RealPage hit with second class-action suit alleging rent price fixing
Tenants in Florida claim the company oversaw a 'cartel' that unfairly drove up the cost of rent in markets across the Sunshine State. The claim comes on the heels of a similar suit in California
by Taylor Anderson Jan 23
In reversal from 2021, it costs more to buy than rent in 95% of US
Last year, it was more expensive to rent than own. High home prices and mortgage rates that doubled in 2022 flipped that, according to a new report from property data firm Attom.
by Taylor Anderson Jan 18
One bright spot for rentals? Student housing, at least for now
The next few years appear to be ‘in solid shape’ for off-campus student housing, as students flock back to campus and send the demand upward, according to a new report
by Taylor Anderson Jan 17
Opendoor in 2023: The iBuying king and a business model in turmoil
Opendoor faces a fight for survival after ‘an abrupt strategy pivot’ sent it to 2023 ‘without a proven business model.’ See the 5 biggest challenges facing the king of a troubled business model
by Taylor Anderson Jan 17
Mansion dubbed ‘The Invisible House’ hits market for $18M
Chris and Roberta Hanley designed a 5,500-square-foot home with mirrored glass to reflect the surrounding 70 acres of desert landscape near Joshua Tree National Park
by Taylor Anderson Jan 13
Rent growth slows to smallest rate since July 2021
While the 4.8% growth was still above historical norms, it’s the smallest increase since June 2021. Median asking rent in the nation’s 50 largest markets climbed to $1,979 last month
by Taylor Anderson Jan 12
Foreclosure activity doubled in 2022 but remains historically low
While the nation continues moving away from the pandemic-era lows, it's doing so very slowly and well below rates seen during the Great Recession
by Taylor Anderson Jan 11
Hines taps new CEOs for regions across North and South America
Steve Luthman picked to lead Midwest, Southeast and Canada regions; and Syl Apps will head the South America region, the company announced on Wednesday
by Taylor Anderson Jan 11
Demand for apartments turns negative for first time since 2009
A slowdown in new leases paired with higher inventory is expected to hike vacancies and put pressure on rents. ‘The balance of power in the rental market is rapidly shifting to renters’ 
by Taylor Anderson Jan 10
The 'Great Reshuffling' didn't come to a halt in 2022, new data shows
The number of moves slowed slightly from a record year in 2021 but remained at elevated levels nationwide, according to new data from the US Census Bureau backed by internal metrics from U-Haul
by Taylor Anderson Jan 5
Real estate investing in 2022: Where is the roller coaster headed?
‘It’s like that roller coaster where it’s going up and up and up and up. You don’t know what’s going to happen when you get to the top.’ Many investors had a pleasant ride in 2022. But the ride might come to an end.
by Taylor Anderson Dec 27
Single-family rent declines for sixth-consecutive month in October
Year-over-year rent growth dropped to the lowest level June 2021, but remained 3 times higher than the historical average before the onset of COVID-19, according to data Tuesday by CoreLogic
by Taylor Anderson Dec 20
Rent keeps falling. Here are the cities where it’s falling fastest
14 major metro areas reported year-over-year declines in the median cost to rent an apartment, according to Redfin. It's only the latest sign of widespread slowdown in rent
by Taylor Anderson Dec 13
The pandemic party for short-term rental investors is ending
It may not be an ‘Airbnbust,’ but homeowners who rent their properties on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo stand to see occupancy rates fall and revenue slow in 2023, according to AirDNA
by Taylor Anderson Dec 13
The Real Brokerage names Sharran Srivatsaa as new president
The company said serial real estate entrepreneur Sharran Srivatsaa would help guide it as it continues expanding to new markets
by Taylor Anderson Dec 12
As investors eye deals on rentals, Lennar offers thousands of homes
The nation’s second-biggest homebuilder is marketing thousands of homes at a time when investors are looking for deals on rental properties, according to a new report
by Taylor Anderson Dec 12
New York City seeks to tighten control over Airbnbs
New rules would require homeowners and tenants who offer short-term rentals to register units with the city. Airbnb and hosts call the requirements overly restrictive
by Taylor Anderson Dec 6
Slowdown in apartment rent expected to continue, CoStar says
Rent dropped for a fourth straight month in November, with all but 6 of the nation's top 40 markets reporting flat or declining month-over-month rent
by Taylor Anderson Dec 5
Opendoor CEO and president out as iBuyer shakes up executive team
Weeks after it reported losing nearly $1B in Q3, leading iBuying company shook things up as founder Eric Wu was replaced as CEO by CFO Carrie Wheeler, and the president has resigned
by Taylor Anderson Dec 1
Airbnb partners with building owners to let renters act as hosts
Tenants can become short-term rental hosts for as much as half of the year under a new approach that connects renters with buildings that allow Airbnbs
by Taylor Anderson Nov 30
71% of consumers expect personalized service. Here's how to deliver
Real estate marketing needs to be as personalized as possible for agents to best prepare for the market ahead, and its eventual rebound
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 30
It now costs $888 more to buy a home than to rent one: Report
The gap between buying a home and renting one has widened since 2020, 'The Wall Street Journal' reports. It now costs $3,058 a month to buy an entry-level home
by Taylor Anderson Nov 29
How rising interest rates affect cap rates and rental returns
Rents don’t historically fall during recessions, even as home prices do. Investors should keep the following in mind moving forward
by G. Brian Davis Nov 29
Investor activity plunged at rates similar to the Great Recession in Q3
The slowdown was most dramatic in COVID boomtowns like Las Vegas and Phoenix, according to a new analysis Tuesday by Redfin, which examined real estate investment activity in 40 metros
by Taylor Anderson Nov 22
How much has rent risen? About an extra 6 hours of work per month
A new Zillow report finds renters making average wages need to work 63 hours to cover rent compared to 2 years ago, highlighting a widening gap between rent growth and wage growth
by Taylor Anderson Nov 21
Mortgage rates dropped faster this week than at any time in 40 years
The fall from 7.08% to 6.6% would save buyers approximately $100 a month on a median priced home, according to a report released Thursday from Redfin
by Taylor Anderson Nov 18
Companies that make renter deposits easier announce merger
Rhino announces it will acquire Deposify to create the 'first end-to-end deposit management and compliance platform for the rental industry'
by Taylor Anderson Nov 17
Luxury Presence unveils new lead-generation features
The Los Angeles-based company has released a three-pronged set of related marketing add-ons designed to help real estate agents find and secure leads
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 17
'Panicked' sellers are turning to Opendoor later in the game: Exec
Opendoor Director of Strategic Partnership William Holmes said at Connect Now on Thursday that sellers are increasingly requesting offers from the iBuyer after listings hit the market
by Taylor Anderson Nov 17
Home flippers search for ‘creative deals’ as high rates cool the market
The fix-and-flip housing market continues to shrink as real estate investors struggle to find deals. High interest rates are to blame, according to a new John Burns Real Estate Consulting survey
by Taylor Anderson Nov 15
Single-family rent growth slows for fifth-straight month in September
Rent remained 10.2% above September 2021 levels and 22.6% compared to 2 years earlier, according to the single-family rent index from property data information company CoreLogic
by Taylor Anderson Nov 15
Matterport posts Q3 revenue gains while narrowing its losses
The virtual tour software company posted $38M in revenue, up from $28.4M in Q2, avoiding headwinds that have ensnared others in the real estate space, according to earnings on Thursday
by Taylor Anderson Nov 11 laid off employees who were on parental leave: Lawsuit
A employee filed suit in New York alleging the online mortgage company fired him less than an hour after he told them his daughter was born. 17 others may have also been on leave
by Taylor Anderson Nov 9
Rent dropped last month at one of the biggest rates in over a decade
Aside from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the month-over-month decline was the biggest drop in rent prices since 2010. Rent remains up 7.6% year over year, but the market is softening
by Taylor Anderson Nov 4
Vrbo bookings grew in Q3 amid surge in short-term rental demand
Traveler bookings rose 12.5%, to $1.8B, in the third quarter compared to the same period a year earlier, according to an earnings call by parent company Expedia Group on Thursday
by Taylor Anderson Nov 3
Airbnb pledges to make prices more transparent following strong Q3
High average daily rates helped spike Airbnb profits during the third quarter. But the company is preparing to roll out changes to make its prices clear while fostering competition among hosts
by Taylor Anderson Nov 2
JPMorgan rolls out its own property management platform
Story, a property management platform aimed at helping landlords, managers and tenants, is the banking giant's attempt to put JPMorgan at the center of a $500B rental housing industry
by Taylor Anderson Nov 1
How Airbnb investors can minimize risks when buying properties
Changes to HOA rules or city regulations can pose a fatal risk, short-term rental investors say. Here’s how buyers and brokers can minimize revenue risks when targeting short-term rentals
by Taylor Anderson Oct 31
Q4 shows continued rise of properties in foreclosure: Report
The number of homes in some stage of the foreclosure process rose 27.4% compared to the year before, with the number of vacant homes in foreclosure rising for the third straight quarter
by Taylor Anderson Oct 26
Splitero expands equity-sharing service into Colorado, Washington
The expansion comes as 85% of homeowners with a mortgage have a rate far below the current 7% yet high equity in their home. Splitero said expansion plans will continue in other states in 2023
by Taylor Anderson Oct 25
Renters sue RealPage for allegedly driving up rents through ‘cartel’
Agreements between RealPage and some of the biggest apartment owners in the country drove up rent costs, which amounted to an illegal conspiracy that drove rents to all-time highs, suit alleges
by Taylor Anderson Oct 24
Bored apes and Dogecoin. LA ‘Crypto House’ listed for $1.2M
The owner created a house that’s fit for Airbnb, complete with walls lined with NFTs, memes and other relics of crypto’s heyday. It's for sale for about 20.4M Dogecoins
by Taylor Anderson Oct 21
Pacaso homes: What is it and how does it work?
Pacaso has emerged as a leading second-home platform in the real estate co-ownership market. Here’s how real estate agents can earn more by selling one-eighth shares in any market
by Taylor Anderson Oct 10
Two men exchanging business cards
Calling it a 'kickback scheme,' HomeOpenly owner Dmitry Shkipin told the FHFA to ban referral fees charged by online brokerages — including Zillow — that don't actually buy and sell property
Vishal Garg opens up about the rise and fall of
'To be absolutely blunt, I'd never managed more than 10 people in my life.' Better CEO talks to Insider after months out of the spotlight while the company struggled through market downturn
by Taylor Anderson Oct 4
Weakest Q3 for US apartment leasing in 3 decades
RealPage reports the third quarter saw the biggest slowdown in leasing traffic in 30 years of tracking. Paired with a slowdown in rent, it’s the latest sign of turbulence in the housing market
by Taylor Anderson Oct 4
The 9 US housing markets where tenants are most behind on rent
One in every 4 renters in some US markets is behind on monthly rent payments after a historic run-up in prices, according to data released Monday by real estate portal
by Taylor Anderson Oct 4
5 Airbnb options that are cheaper than this $143 a night storage unit
Short-term rental owners were surprised to find a container without windows and 3 bunk beds brought in that much rent. 'Jesus Christ,' wrote one rental investor, 'someone has done it'
by Taylor Anderson Oct 4
Woman allegedly kills ex-landlord after forging $40,000 of his checks
Prosecutors say Xiu Fang Ke beat Leonard Garber with a hammer and wrapped his body in a curtain after he confronted her about forging his checks
by Taylor Anderson Oct 3
Sundae rolls out set price buying tool for investors
Online property marketplace, geared toward buyers selling properties as-is, launches Purchase Direct, which lets investors see the set price of a home and move straight to making an offer
by Taylor Anderson Sep 29
Markets in the Midwest, East Coast are weathering headwinds the best
New Redfin report finds markets in the Midwest and East Coast are weathering the market slowdown better than anywhere else. Chicago, Milwaukee and Albany, New York, top the list.
by Taylor Anderson Sep 27
Mixed signals in rental market as half of cities post declines
One economist notes rental demand looks weak through the rest of the year as price growth tapers toward a historically normal pattern
by Taylor Anderson Sep 27
Zillow Gone Wild poked your weird listing. Don't worry — it might help
For some agents, a listing shared on the real estate-skewering Instagram page provided a boost — for others, not so much. Inman investigates 5 listings that got put through the wringer on ZGW
by Ben Verde Sep 27
CoStar's Homesnap and Broker Public Portal get a divorce
BPP will pivot to creating a national 'superset' of listing data for MLSs to power their own listing sites and developing a 'Fast Pass' for real estate innovation
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 26
Short-term rental supply is outpacing demand as listings soar
Homeowners are bringing short-term rentals online faster than guests can book them, even as demand for short-term rentals is booming. It's presenting a new headwind for investors looking to cash in
by Taylor Anderson Sep 22
How Realtors can guide clients to a transparent buying process
Companies seeking to use technology to add transparency and reduce friction in the homebuying process are particularly useful now, experts said during an Inman Connect Now virtual event
by Taylor Anderson Sep 22
Home flipping dipped last quarter despite jump in profits
It's too soon to say whether the drop in flipper activity — which was still the second highest in two decades — is a sign of a broader slowdown
by Taylor Anderson Sep 21
These 3 US states have the most vulnerable housing markets by far
Three states alone accounted for 33 of the 50 markets most vulnerable to a housing downturn in the second quarter, while the South and Midwest remained stable, according to data from Attom
by Taylor Anderson Sep 15
Venture capital firm behind Airbnb and Flow is now a landlord
As part of making its largest investment ever in WeWork founder’s new real estate empire, Andreessen Horowitz obtained a share in thousands of apartment units, reports say
by Taylor Anderson Sep 13
After 2 years of hikes, rental market may be bound for 'complete reversal'
Yet another sign of a widespread housing slowdown emerged as monthly rent price acceleration declined after 20 consecutive months of rapid increases, new data suggests
by Taylor Anderson Sep 13
Real Estate Webmasters partners with
The partnership will provide members with its Renaissance web development and content management platform, luxury-focused lead generation tools and other innovations, REW says
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 8
The rent is so damn high, it’s keeping tenants up at night: Survey
40% of renters report losing sleep when trying to find a place to rent after a break-neck spike in rent prices. Three-quarters said they made concessions to afford rent.
by Taylor Anderson Sep 8
Jeff Bezos-backed Arrived dives into short-term rental market
Backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the real estate investment platform is the latest fractional ownership company to enter the rapidly growing short-term rental market
by Taylor Anderson Sep 7
The Agency finalizes Triplemint acquisition, launches new website
The brokerage also announced the establishment of The Agency Creative Center for its agents, accessible via an internal site to further promote the company's global expansion
What do we know about Adam Neumann’s new housing venture?
From renters building equity to coworking space to easy moves across the country, we take a look at some of the possibilities for Flow after the WeWork co-founder pulled in a $350M check
by Taylor Anderson Sep 6
Court tosses Zillow FSBO antitrust and false advertising lawsuit
Picket Fence Preview alleged that Zillow 'hijacked inquiries from deceived buyers' for its agent advertisers, but the court said the plaintiff failed to allege harm to consumers or competition
MLS-listed homes sell for more, a new study claims. But there's 1 twist
Critics raise issues over conclusion that listing homes on the MLS is what caused higher sales prices and faster transactions, especially if NAR rules mean MLSs have a thumb on the scale
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 31
The deadline to take public has been extended again
Better still searches for options to remain a private company as the deadline to become a publicly traded company was pushed to March 8, according to a filing with the SEC
by Taylor Anderson Aug 29
Vacasa names new CEO
Rob Greyber, the former head of Expedia subsidiary Egencia, will lead the vacation rental platform beginning Sept. 6. He replaces Matt Roberts as its chief executive officer
by Taylor Anderson Aug 24
Arizona town to homeowners: We'll pay you not to rent on Airbnb
The offer to pay up to $10,000 to homeowners comes as lower wage workers in Sedona, Arizona, fail to find housing options they can afford near the businesses that keep the town moving
by Taylor Anderson Aug 23
Zillow unveils tool it says could save renters thousands
Another new feature allows renters to track applications, communicate with property managers and manage payments through Zillow
by Taylor Anderson Aug 22
Vrbo traveler deposits fuel strong returns for Expedia in Q2 earnings
Despite new COVID variants posing an ever-present threat and an uncertain global economy, traveler deposits for Vrbo bookings hit $2.8B as of June 30, up from $1.7B at the end of 2021
These are the top long-term Airbnb destinations of 2022
In an era when more people are spending more time living in short-term rentals, Airbnb releases its list of the top markets for hosts to earn money, guests to stay long-term
by Taylor Anderson Jul 27
rental image
Despite recent slowdown in rent hikes, the price to rent a one-bedroom apartment set an all-time record of $1,450 per month in July, according to data from Zumper released Tuesday
by Taylor Anderson Jul 26
Obama’s former spokesman Jay Carney becomes Airbnb exec
Former White House Press Secretary leaves Amazon to become head of global communications and policy for the short-term rental powerhouse
by Taylor Anderson Jul 22
Airbnb co-founder stepping away from his role to pursue new ventures
Joe Gebbia, who helped build Airbnb into a national household name, says his first focus is parenthood. He remains involved with Airbnb as a board member, shareholder and advisor
by Taylor Anderson Jul 21
Vanguard Properties promotes industry leader to executive role
Nina Dosanjh has worked in real estate for 12 years. She acts as treasurer for the San Francisco Association of Realtors and was named among Inman's Real Estate Influencers of 2017
by Taylor Anderson Jul 20
The run-up of single-family rental prices paused in May: report
The jump in May was still well above the historical average, but it was the first time in 14 months that it hadn't accelerated over the month before
by Taylor Anderson Jul 19
SEC is investigating Better as Barclays, Citigroup resign as deal advisers
Mortgage upstart Better's plan to go public via a SPAC merger faces new challenges as banks that were advising the companies resign their roles
by Taylor Anderson Jul 14
Short-term rental market balancing out after rush of supply
'Our expectation is that demand will grow at 5.7% for the year, about a quarter of the growth rate in 2022,' AirDNA says in its 2022 mid-year outlook
by Taylor Anderson Jul 11
15 closing gift ideas on Amazon Prime Day for real estate agents
Amazon's annual sale event returns Tuesday and Wednesday. Here are some of the Amazon Prime Day items real estate agents can scoop up at a discount for terrific buyer closing gifts
by Daniel Houston Jul 11
Matterport continues its expansion by acquiring VHT Studios
Company says purchase will help it ‘expand further into the real estate industry,’ as it specializes in providing brokers and agents with high-quality photography and other marketing services
by Taylor Anderson Jul 8
Better hires new head of sales and VP of marketing
The company continues its quest to go public despite turmoil in the market. New executives are a mix of recent hires and internal promotions
by Taylor Anderson Jul 7
Airbnb makes changes to summer release after hosts complain
Some short-term rental investors saw the power shift from hosts to guests while others feared Airbnb’s major update took away their competitive advantage
by Taylor Anderson Jul 5
Tim Heyl lays out the 3 key issues Power Buyers should focus on today
Power buyers became synonymous with cash offers during the first 2 years of the COVID housing market. Homeward's CEO shares what's next for the sector ahead of Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Taylor Anderson Jul 1
Better parts ways with second head of real estate in 4 months
The embattled mortgage company confirmed it had let go of Chad Walker shortly after 3 other executives have recently departed. Nick Taylor will replace Walker as head of the division
by Taylor Anderson Jun 29
Congress targets investors and asks: ‘Where have all the houses gone?’
Committee takes up the growing reach of institutional investors at a hearing this week. The biggest companies now own more than 280,000 single-family homes to rent
by Taylor Anderson Jun 28
RentSpree calls on MLSs to include rentals, saying it would help agents
Company says the action would minimize delays for renters, increase efficiency of filling rentals, help agents earn commissions and build their pipelines and standardize the process over time
by Taylor Anderson Jun 28
Take a look at what CoStar calls the empowering ‘Listing of the Future’
New feature set to provide more information about each individual property, including 3D tours, photos and the view out the window. ‘Getting on a prospect’s short list is very important’
by Taylor Anderson Jun 27
Why real estate offers the biggest opportunity to new tech companies
The real estate industry is ripe for innovation. As agents continue to struggle to solve big and small problems, new tech is always welcome
by Georg Chmiel Jun 24
Redfin-owned RentPath changes name to Rent., unveils new upgrades
Along with brand update, the online rental marketplace unveiled upgraded features for landlords, renters and property managers on Tuesday
by Taylor Anderson Jun 21
Rental market not immune to cuts as Zumper lays off 15% of staff
A cooling real estate market has already led to cuts at companies far and wide. The San Francisco-based rental search portal is the latest
by Taylor Anderson Jun 17
One-click is all it takes for Luxury Presence's new website product
Luxury Presence, a popular website development and technology company in the real estate industry, has launched a new service that publishes single-listing websites in moments
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 15
MLSs team up to share listings, tech tools in unique partnership program
Atlanta-based First MLS (FMLS) and Greater Alabama MLS have inked a deal to both share data and offer GALMLS subscribers Remine's products through FMLS
Homeowners gained $3.8T in equity over the past year, CoreLogic says
Homeowner equity grew by 32.2% in the past year as the number of borrowers underwater on their mortgages fell to a new low. California, Hawaii and Washington led the way
by Taylor Anderson Jun 8
Better CEO to colleagues: Biden death would be a boon for business
New whistleblower lawsuit claims Vishal Garg made a series of puzzling declarations, including misstatements to SEC 'aimed at duping investors and shareholders' amid quest to go public
by Taylor Anderson Jun 8
How are the schools? Three alternative rating sites to help your clients research their options
Taking a broader view of school ratings and the methodologies they use to arrive at their conclusions can elevate thousands of schools nationwide that are unfairly underrated by today’s dominant system
by Tom Brown Jun 8
Everything you need to know about fractional real estate investing
Modern fractional ownership is increasingly seen as the future of real estate investing. Inman breaks down all the ways investors can take advantage of this rapidly growing trend
by Taylor Anderson Jun 7
After 6 years of focus, Airbnb reports removing listings in China
CNBC reports the short-term rental company will maintain a presence in the country to focus on outbound travel from China, but all listings will be removed by the summer
by Taylor Anderson May 23
Short-term rental demand might set a record year, AirDNA report says
Demand is up 25% despite uptick in occupancy levels, investors earning more revenue, adding more supply. 'As of mid-May 2022, ADRs are pacing 7.9% higher for the summer than last year'
by Taylor Anderson May 23
Bezos-backed Arrived Homes glitches again as 6 sell in 8 minutes
During the latest release of six rental properties, high demand from investors caused problems. But homes valued at more than $1.7 million sold in minutes
by Taylor Anderson May 20
Is Microsoft gearing up to compete with Zillow for rental market share?
Company is hiring staffers in China for a ‘revolutionary’ real estate venture focused on improving the search for long-term rentals. Few other details are known
by Taylor Anderson May 19
ManyRoofs seeks to offer value for investors, brokers and tenants
Startup offers tenant placement services at a lower price, plans to roll out full suite of tech to make renting better for all parties
by Taylor Anderson May 17
REX abandons antitrust case against Oregon rebate ban
Discount brokerage says it will focus on 'other issues that cause consumers to be overcharged every time they buy and sell a home'
by Andrea V. Brambila May 12
Demise of discount brokerage REX may be imminent, reports indicate
REX General Counsel Michael Toth did not directly confirm REX was closing, but blamed NAR and Zillow for the death of its business model and said its suit against both would continue
by Andrea V. Brambila May 11
Vacasa reports vacation home revenue dollars double, $494M in Q1
Despite booming revenue, the steep increases weren’t enough to make the short-term vacation rental platform profitable to start the year, reporting a net loss of $56M
by Taylor Anderson May 11
Social media pours salt in Zillow's wounds as homes are swept to sea
Rising sea levels have swallowed multiple homes on the vacation hotspot known as the Outer Banks, including 2 this week. On Twitter, the calamity was used as a cudgel against Zestimates
by Taylor Anderson May 11
Here’s what hosts need to know about Airbnb’s big changes
The company is rolling out changes to how guests filter and search places to stay, which have implications for hosts looking to maximize guests in their rentals
by Taylor Anderson May 11
As summer nears, short-term rental platforms set sights on partiers
Airbnb, Vacasa and Your.Rentals have all unveiled new policies and technology focused on noise monitoring in an attempt to block raucous parties before they start for the holidays this summer
by Taylor Anderson May 10
Redfin takes in nearly $600M in Q1 revenue as market share grows
Revenue, market share, web users and homes sold by RedfinNow all rose. But the company reported a $90.8M net loss in a Q1 earnings call on Thursday
by Taylor Anderson May 5
Rental investing platform Mynd sees opportunity outside Sun Belt
Single-family rental investor platform expands to Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Nashville, bringing total footprint to 25 markets, reflecting a subtle change in company strategy
by Taylor Anderson May 5
Attom Data Solutions launches new rent estimate tool for investors
Company known for its nationwide property data launches new valuation model aimed at single-family rental properties, to provide estimated monthly rents for 72M properties in US
by Taylor Anderson May 3
Rush to invest in latest rentals crashes Bezos-backed Arrived Homes
Arrived Homes unveiled 13 new rental homes, allowing investors to buy shares for as little as $100. The demand quickly crashed the single-family rental platform's website
by Taylor Anderson May 2
'Writing is on the wall': Court tosses NAR counterclaim against REX
Judge finds the National Association of Realtors failed to allege facts to show how the discount brokerage specifically harmed the trade group's reputation with its own members and consumers
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 28
Better shed nearly 60% of employees and posted $304M loss in 2021. But IPO still in cards, SEC filings show
New documents filed Monday with the US Securities and Exchange Commission shed new light on just how bad the past 18 months have been for the online mortgage lender
by Taylor Anderson Apr 28
Venture fund for nation's biggest MLS will eye agent-friendly startups
With its venture capital firm — the first-ever created by a multiple listing service — CRMLS will focus only on early-stage companies improving the broker and agent experience
by Taylor Anderson Apr 27
Former Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff says CoStar is 'rooting for chaos'
The CEO-turned-proptech investor warns a government probe into cooperative compensation between agents could be a 'black swan' event that benefits CoStar
by Taylor Anderson Apr 19
Homie to expand Power Buyer program amid surge in demand
The expanded program and a new buy-before-you-sell offer will be unveiled in Colorado and Utah in the next 2 weeks, followed by Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, executives told Inman exclusively
by Taylor Anderson Apr 14
Trulia's former president on what makes a 'world-changing' company
Ahead of Inman Connect New York this month, former Trulia president and current proptech investor Paul Levine talks iBuying, company culture and the future of real estate
by Taylor Anderson Apr 7
Investors can now buy a stake in this publicly traded NYC office building
A nondescript office building in Harlem is the latest asset investors can purchase — one share at a time through public markets
by Taylor Anderson Apr 5
As homebuyers pine for options, startups scramble to fill the void
A new class of tech company is responding to the home inventory shortage by taking sellers to the edge of the MLS — and sometimes beyond — with off-market appeals and more
by Daniel Houston Mar 29
Seeking an affordable vacation home? Here’s where to look names the top 10 most affordable towns to find a vacation home in today’s unprecedented market
by Taylor Anderson Mar 28
RealScout kicks off 2022 with record-breaking buyer graph in New Jersey
25 brokerages have partnered to launch the New Jersey Buyer Graph, which hosts real-time anonymized buyer data and habits, and climate risk data.
by Marian McPherson Mar 25
Millennials glow up: Tech savvy age group nears 50% share of US buyers
In 2021, millennials made up the largest share of buyers at 43%, up from 37% in 2020, according to the National Association of Realtors' Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 23
Zillow-owned StreetEasy is turning into a 'de facto MLS,' agents balk
StreetEasy announced on Monday that it would ban listings — not agents — who don't follow the platform's 24-hour listing policy. Agents are saying the change isn't enough
by Marian McPherson Mar 21
In first earnings since IPO, Vacasa reports bookings rose 55% in Q4
In its first earnings report since going public in December, the company on Thursday reported generating $1.9B in gross booking revenue from approximately 37,000 vacation homes
by Taylor Anderson Mar 17
Inventory usually rebounds in the spring. Not this time, new study says
Inventory bucked an annual trend, dropping month over month in February despite typically bottoming out each December before rebounding in time for the spring, according to Zillow data
by Taylor Anderson Mar 17
Fresh off more layoffs, Better names new head of human resources
Richard Benson-Armer, who had been serving at the mortgage company on an interim basis, has been named the company’s Chief people, performance and culture officer
by Taylor Anderson Mar 16
How do you say 'Corcoran' in Italian? Brokerage adds bitcoin prices, 12 new languages to website
The real estate brokerage is adding a dozen new languages to its website and 15 new currencies, including bitcoin, which it will also tout on its learning platform and an upcoming conference
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 15
California Association of Realtors to get free access to Rental Beast tools
Real Estate Business Services, a subsidiary of the California Association of Realtors, will offer its members Rental Beast tools to boost exposure for rental properties and syndicate rental listings
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 15
Inman Connect Now Series
Women share the secrets they've learned navigating the real estate world on Inman Connect Now
by Jodie Cordell Mar 14
Are real estate portals addictive? Consensus grows as users scroll
Psychologists, addiction experts and gamification specialists agree search portals like Zillow and can be irresistible to vulnerable users. But the question is, how big of a problem is it?
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 10
‘They told us … to not worry’: Better staff share their layoff stories
Severance pay arrives early. Work computers shut down. Former Better employees describe how they found out they were let go Tuesday
by Taylor Anderson Mar 9
Spencer Rascoff is bullish on iBuying. Here’s why
Ahead of Inman Connect New York, the former Zillow CEO and 'serial entrepreneur' spoke about how he leads teams, the value of Pacaso and why he's sticking with iBuyers
by Taylor Anderson Mar 8
IBuyers purchased over 70K homes in 2021, doubling previous record
'IBuyers purchased 70,402 homes in 2021, more than double the previous annual high of 32,726 homes in 2019,' according to Zillow's Q4 iBuyer report
by Taylor Anderson Mar 2
NAR asks court to scrap broker's suit over listing agent omission
Trade group calls out broker Grady Hillis of Arizona for 'repetitive and confusing allegations' in nearly 1,300-page amended complaint, which seeks $1.18B in punitive damages
Porch's 2021 losses top $109M as company keeps eye on expansion
Despite overall losses, the home services marketplace's revenue more than doubled in 2021. The company says it may be profitable this year
by Taylor Anderson Mar 1
Airbnb logo on smartphone
Short-term rental companies were looking at 2022 as the year international travel surged again. Will Russia’s war in Ukraine temper results?
by Taylor Anderson Feb 28
'We're not the pocket listing guys anymore': The PLS is now The NLS
The National Listing Service wants to help agents compete with big portals such as Zillow, and Redfin for control of their lead generation
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 24
Vacasa's 35,000 homes get tech upgrades, including keyless entry
The company says the improvements provide a win-win for guests and homeowners, as well as the communities in which the rental homes reside
by Taylor Anderson Feb 24
Airbnb cites remote work for record income, $1.5B in Q4 revenue
Company says it generated $6B total in 2021 as rapid changes to the travel industry propelled the company above pre-pandemic levels
by Taylor Anderson Feb 15
Better admits it has a culture problem, points to CEO Vishal Garg
In a new SEC filing, the mortgage lender points to actions by CEO Vishal Garg as reasons that areas of company culture ‘require improvement.’ Steep losses are expected in Q4
by Taylor Anderson Feb 14
Vrbo tallies strong revenue in Q4 despite disruption from Omicron
Expedia Group earnings still fall short of pre-pandemic levels, but travelers appear to be growing accustomed to living with the virus, executives said during an earnings call Thursday
by Taylor Anderson Feb 11
Nation's 2 largest multiple listing services ink massive tech deal
The blockbuster deal between California Regional MLS and Bright MLS will pave the way for the development and launch of technology products for more than 200,000 subscribers nationwide
3 top execs depart Better after SPAC merger delay and layoffs
Better employees reportedly 'leaving the company in droves' following the return of CEO Vishal Garg
by Taylor Anderson Feb 8
Metaverse investors to real estate agents: Butt out
Janine Yorio, CEO of Republic Realm, said the role of a third-party broker in digital worlds may look unlike its counterpart in reality. 'In the crypto world, the middleman is the villain,' she said
by Daniel Houston Feb 7
Coldwell Banker Bain augments search with more Local Logic
Leads and clients of Coldwell Banker Bain can discover retail brands close to prospective homes, explore median household incomes, house size, school information and other pertinent lifestyle needs
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 4
Everything you need to know about's relationship with the National Association of Realtors is the official listing site of the 1.5 million-member National Association of Realtors. In November 2014, News Corp. acquired its parent company, Move, with NAR's blessing
Canadian-based alternative HELOC provider, Fraction, enters US
Fraction, which launched in Canada in February 2021, is open for business in Washington state, with additional states planned later this year
by Matt Carter Feb 2
Inside the metaverse: How agents can benefit from virtual real estate
More top luxury brokers are venturing into the metaverse; Inman explores what agents need to know about this nascent category of real estate
by Daniel Houston Jan 31
Getting started as a real estate agent: 102 tips from top Realtors
Inman reached out to more than a hundred of the country's top-performing Realtors and asked them what they would say to a real estate agent just starting out in 2023. These are their answers