Level the playing field with budget-friendly agent support
It's time for brokerages and teams to rethink how they support their agents, consultant Chris Pollinger writes, ensuring they are equipped to succeed in today's competitive landscape
by Chris Pollinger Feb 14
What to do on social in 2024? Avoid politics at all costs
A panel of real estate PR reps and social media influencers told ICNY attendees to remember that the brand is you, the cameras are always on, and whatever you do, avoid talking politics this year
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 24
'Don't ask it for the concept': The limits of AI in real estate marketing
Real estate agents who provide tools like ChatGPT with generic prompts to churn out content are missing out on the best uses of the tech, media experts argued at Inman Connect New York
by Daniel Houston Jan 23
How I would invest $2,500 in my real estate business in 2024
What we invest in, we can expect to grow. That’s why Jimmy Burgess recommends choosing one of these areas to invest in if you want big returns this year
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 21
9 must-do moves to dodge the agent exodus
If you want to be a top-performing agent in 2024 — one who stays for the long haul — prioritize skill development to best adapt to the changing market, coach Darryl Davis writes
by Darryl Davis Jan 16
24 how-tos to help you start 2024 off with a bang
To formulate this list of how-tos to start the year off right, Inman's Service Editor Dani Vanderboegh rounded up the top advice and most-read contributors of 2023.
by Dani Vanderboegh Jan 3
More agents than ever earn business from networking and SOI
From cold calling and radio shows to painting classes, agent efforts to grow sphere of influence aren't one-size-fits-all
by Chris LeBarton Dec 29
After a big 2023, make no mistake: Artificial intelligence is here to stay
A year after ChatGPT burst onto the scene, real estate professionals told Inman that AI and AI-backed companies are on the way to becoming a baked-in part of the modern real estate business
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 26
Leigh Brown is running for Congress — again
The former NAR vice president of advocacy also ran in 2019, and at that time, she sued the FEC for ordering her to stop running business ads in advance of that year's primary
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 15
Matt Lionetti of Over Ask podcast leaves The Agency for Real
Lionetti said he believes Real's model is the future of the industry. His business partner, Anna Oliver, will be moving from The Agency to Real, too
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 13
7 smart strategies for getting more real estate leads for less than $100
If social media, direct mail and networking aren’t yielding enough leads, try these simple, inexpensive strategies from author and coach Darryl Davis
by Darryl Davis Dec 7
Agent once affiliated with big NY brands goes on racist Insta rant
Video of an agent who was once affiliated with Corcoran and SPiRALNY surfaced over the weekend with him spouting racist terms and bragging about tearing out a Black man's dreadlocks
Women are supporting women on Threads. Should you?
The Threads app has exploded with posts of Women Supporting Women, an effort to grow community and connect with other like-minded women. Should real estate agents join in?
by Jessi Healey Nov 30
Team co-led by former 'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick joins Real
Mesnick and his partner Chris Dalto have left Compass and brought their Seattle-based luxury team, MDG Residential, to Real. Within its 1st year, the team closed more than $100M in sales
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 29
Take 5 minutes, make this change to your Google Business Profile
Marketing director Kate Hulbert shares this quick and simple update to make your social media and digital marketing more effective and targeted
by Kate Hulbert Nov 27
Inman Influencers want agents to get ahead in 2024. Here's the plan
Members of the inaugural class of Inman Influencers told agents during a roundtable discussion to wield video, defy the market, get a coach and shed fears of rejection to succeed in the new year
'Engage, work, share' to recruit and retain top talent
Kymber Lovett-Menkiti leads an Inman Connect panel on attracting and keeping the best of the best in 2024 by establishing a value proposition, creating exposure and cultivating culture
Perfectionism is stopping your social media success: Katie Lance
In her Inman Connect session, the Get Social Smart Academy CEO explains the power of thoughtful planning, daily engagement and authenticity when creating a social media strategy
by Marian McPherson Nov 1
The activity with best ROI? It's old-school networking, Intel poll shows
Agents are doubling down on networking to drive business in tough times, according to results from the Inman Intel Index, excerpts of which are available to Select subscribers for the first time
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 25
Actually Agents teams up with BAM, formerly Broke Agent Media
After years of mutual admiration and some friendly competition, 2 of the biggest real estate humor brands have decided to join forces at BAM
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 28
Josh Flagg and partners form media company Estate Media
The real estate media company will aim for coverage that bridges the gap between hard, industry-focused outlets and the swath of popular reality TV programs that have hit the industry recently
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 22
8 client appreciation event expenses that are totally worth it
In today’s economy, every dime matters. Here are a few budget-friendly expenditures that author and coach Darryl Davis recommends for your next client appreciation event
by Darryl Davis Sep 21
Egypt Sherrod would still be a serial entrepreneur in another life
The real estate broker, investor, HGTV star and Inman Influencer shared her thoughts on a wide range of topics, from real estate to personal hobbies and more. Here's what she revealed to Inman
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 19
Which is better for Instagram posts: Just listed or just sold?
This week, Sue 'Pinky' Benson shares her insights into creating more relevant, engaging content for your Instagram followers
by Sue Benson Sep 15
Social media favorite Zillow Gone Wild greenlit for new HGTV show
The popular social media page is getting its own 9-episode HGTV show, with 8 half-hour episodes and an hour-long season finale
by Ben Verde Sep 13
5 AI tools agents swear by in today's market
The future is here and AI is the vehicle. Take advantage of the opportunities it provides for smart growth in every area of your real estate business
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 31
Facebook referral groups are a joke. Here's how to improve them
Those beloved referral groups on Facebook may not be the answer to your professional prayers, writes Inman contributor Sue Benson. But fear not! There's a better way for agents to collaborate
by Sue Benson Aug 23
Coldwell Banker's 'Dream' ad campaign revs up the competition
The refreshed campaign features a 'Move Meter Match-Up' extension that will encourage NFL game viewers on streaming services to compare cities of different teams from a real estate angle
by Lillian Dickerson Aug 22
Future so bright: Make tomorrow's business your best ever in 5 steps
The winners in today’s market will take steps to increase sales now, while setting the stage for more future business. Here's where to start
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 18
Whom should you be following on Instagram?
Every week Sue 'Pinky' Benson answers your most pressing Instagram questions. This week, she's helping you choose some new folks to follow
by Sue Benson Aug 14
Katie Lance: ‘We’re in a big moment with ChatGPT and AI’
At ICLV, the social media consultant offered a prescription for using AI and ChatGPT in your real estate business, from marketing to customer service to automated lead gen
by Christy Murdock Aug 9
Leverage AI for your social strategy in 2024 — but maintain authenticity
The AI revolution is officially upon us. There's a tasteful way real estate agents can utilize the tool in their social media strategy while staying true to themselves, speakers shared at Inman Connect
Stand out: Master social media and be 'super f*ing authentic'
At Inman Connect, star brokers Josh Peters and Nile Lundgren shared the power of authenticity and dedicating yourself to a niche during a challenging real estate market
by Marian McPherson Aug 8
The ultimate guide to Inman Connect Las Vegas 2023
So you've decided to join us at Inman Connect Las Vegas. Bravo! Here's a day-by-day breakdown of the conference along with some tidbits to get the most out of your week in Sin City
by Marian McPherson Aug 8
An 'entire neighborhood' for sale? Let's unpack that viral TikTok video
A 35-home listing on Zillow has prompted debate over displacement and institutional investment — and pushback over a TikToker's claim that an 'entire neighborhood' was about to hit the market
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 2
Marketing content now AI-backed in Chime's latest update
'Our platform has been powered by AI for years, giving our training team the benefit of thousands of real conversations to coach the AI and improve outcomes,' - Chime CTO Henry Li
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 31
Leads not biting this summer? Enter The Triangle Method
Inspired by this summer's hottest TikTok dating trend, trainer Rachael Hite breaks communication down into 3 simple steps to start seeing results in your frosty pipeline
by Rachael Hite Jul 28
Carrie McCormick: Every home has a story. As agents, we need to tell it
Ahead of her stage appearance at Luxury Connect, @properties' McCormick — Chicago's No 1 luxury broker — shares what buyers truly care about, the key to storytelling and other advice
by Marian McPherson Jul 24
'Sew far, sew good' for Threads: The Download
This week on The Download: It's the fastest-growing app ever. Have you signed up for Threads yet?
by Christy Murdock Jul 15
Beyond Threads: Other new social media apps to try
Social media should be fun, here are some other new platforms to explore
by Jessi Healey Jul 14
phone, social media
Yes, you can ignore Threads, and you will stay in business, Inman contributor Teresa Boardman writes of Meta's latest social media offering. 'If you are on the fence, I am writing this for you'
by Teresa Boardman Jul 11
How important are hashtags on Instagram?
Let Sue 'Pinky' Benson guide you on how to teach Instagram where your content should be going
by Sue Benson Jul 10
Tiffany Pantozzi on the pleasures and peril of working while pregnant
Ahead of Inman Connect Las Vegas, Align Real Estate founder Tiffany Pantozzi told Inman she concealed her pregnancy last year out of fear clients would discount her ability to juggle the work
by Taylor Anderson Jul 10
metrics, data, numbers
Forget the jargon and hype, and use these terms to get to next-level marketing prowess. Here are the metrics that truly move the needle
by Eric Bramlett Jul 10
How to master hashtags, amplify your social media engagement
Even though there are different opinions on how to use hashtags, one thing is certain: When used properly, hashtags can greatly increase your social media engagement and visibility
by Laura Viñalet Jul 10
How do I get better engagement on Instagram Stories?
So you've got a lot of followers but don't know what to say? Find out how to increase engagement in Instagram Stories
by Sue Benson Jun 26
Maximizing Instagram: Lead generation that works
Unlock this featured Inman Access class to hear from Michelle Berman as she shares strategies to utilize Instagram to power up your engagement, create new connections, and convert new leads
by Claire Buzzanca Jun 20
How many Instagram Stories should I do a day?
Instagram Stories operate differently than other features like Posts and Reels. Find out how to make them work for your real estate business
by Sue Benson Jun 12
Readers weigh in on the (ongoing) door-knocking debate
Some agents call for caution, while others call to end the practice amidst rising concerns over gun violence
by Jessi Healey Jun 9
Robert Reffkin's mom, Ruth, has joined Compass' Garson Team
Reffkin's move to the social media-forward team will create a cross-generational collaboration that capitalizes on combining varied skill sets to best help clients, Inman exclusively learned
Plunk's API plugged into Mosaik and Roomvu
In addition to Mosaik and Roomvu, Plunk is also providing actionable market data to DropOffer, Calque and SphereBuilder, according to a company announcement
by Craig C. Rowe May 30
A former CNN producer reveals why agents intuitively 'get' social media
Ahead of her appearance at Inman Connect Las Vegas, media strategist Shannon McKinstrie shares how agents can tap into social media as a lead generator without falling into a time-suck
by Andrea V. Brambila May 30
Real estate agents should be using video to market their businesses consistently, period, Kyle Draper writes. Here's how to do it
by Kyle Draper May 27
Olympic training, ballet, real estate — now, 'Kendra Sells Hollywood'
Meet McKenzie Ryan. From her Olympic training days to Season 2 of 'Kendra Sells Hollywood,' here’s the Real Tea in her own words
by Dani Vanderboegh May 26
Should you follow everyone who follows you on Instagram?
Find out how to tell the difference between legit Instagram followers and those who are boosting your count without adding value
by Sue Benson May 19
'Innovative' digital-ad builder Adwerx lands $3M in funding
Company set the standard for easy digital advertising campaigns for real estate agents and brokerages, using retargeting and fast onboarding to place agents across the internet
by Craig C. Rowe May 18
9 Instagram mistakes that make you look unprofessional
If you want to stand out on Instagram, the things you do matter — from the content you choose to the follow-up analytics you evaluate
by Laura Viñalet May 15
From daydreams to dream homes: How Glennda Baker rose to the top
As a child, Baker and her single mom bounced around rentals until the Georgia native reached the 10th grade. Now, she helps make the dream of homeownership come true for people every day
Have an Instagram question? We've got you covered
We've pooled together the top advice from our expert contributors to help answer some of the questions real estate agents ask most about Instagram
by Dani Vanderboegh Apr 30
Don't feed the trolls: How to handle social media negativity
How to handle annoying and fake comments on social media so you’ll always look gracious while keeping your cool
by Jessi Healey Apr 27
What's the No. 1 mistake real estate agents make on Instagram?
Find out how to instantly fix the biggest mistake that agents are making right now on Instagram
by Sue Benson Apr 27
Pam Liebman: Corcoran's 50th year, taking the high road and more
In advance of the brokerage's 2nd annual BeCorcoran event, the CEO spoke with Inman about Corcoran's past, present and future and how the brokerage is meeting a shifting market head-on
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 25
Do you want an Instagram that is good for right now or forever?
Instead of chasing trends, make Instagram your forever platform by focusing on engagement and genuine connection
The real estate agent’s guide to marketing with Instagram
As the most user-friendly and visually focused social media platform, using Instagram effectively is a must for your marketing
by Darryl Davis Apr 24
How do you switch to a new type of Instagram account?
Once you've decided on the type of Instagram account you need, this video will help you make the switch from one to another
by Sue Benson Apr 24
This agent got a job from TikToking. Steal 11 of his social media tips now
Alexander Zakharin took TikTok seriously, and soon the president of Nest Seekers International's Ultra Luxury division took notice. Now he's sharing his tips to land a promotion with Inman readers
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 21
5 AI-driven social media strategies real estate agents are missing
There are only a few generational technologies that come along with the potential to revolutionize the efficiencies in our businesses. ChatGPT is one of these
by Jimmy Burgess Apr 21
Barbara Corcoran under fire for 'I love firing people on Friday' remark
The 'Shark Tank' star has received criticism for her seemingly gleeful remarks about terminating employees at the end of the week while making an appearance on 'The Diary of a CEO' podcast
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 17
NAR selects 7 firms for its US real estate tech program, REACH
Flock, HighNote, Plus Platform, Prisidio, Real Grader, Summer and Tongo are the 11th class to participate in Second Century Ventures' REACH program, according to an announcement Tuesday
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 12
The ultimate guide to Instagram bios: Winning first impressions
Social media strategist Katie Lance sheds light on the power of Instagram for real estate agents and how to curate the perfect bio to showcase your business and let your profile shine
by Claire Buzzanca Apr 10
Twitter's open source code is the final nail in the (marketing) coffin
Is it still worth marketing your real estate business on Twitter? The algorithm's open-source code indicates that the platform may not be as useful as it once was
by Jessi Healey Apr 7
How this pro used YouTube to grow his luxury real estate career
Enes Yilmazer is a content creator and real estate influencer who rose to fame through his real estate channel on YouTube
by Brandon Doyle Apr 7
Put your best post forward: Intentional Instagram video series
Dive into this 3-parter on how to boost your Instagram presence with Katie Lance and gain takeaways to help expand your social media reach and build your brand online
by Claire Buzzanca Apr 6
As an agent I was 'attacked' by the hacker OBN. Here's what happened
Miami agent and model Kay Jenkins was targeted by the Instagram hacker OBN. She revealed to Inman how she lost $10K in the ordeal, and what other agents can do to prevent a similar attack
by Ben Verde Apr 5
Mauricio Umansky's winding road from shaky childhood to luxe CEO
After navigating health scares as a child and struggling early in his career, The Agency CEO's wife, Kyle Richards, suggested he get a real estate license, which he says was the 'best decision ever'
Fredrik Eklund's REAL Messenger to go public via Nova Vision SPAC
The transaction will have a pre-money enterprise value of approximately $150M at closing, according to an announcement Tuesday. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of 2023
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 28
Consistency equals consumer confidence. Here's how to build a trustworthy brand
Brand consistency becomes brand recognition. Brand recognition converts into trust, and trust equals success
by Missy Yost Mar 28
Where should I post? 3 steps for choosing a social media platform
Not sure where you should be posting online? Here's a hint: Follow your target audience
by Jessi Healey Mar 24
5 time-saving social media tools real estate agents need in 2023
If you're ready to improve your social media results and save time while doing it, check out these handy tools
by Laura Viñalet Mar 22
How to build an ever-evolving blog — and become the local expert
Creating an ongoing content marketing plan means making use of ongoing blog posts. Part 3 of this 5-part series shares what to write and how to make sure your blog posts matter
by Christy Murdock Mar 22
17 must-follow real estate experts on Twitter who'll help you level up
These powerhouse real estate experts share their knowledge on Twitter, taking on real estate topics as well as marketing, operations and other business topics
by Jeremy Knauff Mar 21
How to overcome your emotional insecurity about Instagram
Find out how to get over your fears and show up as your authentic self on social media so that you can make more connections
Adfenix rebrands as Realforce to meet agent marketing needs
Realforce bought 2 companies in the last 18 months: A data company called Quedro and Brandkeeper, a media management services provider, the company said
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 20
CHALLENGE: Make your social media look flawless in 7 days
Enhance, optimize and fine-tune your online presence in seven days using this social media refresh checklist for real estate. Then share your progress
by Christy Murdock Mar 20
That's such a turnoff! 7 major marketing mistakes agents make
Your marketing should be strategic, purposeful and professional. Here are some major marketing turnoffs that you should avoid
by Laura Viñalet Mar 17
QUIZ: Test your real estate marketing IQ
Test your real estate marketing knowledge and see if you're an expert or still a newbie
by Jessi Healey Mar 17
The best of Engel & Völkers' EVX: 'Ninja drops' and 'witness' collection
Topics across Engel & Völkers' 2-day conference included international markets, increasing leads and listings, social media strategies, brand credibility and much more
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 15
10 tips for crafting CTAs that convert browsers into buyers
How can you write the most effective call to action? Here are 10 tips for writing CTAs that’ll get consumers to take action
by Darryl Davis Mar 13
Too much competition? 10 branding insights to get you noticed
A great real estate brand coupled with outstanding customer service is a winning formula for attracting more clients and closing more deals
by Bernice Ross Mar 7
QUIZ: Have you gotten lazy with your marketing?
If you want to keep your pipeline filled, you can't slack off on marketing. Take this quiz to find out if you're doing everything you can (and should) be doing now
by Laura Viñalet Mar 3
23 ways to turn one listing into many, many more
Here are 23 ways to both market the home and yourself so that you can turn your latest real estate listing into many future deals
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 3
Is it worth it? The cost risks of 10 traditional marketing tactics
Real estate marketing tools and tactics can cost time, money, energy or repeat business, and therefore, it's imperative to parse through what's worth the investment and what's not