chronic flooding
The properties at risk in the next 30 years represent roughly 550,000 people that contribute $1.5 bi ...
by Patrick Kearns | Today 9:01 P.M.
lesson learned
As a young real estate pro in the trendy Portland, Oregon market, Jamohl DeWald takes a relational a ...
by Christy Murdock Edgar | Jun 16
The week in financial markets: the hikes are starting to matter
We’re not saying when we’re going higher because we don’t know, but mark your calendars for Ju ...
by Lou Barnes | Jun 15
Marty Frame leaves RPR to head out West
Marty Frame, who served as President of RPR and oversaw the creation of its signature initiative, Up ...
by Carl Franzen | Jun 15
JP & Associates Is Franchising
The brokerage, started by JP Piccinini in 2011, now has 18 offices in Texas and 1,200 agents. In 201 ...
by Gill South | Jun 15
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