LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance launches anti-LGBTQ bill tracker
The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance launched an anti-LGBTQ bill tracker on Thursday as part of the Alliance's plan to make NAR and its lobbying arm, RPAC, stop funding anti-LGBTQ legislators
by Marian McPherson Mar 14
As spring nears, real estate agents are reconsidering paid leads: Intel
Two months of Inman Intel Index survey data shows waning confidence in real-world business-building activities but growing interest in buying leads on the internet
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 14
OJO acquires The LEAD Syndicate, rebrands around Movoto
The acquisition will help OJO launch Lever by Movoto, which the company describes as an all-in-one technology platform for individual agents
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 12
Curbio faces lawsuits, complaints from agents amid rapid growth
Some Realtors and the attorney general in Washington, D.C., have come forward with criticism of Curbio. Executives say the complaints represent a tiny fraction of the thousands it has helped
by Taylor Anderson Mar 7
Brick Underground saved from folding by last-minute buyer
The New York City-based real estate news site, a resource for buyers, sellers and renters, briefly ceased publication last week before announcing Monday it had been acquired
by Taylor Anderson Mar 5
Doss debuts 'accelerator' program to waive franchise fees
Twenty participants in the new program will not have to pay Doss' normal $15,000 franchise fee, though they will have to commit to growing their businesses
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 4
Rent is falling fastest in markets that added the most new supply
Rent is now 0.7% lower for one-bedroom rentals nationwide than it was a year ago, but some markets are still seeing significant increases, new report shows
by Taylor Anderson Feb 27
Judge rules proposed Chicago transfer tax hike is invalid
Advocates had hoped to quadruple the tax buyers pay on residential and commercial real estate purchases if voters approved the measure next month
by Taylor Anderson Feb 23
Utah homeseller files commission lawsuit against NAR, 13 others
The complaint — one of nearly two dozen targeting real estate's commission-sharing structure — alleges 'most' buyer agents will steer clients away from listings that offer lower commission
by Taylor Anderson Feb 12
NYC real estate news site Brick Underground to close unless sold
The site started as an objective resource for renters and buyers moving to or living in New York City. Staff holds out hope for a sale this month
by Taylor Anderson Feb 8
AI will be huge, is like 'having a summer intern'
OpenAI's Adam Goldberg argued at Inman Connect New York that the most important skill for using AI effectively is 'clarity of thought'
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 29
In mortgage and finance, high rates are 'a little bit of a blessing'
Wednesday's panel at ICNY 2024 says a high interest rate environment will continue driving innovation in the mortgage and finance sector
by Taylor Anderson Jan 24
Brokers need to see silver linings and lead through down times
'Every challenge presents a silver lining. You just have to be willing to look at it right,' ERA President Alex Vidal said on stage at ICNY on Tuesday
by Taylor Anderson Jan 23
For a better buying experience, agents should look to Warby Parker
Consumers today are accustomed to connecting with products they buy before ever stepping outside of the house
by Taylor Anderson Jan 23
Too much too soon? AI is now 'nearly ubiquitous' in real estate
As many as 80% of agents are using AI to do things like write listing descriptions, but real estate leaders also have concerns about 'guardrails' for the tech
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 18
Homebuyers are now paying $400 less per month than in October
After rates fell from October highs, homebuyers with a new mortgage are paying about $400 less each month. Still, there's no buying spree — yet
by Taylor Anderson Jan 4
More agents than ever earn business from networking and SOI
From cold calling and radio shows to painting classes, agent efforts to grow sphere of influence aren't one-size-fits-all
by Chris LeBarton Dec 29
How well do you remember 2023's biggest real estate stories?
Scandals, lawsuits, technology and more dominated the headlines in what turned out to be one of real estate's most eventful years in recent memory
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 29
Azibo, Fello, Cloze among Inman's best-reviewed proptech of 2023
AI fueled the biggest trends in proptech this year, but so did efforts to put the consumer first, tech critic Craig Rowe writes. Check out the dozens of products that received his highest praise in 2023
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 28
New data shows much of the US has entered the ‘renter’s market’
The Sun Belt leads the ongoing drop in rent declines, and the price of rent is now lower than a year ago in 50 of the top 100 markets Zumper tracks
by Taylor Anderson Nov 28
How to invest in real estate with tax-sheltered accounts
Many investors flock to real estate for the inherent tax advantages it can provide. But what if you want even more? 
by G. Brian Davis Nov 14
Get ready to play landlord with the latest version of The Sims
Players can experience what it's like to manage rentals in a real city, with tenants who harass each other, miss rent and commit crime
by Taylor Anderson Nov 7
Buffett, Munger foresee 'hollowed out' downtowns as offices empty
Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger see distress in commercial real estate, which could spell trouble for lenders and opportunity for investors. ‘The buildings don’t go away,’ Buffett said
by Taylor Anderson Oct 24
NAR to shed 1M members if shared commission banned, analysts say
A report released Oct. 4 by the investment banking firm Keefe, Bruyette & Woods forecasts commissions to decline by at least 30% as a result of ongoing threats to the real estate industry
by Taylor Anderson Oct 16
CoStar lawsuit accuses Homesnap founder of stealing trade secrets
The commercial real estate giant is seeking to stop Homesnap founder Guy Wolcott from marketing a new data-transfer platform, which CoStar alleges is 'a copycat' of its own tech
by Daniel Houston Oct 2
Homes are no longer affordable for the average American, report says
Home prices could be reaching a breaking point, new report says, as housing affordability drops to lowest level since 2007. The median price of homes and condos is a record $351,250
by Taylor Anderson Sep 29
'Cash Flow King' took millions in Ponzi scheme, according to SEC
‘Nearly everything about his scheme was a lie,’ the SEC says in new charges against the investor, who raised money to buy homes in northern Ohio
by Taylor Anderson Sep 27
Record share of homebuyers flee into the path of climate change
People are concerned about the changing climate's impact on their hometowns, but they're more concerned about a lack of housing affordability, according to a new report from Redfin
by Taylor Anderson Sep 27
Investors coalesce around #Retwit as Re-convene returns to California
As Re-convene returns to Santa Monica this week, investors nationwide will be following along on Twitter, where an enthusiastic community of investors has leaned into social media in a big way
by Taylor Anderson Sep 26
'Rich Dad' predicts an Airbnb-led 'market crash.' Fanboys rejoice
Robert Kiyosaki's social media post was the latest viral prediction about the short-term rental giant. Will this be the one that comes true, or is it another hoax?
by Taylor Anderson Sep 15
Home values fell in 21 of the 50 largest US metros in August: Zillow
Home values are now 11.4% lower in Austin, Texas, than they were in Aug. 2022, Zillow said. Nationally, prices were up slightly from July to August, and there was a small inventory uptick
by Taylor Anderson Sep 13
Rent remains near record highs, but the balance of power is shifting
At $2,052, the median monthly rent remains near its all-time high. But builders are wrapping up construction on thousands of new units, and rents could start falling soon
by Taylor Anderson Sep 12
Hidden risks: What upcoming shifts are investors ignoring?
Real estate investors now know about the risks posed by interest rates. But what is the threat they'll be facing in a year or 2? G. Brian Davis breaks it all down
by G. Brian Davis Sep 12
Chicago property owner amasses $15M in fines for 'rat harborage'
Suburban landowner Suzie B. Wilson has acquired hundreds of largely vacant properties in the city's south and west sides while garnering thousands of tickets worth millions of dollars
by Taylor Anderson Sep 11
New suit alleges Yardi rent-setting software violates antitrust law
A lawsuit filed by a renter in Seattle accuses property management software firm and major landlords of violating antitrust statutes through a product used to set rental rates
by Taylor Anderson Sep 8
Morgan Stanley exec tapped to run single-family rental firm
Jonathan Pruzan, once thought to be a front-runner for CEO of Morgan Stanley, has been selected to run Pretium, a firm that owns tens of thousands of single-family rental homes
by Taylor Anderson Sep 7
How much is your home worth on Airbnb? can tell you
New tool comes as more homeowners look for ways to offset high housing costs, and as Airbnb looks to add more supply to keep prices down
by Taylor Anderson Sep 7
New York City's strict short-term rental law goes into effect
New York City's law limiting short-term rentals went into effect on Tuesday. To offer stays of less than 30 days, NYC hosts must stay in the unit with their guests
by Marian McPherson Sep 5
Investor activity keeps slowing down from pandemic-era highs
Phoenix, Las Vegas and other Sunbelt metro areas saw the biggest slowdowns in investor activity as high rates and low demand cooled activity nationwide, according to reports
by Taylor Anderson Aug 31
'$100K jail cell': Social media drags price point of Texas tiny homes
Is this mini-floorplan a sign of 'shrinkflation' in housing? This month, the internet weighed in on Lennar's idea of affordability at a tiny-home community in San Antonio
by Daniel Houston Aug 31
Mystery solved: The Silicon Valley entity behind Flannery Associates
Over the past 6 years, a mysterious entity known only as Flannery Associates quietly scooped up nearly $900M in farmland outside the Bay Area. Now investors behind the plan have been revealed
by Taylor Anderson Aug 30
Tens of thousands of Airbnb listings will be outlawed in NYC next week
Local Law 18, which requires short-term rental owners to register with the city, could siphon tens of millions of dollars in revenue from Airbnb when it goes into effect on Sept. 5 in New York City
by Taylor Anderson Aug 29
DelPrete: Why real estate tech platforms can't quit the agent
The last mile of lead generation, where an agent connects with a client, is what tech can't recreate on its own, Mike DelPrete argues
by Mike DelPrete Aug 29
Share of first-time homebuyers hits highest level since 2010: Zillow
Unburdened by rate lock, the share of first-time homebuyers rose to 50% this year, according to a new report from Zillow. That's the highest share since 2010
by Taylor Anderson Aug 23
Redfin’s return to office shows unique stress for US office market
Experts expect US companies to adjust remote work policies in the coming 6-12 months as office market suffers. 'Our cultures are different around work-life balance,' said CBRE's Julie Whelan
by Taylor Anderson Aug 22
Here are the top 5 tips for landlords to retain their best renters
Happy tenants increase the chances they'll renew their leases while keeping investment properties occupied and cash flowing. Here's how to do it
by Vikas Gupta Aug 22
Real estate influencers allegedly scammed investors out of millions
A Florida-based couple running a real estate coaching and investment company is operating a scam that’s defrauding rookie investors, according to a handful of lawsuits filed in federal court
by Taylor Anderson Aug 21
Kmart down to 2 locations, including 1 in haughty Hamptons
The town of Bridgehampton, where the median home price is $3.8M, is home to 1 of just 3 remaining Kmarts. Soon it will be 1 of 2, according to reports
by Taylor Anderson Aug 18
Real estate investors believe the worst may be in the rear view
The outlook is mixed, but 'it does look like prices may have bottomed out and are on their way back up,' said CJ Patrick Company CEO Rick Sharga
by Taylor Anderson Aug 15
Better 1 step closer to long-delayed IPO with approval of SPAC merger
Shareholders on Friday overwhelmingly approved a plan to merge mortgage lender Better HoldCo with the Aurora Acquisition Corporation. The deal is expected to close before the end of August
by Taylor Anderson Aug 14
Roofstock founder: 'Take the long view' on single-family rentals
'We’re encouraging people to think beyond this point of the interest rate cycle,' Roofstock CEO Gary Beasley said at Inman Connect Las Vegas on Wednesday
by Taylor Anderson Aug 10
RentSpree CEO talks about moving out of LA over high home prices
'I want our industry to look more at the rental market not as something that's completely separate and distinct from the homebuying market,' Michael Lucarelli said at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Taylor Anderson Aug 10
4 outside-the-box uses of AI that could change real estate
Everyone's talking about chatbots. But 3 experts at Inman Connect Las Vegas explored AI's other cutting-edge applications for agents during a panel on Wednesday
by Daniel Houston Aug 10 CEO: 'Zillow took that crown off us — and I want it back'
During Inman Connect on Tuesday, Damian Eales,'s newly installed CEO, revealed the marching orders he's received from Rupert Murdoch as he aim to scale the top of the portal game
by Daniel Houston Aug 8
NYC tops list of most expensive rental markets, ousting San Jose
New York City topped San Jose as the most expensive rental market in the country, the first time the Big Apple has topped the list since Zillow began tracking the data in 2015
by Taylor Anderson Aug 8
Are real estate markets cratering? If so, where should you invest?
To read the headlines over the last year, the sky caved in on real estate markets across the country. But does the data support the narrative that home prices actually collapsed
by G. Brian Davis Aug 8
5 commandments of crowdfunding for beginning real estate investors
Crowdfunding disperses risk among a huge pool of real estate investors, and offers the possibility of unusually high returns, Clever Real Estate executive and Inman contributor Luke Babich writes
by Luke Babich Aug 8
Airbnb profit jumps 72% as more homes are rented out short term
Revenue for the company grew to $2.5B in Q2 buoyed by a growth in demand that was surpassed by a growth in supply, according to an earnings report released on Thursday
by Taylor Anderson Aug 3
Vrbo bookings suffer in Q2 as more travelers opt for hotels in 2023
The popular vacation-rental platform dragged down the results of its parent company Expedia Group in the second quarter of the year, according to an earnings call Thursday
by Daniel Houston Aug 3
Even CoStar doesn't think it will unseat Zillow, DelPrete argues
For all its bluster, CoStar Group likely doesn't think it can overthrow Zillow to become real estate's top portal, Mike DelPrete tells Intel. Here's what the commercial real estate giant is really after
by Daniel Houston Aug 2
Fractional investing platform CEO out after investors lose $63M
CrowdStreet CEO Tore Steen ousted after $63M of investor money went missing in a deal that a fiduciary said had ‘plenty of red flags that are indicators of fraud,’ according to reports
by Taylor Anderson Aug 1
Zillow, join Biden's war on rental housing fees
Zillow, and agree to join the fight in a continuation of a war on rental fees the Biden administration announced in March
by Taylor Anderson Jul 19
AppFolio exec: AI is about 'activity elimination,' not axing human jobs
Rather than being replaced by artificial intelligence, the agent of the future will have fewer rote tasks to perform, Cat Allday, AppFolio's vice president of AI and product operations, tells Intel
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 12
Apartment-building boom is finally making things better for renters
Builders are adding more supply than at any point in the past 5 decades, with another million units on the way in the coming few years, according to a new report from RealPage
by Taylor Anderson Jul 11
How 1 real estate investor beats the banks amid rising interest rates
Brad Smotherman bought 28 homes last month without traditional financing. He plans to double his business by the end of 2024. The Tennessee real estate investor told Inman how he does it
by Taylor Anderson Jun 6, home of ChatGPT, approaches 1B monthly visitors
Web activity grew by 54% in March 2023, easily the greatest increase of all top-ranking websites worldwide, according to Veza Digital
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 5
Investment activity tallies record fall as purchases tumble 49% in Q1
Overall home purchases dropped 41%, suggesting investors have pulled back from the market more than consumers during a period of high rates and volatile home prices, according to Redfin
by Taylor Anderson Jun 1
Heading into summer, Airbnb is going head-to-head with the hotels
With a busy travel season in sight, Airbnb is grappling with a paradox that might prove critical to its long-term success: offering an affordable alternative to travelers while remaining viable to hosts
by Taylor Anderson May 30
Mike DelPrete: Zillow and Redfin's AI tools aren't that big a deal — yet
In an interview with Intel, tech strategist Mike DelPrete laid out how artificial intelligence might change the industry — including real estate search portals — and why we're not quite there yet
by Daniel Houston May 24
Rent peaked where it matters most. Here's what happens next
Federal inflation data showed rent inflation dropped in April, about a year after rent growth rapidly slowed. Three economists explain why it took so long for that to happen and what it all means
by Taylor Anderson May 23
Offices are in trouble. Can turning them into housing save downtown?
Office-to-residential conversions are on the upswing as remote work destabilizes commercial real estate nationwide. 'Everything is on the table,' affordable housing advocate Janan New told Inman
by Taylor Anderson May 16
Built by 3 MLSs, search portal Nestfully should have considered a 4th: Tech Review
The goal isn’t to get '500 million people to come to the site' - Nestfully
by Craig C. Rowe May 12
Newport Beach officially calls Pacaso a dirty word: 'Timeshare'
The California coastal town of 85,000 voted unanimously to relegate co-owned homes — like those sold by Pacaso and Ember — to areas that typically don't have luxury homes in them
by Taylor Anderson May 11
Airbnb posts first profitable Q1 as revenue climbs to $1.8B
The short-term rental platform has doubled in size since the start of the pandemic as the number of rentable homes increased by 18% from last year, according to earnings data released Tuesday
by Taylor Anderson May 9
What can landlords look for when screening tenants for a rental?
An ineffective screening process can fail to block a potential threat to an investment property, experts told Inman. Here's a few more screening tips landlords might want to consider
by Taylor Anderson May 9
Rent should stop driving inflation soon, Zillow says
Zillow reported rent grew by just 0.6% in April as an ongoing slowdown in rent growth continued after peaking last year
by Taylor Anderson May 5
Vrbo parent Expedia Group posts Q1 revenue gains as losses widen
Despite reporting its highest-ever first-quarter revenue, Vrbo parent Expedia Group reported losing $145M in the first 3 months of the year, according to an earnings call on Thursday afternoon
by Taylor Anderson May 4
Market slowdown is 'chipping away' at homeowner wealth: Attom
The share of homes that were worth at least 50% more than their mortgage fell for the second straight quarter. Still, a few homes are facing foreclosure, according to the latest report
by Taylor Anderson May 4
What’s the worst part about being a landlord? Zillow found out
More people are becoming landlords. From making repairs to finding reliable tenants, here's what they had to say about maintaining a rental
by Taylor Anderson May 2
What should landlords do — or not do — when tenants are late on rent?
Should investment property owners be lenient with overdue rent payments? When should landlords start the eviction process? Experts share tips on how to deal with delinquent tenants
by Taylor Anderson May 2
Can you spot the bot?
Inman asked chatbots and image generators to mimic human-made content, much of it from Inman's news coverage earlier this week. How many readers can see the difference?
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 28
CEOs of the nation’s largest MLSs converge to shore up rental market
Formed by RentSpree, the 'Rental Industry Leadership Board' includes heads of the California Regional MLS, Bright, Beaches and more amid a continued push for Realtors to focus on rentals
by Taylor Anderson Apr 27
CoStar Group bucks sluggish market as revenue jumps 13% in Q1
The company, which in recent years has been making inroads into the residential space, reported that both and saw significant growth in the first quarter of 2023
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 25
Redfin calls employees back to the office part-time: ‘No exceptions’
‘Some people will quit over this decision,’ Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman told employees on Monday in an internal memo. ‘No one can say we haven’t made it deliberately.’
by Taylor Anderson Apr 25
These are the highest-grossing short-term rental markets of 2023
Using Airbnb's search categories and data around average daily rates, AirDNA has compiled a report showing the highest potential earning markets for short-term rental investors
by Taylor Anderson Apr 25
How does a good return on real estate compare with other assets?
SparkRental co-founder G. Brian Davis offers his guidance on real estate investing, compared to riskier investments in stocks, bonds and crypto: Do it right and you can earn enormous returns
by G. Brian Davis Apr 25
LandOnEarth integrates ChatGPT to match buyers with lifestyles
The integration intends to enhance the accuracy of its HomeMatch algorithm, which is driven by a series of user prompts instead of the traditional 'filter-and-find' methodology, the company says
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 24
Here's every AI platform real estate agents need to know about in 2023
Tools such as ChatGPT and DALL-E have opened the artificial intelligence floodgates and promise to permanently transform the way agents operate. But there's so much more to explore
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 24
Nearly 1 in 7 homes sold in March went for less than investors paid
Investor profits are falling, and the number of investors losing money reached the highest point since 2016, according to a new report from Redfin
by Taylor Anderson Apr 21
Livabl portal aims to build up new construction market
Zonda has released a front-end system for finding new-construction homes called Livabl, 'to strengthen our partnerships with builders throughout North America,' Livabl says
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 21
21 apps to accelerate your brokerage tech stack
Inman assembled a list of technology companies for customizing a tech-stack, specific to those brokers who look for flexibility, best-of-breed options and quicker roll-out
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 20
We asked a property manager how she used AI. Then we asked a bot
Strategic marketing consultant Chrissie Rivers shared 5 reasons property managers might use artificial intelligence to help manage properties. Then we asked ChatGPT for management advice
by Taylor Anderson Apr 18
This company said it could help flippers make money. Most didn't.
Lawsuit says hundreds of real estate investors lost tens of thousands of dollars due to practices by the company, Build Realty. A judge ruled the case can move forward as a class action
by Taylor Anderson Apr 17
Engel & Völkers Americas partners with Constellation1 on websites
The partnership will allow the brokerage to create refined websites that are high-performing and data-rich and include customizations specific to the Engel & Völkers platform
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 17
Take Inman Intel's inaugural real estate technology survey here
How much do you spend on tech? Did you build it in-house? Was it expensive? Inman wants to know how industry leaders are navigating the ever-changing technology landscape in 2023
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 17