industry, Move has shown signs of a slowdown.
by Taylor Anderson Jun 1